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You’ve Updated Your Apple Device to iOS6…Now What?


Instagram: Patiently awaiting my Macbook Air & iPad 2 to load the iOS6 update

If you’re like me, earlier today you couldn’t wait to begin downloading Apple’s newest operating system update iOS6. Why? Well beyond the fact that you’d hate to be the last kid on the block using outdated software – you’re probably excited about some of the nifty upgrades and treats wrapped inside of iOS6’s release. You’ve eagerly clicked on the “software update” button on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and you’ve patiently waiting through the seemingly never ending installation. Just when you thought you were finished, your device re-booted and yet another never ending “loading” timeline separates you from your fully updated device.


Finally! You have Apple’s iOS6 software update…Now What?


Since a lot of you have asked about the iPhone update (either you have an iPhone 4 or 4s with no intention on purchasing the iPhone 5) — this one’s for you!



iPhone users: (In a nutshell)

  • Looking for photos? With the updated photo stream, you can share photos with select people and create your very own private photo sharing network. (Think Instagram without the creepers…)
  • Facebook integration allows users to have instant access to Facebook in apps, the web browser and Siri PLUS contacts, events and birthdays can also sync with the calendar.
  • Facetime will now work over cellular connections. Low iPhone battery? No worries You can choose to answer on your iPad or Mac.
  • Passbook will solve all your ticketing & reward membership card needs. It collects all of your loyalty cards, ticket information and other info into one neat place for easy access. Even better, it’s location-enabled and can display your movie tickets while approaching the theater or airline ticket at the airport.
  • Siri got smarter: She can Tweet & update Facebook statuses, knows much more about restaurants, movies & sports and she just aims to please…
  • Say goodbye to Google Maps: The open street map looks great (w/ Yelp integration) and the 3-D satellite view for NY, SF, LA and London is phenomenal however don’t look for subway, bus or other transit information here – because it’s gone. (Be prepared to get familiar with HopStop or other 3rd party transit apps for public transit info.)
  • VIP email baby! There is a new VIP feature that will highlight mail from people you really want to hear from. (no more client mail getting lost in the shuffle…praise the lord!)


Have you begun exploring the latest updates on your Apple device?  What are your favorites so far?  Were the updates worth the wait?


2 Responses to “You’ve Updated Your Apple Device to iOS6…Now What?”

  1. […] to get it right 100% of the time can you? After all, there are some great updates as listed in yesterday’s post – however, some of my favorite discoveries include the new ‘Do Not Disturb” […]

  2. BlitzAndGlam says:

    Even though I haven’t used it yet, I think the VIP email might be my favorite new feature.

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