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Your Social Media Influence – How Influential and Engaged Are You?

Your Social Influence
Your Social Influence - influence-and-social-media-thumbWhat is social media influence anyway?  Let’s see.  Does your tweet, post, video, photo, opinion, or question trigger a response, retweet, like, or comment?  How do you know what you are doing is working?  Do people respond?  These actions show that your friends/followers/admirers are influenced by your content. tells us how to “Win Friends and Influence People … in Social Media”. Your social influence can strengthen with these principles.

Your Social Media Influence - man social media logos

How to Strengthen Your Social Media Influence:

1. Be a good listener 2. Genuinely talk in terms of the other person’s interests 3. Be sympathetic with the other person’s ideas and desires 4. Be friendly 5. The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it 6. If you’re wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically 7. Smile on your profile pic This is how to engage your audience, build expertise, and authenticity.    

If you still have questions on your social  influence, here are a few tools to help you answer these questions.

Your Social Influence - Klout

Your Social Media Influence - klout Klout tracks and analyses your engagement on more than 10 social media channels including LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.  Klout’s score measures a person’s influence on a scale of 1 to 100:  100 being the most influential.  It also analyzes your followers’ engagement with your post, whether they viewed your Instagram photo, like your Facebook post, or responded to your tweet or video. Your Social Media Influence -  Klout sistatech                    

Your Social Influence - Peek Analytics

Want to know where your Twitter following are located, their age range, or if they are a consumer or business?  Then you want to check out Peek Analytics.  This tool measures your Twitter audience, your social pull, and the demographics of your followers.  Social Pull, according to Peek Analytics is a measurement of how influential your followers are in the Twitter sphere.

 Your Social Media Influence - peekanalytics

Social media influence is built over time – so keep being active, engaged, and social. What's your Klout score? Have you checked your report on Peek Analytics yet?


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