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Words Are Cool: Top Apps That Flex Your Vocabulary

Scrabble is a remarkable game in our eyes. It’s always been and will always be. With the use of smart phones, Scrabble has now been deemed a “cool” word game app downloaded by millions.  (Because come on, Words with Friends is just a more colorful way to play Scrabble with friends on your smart phone or tablet.)  We’re kinda happy about the growing love for words. The challenge of wanting to use your vocabulary and possible increase it in a game with friends is exciting. Maybe because we like to write and have a strong love for words.

With the fizzle of Words With Friends comes the latest hype around other word games! Allow us to (re)introduce you to some apps that will allow you to flex your vocabulary skills and stunt on social media at the same time.


ruzzle word game

1.    Ruzzle


Sixteen letters. How many words can you find within them? That is the name of this game. Why is it called Ruzzle? That, we can’t tell you. That word isn’t even in the dictionary, but the game is fun and it is a bit addicting. We found ourselves trying our best to get achievements, including Juggernaut: ‘Win against the same opponent 10 times’ and Close Call: ‘Win by a margin of less than 50 points.’ Think you can get some achievements? Challenge a friend or random opponent in Ruzzle.  Looking for the next best thing in word game apps – Ruzzle is it!


2.   Letter Press


Players use a 5×5 board of letter tiles to make words. It is a two player game where users play back and forth on one board. This one is similar to Ruzzle, but with an added twist. Previous words cannot be played. If player one plays USER, that cannot be used, and neither can USE because that is a part of the word played.

Up for the challenge? Get into it!



7lw3.   7 Little Words


This one is a bit challenging. The task: Use tiles with 2-3 letters to figure out one word based on a clue. There are free daily puzzles and bundles of 50-200 puzzle that cost $0.99–$4.99.


Bonus: This game is available in English, French, and Spanish.



4.   What’s the Word?


Users of this game will be shown four photos and asked to guess what they all mean. For example, you may get shown a couple photos of trees on the beach and hands facing outward. The answer is palm. This one is more of a guessing game than one that will push users to use their knowledge bank of words.


IMG_11795.   Times Crosswords


The New York Times has made their daily Crossword Puzzles available on smart phones. Users get clues and must enter them in numbered slots across and down like any other crossword puzzle. Got a thing for crossword puzzles? This is the app for you. The great thing about this one is it stops the time when you click out of it and picks right back up when you log back in. And you can check the puzzle to see if you got the answers right once you’re done.


6.   Word Collapse


Players must find words in their correct order. Each puzzle is themed and the letters are chosen based in it. Your task? Find the words and clear the board. If you get a word correct, the tiles used clear and the other tiles ‘collapse’ and build new words. The order of clearing the words is what matters. If you do it out of order, it will be tough to clear a level. With each level, more words are added to the puzzle based on the theme.


Board games are fun. What is even better is that games have been made available for users on the go. Bored on the train to work? Can’t sleep? Download any one of these and play! We’re impressed with app developers and obsessed over word games!  Time to get on ___________ (insert any of the above games) and start flexing!


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