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Who’s That Girl? Rapper Eve Back on the Scene!

Eve is back on the scene! She premiered her new music video directed by Peter Hamblin on BET’s 106 & Park this Monday. The track entitled E.V.E. is from her upcoming album Lip Lock to be released on the record label From the Rib.

Eve Album  Cover Copyright- Amarpaul Kalirai

Before we get into the video, let’s talk about the name of the record label she's signed to for a second, and how this may be a match made in heaven! We all know the biblical story about how Eve was created to be the first woman on earth. Well, the rapper who shares her name may not have been the first woman in hip hop but she definitely made her mark as the first lady of the RUFF Riders crew when she debuted on the scene. Let’s be real, Adam’s life didn’t get interesting until his lady appeared. With this new release Eve is metaphorically stepping out of the rib that is the male dominated rap industry, announcing that she never left as she chants on the chorus, “Ain’t no guessing it’s E.V.E / I’m the champ they wish they be… Stay on top, no touching me.”

photo 3

The beat on this song “goes hard” as the young say.  It has an edgy sound that is accompanied by the necessary authoritative lyrics to make a hit. She opens it up by reintroducing herself just in case you forgot and then takes a moment to pay tribute to her long-term fans in the second verse. At the beginning of the video Eve is wearing a military inspired look probably to reinforce her standing as one of the matriarchs in the game. She spends the rest of the video walking through the streets and cruising in the back seat of a car wearing a gray tank, high-waist jeans, a simple necklace and an assortment of gold bracelets. Her makeup is flawless and her long tresses frame her face partly covered by a slouchy hat. A very classy-gangsta look we could expect from the first lady of rap.

photo 1

 Lip Lock will be Eve’s first album since 2002. From the sound of this song and her presence in the music video it looks like Eve is coming to stomp the competition …in heels! Lip Lock, is set to be released on May 14, 2013.

See a clip of the video here:



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