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When Leopard Goes Wrong…


We at Divas and Dorks consider ourselves "progressive" when it comes to fashion, but if we did not speak up on the atrocity that has been sweeping the fashion world we'd be doing you a grave disservice.  What atrocity do we speak of? Leopard's Revenge.  You know, when celebrities try a trend but the trend ends up killing them instead - that's Leopard's Revenge. Many celebrities have taken on the leopard print trend and others have murdered the trend into the dark depths of horrific proportions...  Here lies the victims of Leopard's Revenge...


1.  Chris Tucker in '5th Element' - I completely blame this flamboyant intergalactic look for starting this madenning trend early.  I mean, everybody knows that this look completely inspired Givenchy, and Nicki Minaj was the perfect character to bring the Roman's Leopard's Revenge back to life...


2.  Nicki Minaj - “This outfit is a masterpiece by Givenchy and what they made for me is a miraculous piece of lioness meets her cub meets fierce-osity meets fabulosity meets fashionista meets runway meets everything, darling!” Nicki told Ryan Seacrest onE! Live from the Red Carpet. Nicki was just as enthusiastic when she talked to PEOPLE on the red carpet, saying, “I saw it, I loved it, I had to have it.”


3.  Kanye West - Er, ummmm During Paris Fashion Week Mr. West was quite literally spotted wearing a rather feminine-looking leopard print bolero jacket in in the front row of the Martin Margiela ready to wear Fall/Winter collection and at the Lanvin catwalk show.  (I love me some Kanye - musically - but fashionably, that boy ain't quite right....)

Today's ABC's of Fashion lesson has been brought to you by the letter "M" for Moderation. There is nothing wrong with wearing leopard at all. In my humble opinion it's one of the sexiest prints a woman can wear in moderation. But just because it's a diva-worthy print, that doesn't mean you can "pile em on" like you're an extra character on Animal Planet. This print should only be matched with basic/solid colors - if not, then you risk the chance of becoming a casualty to Leopard's Revenge for sure.


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