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Websites Worth Visting – From Entertainment to Shopping and More

168591036   The internet can get overwhelming sometimes. We always have something to do or research, and we often get distracted and forget. While it’s fun to explore the web and browse through an array of sites that may or may not tickle your fancy, we’ve found a few websites worth visiting. These sites you should keep in mind next time you have a little spare time to surf the web. Are you looking for real, live TV on the web, or something to capture a memorable moment in your life?  We’ve got you covered.  

Websites Worth Visting - Aereo -idol

Websites Worth Visting - Aereo – Coming To Your City Soon

You said what?  No cable required!  That’s what Aereo is promoting.  No more rushing home to watch your favorite drama or sporting event.  Watch it in real-time on your smart phone or tablet from anywhere with HD quality.  You can pause and rewind programming, record your favorite show to watch later.  No equipment to buy or install – no downloads or wires. We spoke about Aereo a while back. But we thought it was worth a second mention. And, you are not limited to your mobile device because when you get home you can switch to your TV - if you have AppleTV or Roku.  Currently, all our major network channels are accessible with Aereo in New York and Boston and they are moving across the country to provide their service to major metropolitan cities.  If interested, register with Aereo. Now you know why Aereo is one of the websites worth visiting.

Websites Worth Visting - Aereo

Aereo Supports: Mobile devices:  iPad/iPhone Computers running:  Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer TV Connected Devices:  AppleTV and Roku

Websites Worth Visting -  FutureMe

Websites Worth Visting - FutureMe – Letters to Myself

Websites Worth Visting - Letters to the Future - FM - FutureME Ever put a letter in a bottle, had a hope chest or a time capsule as a kid?  This is the premise of the FutureMe website and app.  FutureMe believes that “…it’s the future that will reflect back on the present.  We here at FutureMe think its fun to flip that all around.”   This app is great for projecting what you want to accomplish in the future, writing words of inspiration, or giving yourself hard words of encouragement to keep you focused.  Whatever it is, try this website or app and maybe it will motivate you with your own inspiring words. Check out FutureMe HERE  

Websites Worth Visting - HoneyFund

Websites Worth Visting -  honeyfund logo Who needs a toaster when you can get the honeymoon of your dreams, right?  HoneyFund is a free online wedding registry where your wedding guest can forgo the boring toaster, matching dishes, and vacuum cleaner, and help you pay for your honeymoon.  Yes, the website lets the couple break down the big trip into small parts, so some guest can pay for part or all of airfare, hotel, meals, and other amenities.  What a great idea!   Check out HoneyFund HERE   Websites Worth Visting - honeyfund


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