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Vivienne Tam:Runway Fall 2011

The one show I have been anticipating for days has been this show - Vivienne Tam!  As everyone knows I'm a huge fan of Vivienne Tam for her fashionable designs on and off the runway.  In addition to runway designs, she's also responsible for the limited technical designs of HP Netbooks, Monster Cable headphones and more!  With all the anticipation and preparation, could you believe that a freak auto malfunction almost prohibited me from making the show? (With only 15 minutes until the 3pm start time... I made a mad dash from my Harlem apartment to the town car waiting for me downstairs.  Everything seemed fine considering that it's a 10-minute drive on the West Side Hwy from my apartment to Lincoln Center...all was well until I heard the words that no one running late wants to hear from their driver..."UH-OH..."  As we're approaching the on ramp, the car stops & will not start.  Cars are passing by, honking and we're stuck.  I'm beyond livid because at this point I know that I will miss this show!  I demand the driver calls another car immediately since I now have 5 mins to make the show.  (7 minutes later - a car arrives and I head to Lincoln Center)  I arrive at Lincoln Center at 3:18 check-in and was briskly ushered into the show with seconds to grab my seat and watch the show begin!) "Fall 2011 is about duality, a balance of new and old, ancient and modern.  In China, we are deeply aware of our contradictions:  in awe of our cultural traditions, yet striving to be modern….The bright colors of the opera costumes are adapted to the sophisticated palette of today’s urban woman, with subtle opulence." – Vivienne Tam And what a show it was, it began somewhat slow for the first several designs but with standout "flapper-style" pieces and asian infused designs it was a great show!  Vivienne even included her tech-style in her gift to guests as she provided a Vivienne Tam designed mobile credit card reader Square.


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  1. Jessica says:

    Hey, glad you made it to the show! What a cute credit card reader 🙂 Since you're a Vivienne Tam fan, I thought you might be interested in checking out her top 5 restaurants in New York.

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