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Trend Watcher: Lifestyle Technology

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Never before has technology become an enabling platform in our lifestyle.  We now have digital tools and gadgets for consuming and distributing information, how we get, view, and buy entertainment, and how we buy and receive goods.  Technology now fits our lifestyle.

We want to stay on the move and also get things done, being mobile and flexible.  Technology like this empowers consumers.  We become savvy.  From our smart phones we use ‘the cloud’ for digital music, video, and email, GPS for navigating, and augmented reality for pinpointing locations.  There is an app for everything – banking, bill paying, comparison shopping, travel, learn, etc.  Smart technology influences our daily lives and keep us constantly connected to our friends, family, and the world.  Here are a few lifestyle tech trends that will be a mainstay in our lives.


Trend Watcher - Lifestyle Tech Augmented reality


Lifestyle Technology: Fluid Content

Trend Watcher - Lifestyle Tech fluid content

We are still big TV watchers but it’s how and when we are watching it.  Fluid content means “… content that moves from TV to tablet to any screen available.  In these new scenarios, the screen no longer has walls and the cloud-based content becomes ‘smart,’ adapting to its device and user.”    Also, these companies have keyed in on the use of smart phones and real-time television engagement on Twitter.






Lifestyle Technology Errands: Online Shopping

Trend Watcher - Lifestyle Tech - Pinterest-Snapshot1

Online shopping has been big business in online retail commerce for years.  What we didn’t know is where or what drives consumer purchases.  Now we know.  Pinterest is the leader in online consumer purchases.



Lifestyle Technology in Health: BioSensors

Trend Watcher - Lifestyle Tech lark life

Remember, well … just recently we had a gadget for our health and exercise monitoring.  We have our smart phone to rock to our workout playlist, our heart monitor on our wrist, and the pedometer on our waist band to count our steps.  No more!  Apps now pair with biosensors like Nike FuelBand, Fitbit, and Lark to provide us with more analysis of our health and exercise behavior based on the information we provide.


Our lifestyle is becoming more interdependent and enabled by technology and the relationship will get better and more valuable – I hope.

How do you feel about these new technologies? Do you rely on them often? Is this a “trend” or a way of living?


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