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Top Ten Reasons You May Be A Tweetaholic…

There's a growing phenomena of social media addictions vastly taking over the planet.  More than likely you know someone who has an overshare addiction and if you don't know someone, you could actually be THAT person yourself. In the entertaining world of social networking, the need to be online constantly, or to check updates frequently, can creep up on you unawares. An addiction is a term used when a person is "compulsively or physiologically dependent" on something. In the case of an addiction to Twitter, it can mean that you don't feel able to go a day without writing tweets and following others' tweets, and you feel deprived, unhappy, and perhaps even out of the loop of what's happening when you're away from Twitter. If you're not exactly sure if you're prone to a Twitter addiction, we've compiled a list of top ten reasons you may be a tweetaholic.  Because admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery...       TWEETAHOLIC

10.  Insignificance takes on monumental proportions. The crowd on your tweet-stream deserves to know that you... got up this morning. #GoodMorning #RiseAndGrind

9.  Your real life relationships are deteriorating because of all the time you are spending on Twitter. #FAIL

8.  Your work is piling up. You have a lot of unfinished projects and you still feel compelled to tweet. #Ihatemyjob

7.  Tweeting is more than fun. It's akin to breathing. Without tweeting, you don't feel you are... anything.

6.  The Fail Whale looms large. After realizing you can't post a tweet informing everyone that Twitter is down, you curse, air-punch, and grind your teeth. You refresh the screen again and again and again until the Twitter conversations return. Only to tell everyone how down you were when Twitter was down.

5.  You have been told by your parents, coworkers, or supervisors to stop tweeting, and you find yourself unable to stop.

4.  Twitter is your day. The rest of what could have been your day is arranged around it; the job is slotted in, the kids are given glazed nods, and dinner's out of the store freezer for the fifteenth month in a row.

3.  People without Twitter accounts are Luddites. Period. They've been removed from your address book. You'd remove them from following your Twitter account if only they had one.

2.  You just cannot seem to be able to go a day without tweeting. It makes you uneasy and you feel better once you log back onto Twitter.

1.  Giving Twitter updates as you leap from the crashing plane, give CPR to a nearly-drowned pal, or witness a horror smash is considered perfectly normal. So is reaching for the Twitter account before the epi-pen.

If any of these scenarios fit you, then you have a tweeting problem & could be a Tweetaholic.  Don't worry, with every addiction, there's a road to recovery.  You just have to take it one step at a time.  Are you a Tweetaholic?  Do you know someone that could be a Tweetaholic?  Check out for ways to beat your Twitter addiction soon.


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