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Our Top 5 Gaming Options For The Holidays – Holiday Gift Guide

We are rapidly approaching the 2013 holiday season and this is definitely the year of the gamer.  With Microsoft and Sony launching their next-gen gaming consoles, everyone is gonna want in on the action but you do have more options out there for you and your loved ones to choose from.  We have broken them down for you below. Most if not all of the items below can be found at a BestBuy, Walmart, GameStop, and NewEgg.
Top 5 Gaming Options For The Holidays - sony playstation 4 -PS4 official

1) PlayStation 4 ($400)

Sony's next-gen gaming console takes everything you knew about the PS3 and made much more powerful.   Now with faster internals + performance all on a 500GB HD.  Priced at $399, the PS4 is out now and can be yours.   But if you're not in to that, you can check out the...
Top 5 Gaming Options For The Holidays - Xbox One

2) Xbox One ($500)

Microsoft's next-gen gaming + entertainment console looks to replace many items in your living room.  Now with a Blu-Ray player built-in, game DVR, 500GB HD, Skype via the new Kinect, and can watch TV via your cable/satellite box.  The new Xbox is truly your entertainment console evolved.  If you don't need all of that...
Top 5 Gaming Options For The Holidays - ps-vita 2013 refresh

3) Sony 2013 PlayStation Vita ($200)

Sony's portable gaming/ media console has everything you need for the occasional gamer on the go.  Sporting a 6-hour battery life, the new PS Vita is a great companion for games, movies, & music whether you plan on buying a PS 4 or not.  But not all gamers require more than their smartphone which leads to...
Top 5 Gaming Options For The Holidays - moga power pro controller

4) Moga Power Pro Controller ($80)

This lovely accessory turns your smartphone into a mini gaming console thanks to this controller.  Not only does it provide better controls for your favorite game, it also charges your smartphone while in use as well.  It's only available for Android but is on the way for the iPhone.
Top 5 Gaming Options For The Holidays - PlayStation Plus Membership Xbox Live Gold Membership

5) PlayStation Plus Memberships and Xbox Live Gold Memberships

If you're looking to get a little something for the gamer in your family, consider giving them the premium memberships for their fave consoles. You can gift a year PlayStation Plus membership for as low as $19.99 on and you can do the same for Xbox Live Gold membership cards. With these memberships gaming is taken to the premium level, allowing for more features and perks. The gamer on your list will definitely enjoy this gift.


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  1. I personally want to buy the PS4 which i am surprised how cheap it is, also i am dying to buy the Assassins creed 4 Black flag game 🙂

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