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Tis The Season: Three Money Saving Tips To Finance Your Holidays

If you’re anything like most Americans, you might be wondering if there are any creative ways to get your coins up before Christmas that doesn’t include retail or hospitality work. With the holiday season well underway you might be looking for ways to boost your cash flow over the next few weeks.

According to a consumer survey by BIGinsight, shoppers will spend on average $749.51 on gifts, holiday cards, and decorations this holiday season.  That’s A LOT OF GIFTING!


Check out a few innovative ways to make some extra money before the holidays as well as after. Who knows, maybe you can use the extra income to go back to school, start a business or finally pursue your passion if you’re already prepared for holiday spending!




1. Rent your home.

Going out of town for the holidays?  People are constantly looking for a good deal on vacation homes. To date Airbnb is already in 30,374 cities in 192 countries and they will even have a professional photographer come out to take pictures of your place. You list your house or appartment, set the price per night and see what happens.





2. Share your car.

Make up to $1000 a month by renting your vehicle when you’re not using it. Relay Rides gives owners the luxury of choosing who rents their vehicle, and both renters and vehicle owners are covered by insurance provided by Relay Rides. Renter reps are built by the reviews left by the car owners and with the holidays rolling in and traditional car rental prices at a premium this is a prime opportunity to make extra cash if your car is normally parked.



Check out this video to see how easy it really is….


3. Surf the Web. (No, really!)

Google’s cute, but I’ve never gotten paid by using the site to search the Internet. Switch to a site like SwagBucks that reward points or “bucks” to your account, which can be exchanged for gift cards or actual cash.  Notably, the Store offers many gift cards that can be delivered in an electronic format. These gift cards can then be spent on other vendors (Amazon, iTunes, Paypal, etc.) to receive a wider variety of rewards.


These are just a few ways you can earn some extra cash without much interruption to your already established lifestyle.  So start financing your holiday season now and who knows how much extra change you may have earned by December!


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