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Three Elements To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Holiday Gift

The holidays are here, Black Friday is over, and people are still struggling to find the perfect holiday gifts for their loved ones. Gift-giving can be a difficult task, especially when you want to impress and make your loved ones feel special. So what makes a gift THE perfect gift? Consider these 3 elements to ensure that your loved ones are beyond satisfied and appreciative of your efforts.



Element of SURPRISE 

During the holiday season it is expected to receive gifts, but the great thing about the holiday is the mere fact that it’s a season! Other than the day of the holiday, a person can never be sure exactly when they’ll receive their gift. So have fun with this factor. You can surprise them with something they didn’t expect, the day and time of arrival, -or my favorite: the place. Switch things up. Send flowers to the office early, leave the gift in the trunk, the refrigerator, underneath their pillow or in their shower, this is where the element of surprise works completely in your favor!

Element of KNOWLEDGE 

Nothing says the perfect gift better than something given from what you know about that particular person. Find out what’s the person’s favorite color, candy, author, collectors item, product, sports team, hobby, etc. The list is limitless. With tons of social networks all you have to do is click on a profile and investigate (also known as accessible stalking- but acceptable in this case), and fulfill their desire with something they already love.

Element of NEED

Did you notice a rip on your loved one’s winter coat? Have you heard them complain about something they don’t have? Or have you thought they might need something that you know they’d never buy for themselves? What better opportunity to give to someone when they are in need!? Whether your loved one uses the gift or sells it on eBay for something better, your efforts won’t go unnoticed because, after all, the thought is really what matters most.

The perfect holiday gift should never feel like a chore. Using these elements, keep it simple and appreciate the act of giving during the holidays. Happy gift-giving and happy holidays!


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