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Three Apps To Keep Your New Year Resolutions


It's day three of 2014 and many of us (myself included) are either still fixated on keeping or scrapping new year resolutions by now.  The notion of "new year, new you" is so appealing, the only problem is -  you can't bring old habits into the new year and expect revolutionary results.  That's why I thought that I'd enlist the help of a few habit-forming apps to keep me accountable for my resolutions this year.  Many of my resolutions are common productivity ideals, like going to the gym, better time management, (just like everyone else.)  Luckily, each one of these apps offer a unique appeal to help you stick to your new year resolution goals.  Check out three apps to keep new year resolutions below...   unnamed

The Habit Factor (iOS / Android)

Cost:  $5.00 The Habit Factor® is the professional's choice for positive behavior change and habit development.  Example: If your goal is to "Write a book", you might create a related habit of "writing for 30 minutes a day" and set that to 3x per week (you choose which days).  Only The Habit Factor offers HabitStregnth: the ability to strengthen habits over time using custom tracking periods & Habit Alignment Technology: the ability to create and align habit to your goals. BONUS:  The Habit Factor Challenge starts January 6, 2014! Develop new habits to achieve your goals & maybe even win a new iPad Air in the process. Enter Now it's FREE, Visit:  

Apps To Keep New Year Resolutions - The Habit Factor


mzl.cogkpvym.175x175-75Lift - Daily Motivation (iOS / Android)

Cost:  Free Lift is like having a coach in your phone giving you daily motivation, coaching, and prompting.  Whether your goal is large or small, Lift gives you steps and milestones to make progress more manageable.  With coaching, progress tracking, and optional reminders, Lift helps you stay focused and stick with it.  There is a social element to Lift: if you add goals that others are trying to achieve too then you will see everyone who checks-in to that habit. You can connect Lift to Facebook or Twitter, too, if you want to see which friends from those sites are using the service.

Apps To Keep New Year Resolutions - lift app


Apps To Keep New Year Resolutions Habit Streak ProHabit Streak Pro (Android)

Cost:  $2.99 Habit Streak helps you achieve your goals (or New Year's Resolutions) in exercise, diet or other areas of your life. Each day you report on whether you succeeded yesterday, building up streaks of habits and ingraining the activities into your life.  Habit Streak has two key advances: Firstly it allows you to build several chains up at once. Secondly it (optionally) prompts you every day to report on your success (whereas one could easily forget to update or look at a physical calendar).  

Apps To Keep New Year Resolutions Habit Streak Pro

What are your goals for the new year?  How are you planning on keeping your new year resolutions?  Are you creating a vision board or writing notes daily?  Share your new year resolution ideas and tips to keep them below.



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    i like The Habit Factor apps it,s a great apps for keep new year resolution

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