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This Week In Apps: Ten Free Apps Worth Downloading This Week

With new apps being developed by the minute, there are always options to overload your smartphone with new applications.  From morning til night, you can practically find an app for anything, but it’ll cost you.  If you’re looking for a few good apps to add to your device roster, check out this week in apps for ten FREE apps worth downloading this week.



Apps Worth Downloading

Sunrise (Price: Free)

Why go several places if you can achieve your goals with one. Sunrise, a new calendar app built by two ex-Foursquare designers, pulls together your appointments from Google Calendar, Facebook Events and Birthdays and weather outlooks. Check out more details on our new favorite app here. (For iPhone)


Any.Do (Price: Free)

Managing your procrastination is now a little easier. This popular reminder app was just updated to support a new feature called Any.Do Moment, a quick and fun overview of your day and the things you have on your list. What I love most about this app is users are greeted with a simple list broken into four sections. (For iPhone, Android)


Apps Worth Downloading

Find. Eat. Drink. (Price: Free)

As someone always on the prowl for killer foodie mobile apps, F.E.D. has leaped to the top of my current rotation. Recommendations are curated by industry insiders; top-tier chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, baristas, butchers, pitmasters and food purveyors. I also love the printable PDF cheatsheets on the website. (For iPhone)


Eventster (Price: Free)

Eventster bills itself as Pandora for your events.This mobile app helps you discover nightlife, concerts, festivals, sports, theater and more around you. See what’s trending around you, search based on your tastes or find out what your friends are up to. (For iPhone)


Switchcam (Price: Free)

The new web app automatically synchronizes footage of an event from multiple cameras and turns it into one tidy interactive video. It reminds me a bit of other collaborative video apps but with an interesting twist — viewers control the produced feeds. (For iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows)


Cam Me (Price: Free)

Ready to go hands free? With this camera app you never have to worry about fussing with the timer setting again. Just wave and smile — boom, there it is. (For iPhone)


CineMama (Price: Free)

Interested in a digital keepsake of the baby bump? There’s an app for that! Women can create a time-lapse video of their pregnancy, and get health tips along the way, through a new iPhone app called CineMama available from the March of Dimes. (For iPhone)


Vine (Price: Free)

In the month since Twitter introduced Vine, a mobile service that lets users capture and share short looping videos, it’s taken off about as well as the social networking giant could have hoped. Big brands, news outlets and creative Twitter users have flocked to it. The limitation for producing creative content in six seconds is both the beauty and challenge of Vine. (For iPhone)


Kickstarter (Price: Free)

The crowdfunding platform for creative endeavors has been around for a few years. What is new is its sleek, simple iPhone app. Now users can search, pledge and track those indie art projects while on the go. (For iPhone, iPod Touch)


Hotel Tonight (Price: Free)

The app makes it easy to search for and book hotels, and leverages hotels’ desire to fill up their rooms to help you get huge discounts — as much as 70% off. The catch is you can’t book until noon the day of. HT has been around for a few years, but they update the app all the time, often adding new cities. (For iPhone, Android) via


Now that you’ve found some new apps, which ones will you download first?  



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  1. Monica P says:

    Ok, I must get an iPhone and get rid of my blackberry (asap!).


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