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This Pocket-Sized Breathalyzer Connects To Your Smartphone And Keeps You From Getting Too Drunk

Calling all Happy Hour fanatics, TGIT Scandal fans and boozy brunch lovers alike.  If you love to get your drink on, Floome – the pocket-sized breathalyzer that connects to your smartphone, could be the best next thing you buy!  




I know you love to get your drink on, but I also know that part of being a grown adult is knowing when you’ve had too many glasses of wine, martinis or shots to get behind the wheel. Let’s keep it real, it’s near impossible to make an educated guess about your own sobriety once you’ve got some alcohol in your system, so rather than playing a guessing game and taking a huge risk getting behind the wheel, Italian startup 2045Tech as developed a better solution: a stylish portable breathalyzer called Floome.


The design is super slick, and skillfully straddles the line between minimalism and functionality. Without sharp edges to snag on anything, Floome slides easily in and out of your pocket, and since it plugs into your smartphone it also doesn’t require any batteries or recharging of any kind. 2045Tech also outfitted the device with a removable cap so you can pop it off and wash it every so often to keep it clean, making it a much more hygenic choice than other breathalyzers on the market. And the best part? It all works through your smartphone.


Floome plugs into your smartphone via a foldable headphone jack, and thanks to the accompanying app for iOS and Android, it can do a bunch of nifty tricks.


If your blood alcohol level is too high, it’ll give you an estimate on how long it’ll be before you can get behind the wheel and automatically set up a reminder for you to blow again after that period of time passes. Don’t feel like waiting around to sober up? The app can also hook you up with local cab services and food in your area at the touch of a button. And of course, if you feel like sharing just how wasted you got last night, you can also post your breathalyzer results on your social media accounts.

Before you grab your wallet, grab your keys and head out to your next happy hour with your girlfriends, pickup your personal Floome device (you can order it from Amazon Prime) here.

*IMPORTANT* Not sure about your sobriety? Never Drink and Drive – score a free Uber ride on us instead!


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