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Think Before You Send That Next Text… #ItCanWait

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen the impactful television commercials and social media messaging behind the "It Can Wait" texting and driving campaign.  Not only has AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile championed this message through television commercials, radio and social media channels - they've recently released a documentary online that highlights the danger of how one text being sent at the wrong time could horribly impact your life forever. From One Second To The Next The launch of a new 35-minute documentary, “From One Second to the Next,” highlights the aftermath of texting and driving in a very unique way. Directed by acclaimed film maker Werner Herzog, the documentary focuses on the stories of four individuals who have been involved or caused a texting and driving accident. In the short film, Herzog expands on the stories he tells through the 30-second “Texting & Driving … It Can Wait” spots launched in May.  By giving voice to the individuals who caused the accidents and the many people whose lives have forever been changed by them, Herzog shows the devastating aftermath that can be created when a driver turns their attention to a single text.  The documentary is available on
“When you get a message while driving, it’s hard not to pick up your phone,” said Herzog. “With this film, we want to help make people more aware of the potential consequences of that action.”
Since my involvement with the "It Can Wait" earlier this summer - not only have I taken the pledge to cease texting while driving, but I've also personally encouraged family members, friends and colleagues to do the same.  Missing a text isn't worth an expensive traffic ticket or deadly accident.  Trust me - IT CAN WAIT!  
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Disclaimer:  This post has been sponsored in part by the “IT CAN WAIT” program which focuses on educating people – especially teens – about the dangers of texting and driving. The message is simple, yet vital: When it comes to texting and driving, it can wait.  For more information visit


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  1. mpca66 says:

    I still see people text while waiting for a light to change .. I can see in my rear view mirror that their head is down and they look up every now and then to see if they light has changed. I know it’s not the same as texting while driving, but it annoys me all the same.


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