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The Power of The Mobile Consumer

The Power of The Mobile Consumer The Power of the Mobile Consumer - Smart-Hand-press-on-Cart-icon-from-mobile-phone - Divas Mobile devices are revolutionizing how we live our lives.  We have embraced the mobile lifestyle.  Always on and connected, mobile technology offer almost everything we need to do business, shopping, social media, and entertainment.  Consumers want to communicate, get information, be entertained, and shop whenever and wherever they are, often all at the same time. “Smarter mobile devices, increased wireless bandwidth, and cloud computing work together to provide ready access to information, products, and services from virtually anywhere any time." (Source) Driven by consumers increasing use, mobile use (with devices: smartphones and tablets)  is the fastest growing technology.

The Power of The Mobile Consumer - Let’s look at the numbers – by 2016:

1.       One billion consumers will have smartphones 2.       There will be 5.8 million public Wi-Fi hotspots globally 3.       126 million tablets will be in use in the U.S.


In this fast pace lifestyle we live in, convenience and efficiency is everything.  Mobile technology offers consumers the ability to:

1.       Watch TV/Video on demand:  Watch a movie at home on their TV, continue watching it on their smartphone on the way to work, and finish watching it in bed at night on their tablet. 2.       Shop by Smartphone/Tablet:  The Internet and e-commerce has made it so easy to purchasing goods and services and retailers are offering more mobile based coupons and locations based discounts with Near Field Communications.  “With NFC, shoppers can hold their phone near a tagged item on a store shelf, get information about the product, and then even download coupons.” 3.       Taking care of business:  Lifestyle apps and services are getting better and more streamlined.  With mobile payment technology like PayPal, Google Wallet, and Apple Passbook. 4.      Get instant access to information and products instantly using QR Codes.  For example, US-based online grocer announced in October 2012, that it was launching over 100 QR-code based ‘virtual stores’ at train stations in major cities including Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. The Power of the Mobile Consumer - Divas   Mobile consumers will require their smartphones and tablets to offer tools and information that will make consumer lives easier, more productive, ease of use, and have high expectations as technologies get better supported by emerging technologies.       The Power of the Mobile Consumer - The Rise of Mobile - DivasandDorks   Smartphones like the iPhone have built-in motion detectors for game control, navigation (GPS), augmented reality, context awareness apps, microphone, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensors.  These technologies will offer us even more mobile functionality in the near future.  Stay tuned. What do you think about the power of a mobile consumer?  How has mobile technology shaped your life? Source    


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