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The Popular Mailbox App Will Be Making Its Way To Android Next

Mailbox App - Logo and Name - Divas
A lot sure has happened the popular Gmail-based email app: Mailbox.  We told you guys about it back in February.  You no longer have to go through their reservation system to download the app as they got that under control.  They’ve been acquired by Dropbox for a reported $100 million back in March.  Yesterday, they just announced availability for the iPad and there’s more!

What Does Mailbox for iPad Have?

Mailbox App - iPhoneIt has the same features as the iPhone version. You can swipe messages to either the left or right to save, delete them. But with the iPad you have a column on the right side of the messages list. It allows you to read the messages.
In case you didn’t remember what the swipes in the Mailbox App do:

Mailbox App Swipes:

  • Swiping to the left (short swipe) – snoozes a message (made to read later)
  • Swiping to the left (long swipe) –  puts them in a folder (you set up which folder)
  • Swiping to the right (short swipe) – archives the message
  • Swiping to the right (long swipe) – deletes the message

Download Mailbox App for Apple iPhone / iPad /iPod Touch HERE – Apple App Store

Mailbox app - iPad Screenshot 1- divas and dorks - AC

Mailbox App in the Future:

But they aren’t done yet. Mailbox founder recently spoke with ReadWrite in regards to what’s next on their agenda.   They have their sights on brings the email app to Android.  Mailbox uses push support backed by servers to bring you a new email ASAP and images without having to hit the ‘Display Images’ button.  Hopefully they incorporate its archiving/snoozing swipes into Android’s notification system.  Really wishing they are able to incorporate all of the iOS features & gestures to Android. Building the swipes into the notification system is probably the only way the GMail app on Android can be improved.
Mailbox App - google android apps
There was other details revealed about the matter or when Android users can expect it to arrive.
Anyone who’s used it or seen it on iOS, would you like it see it on Android? How can the Mailbox App beat Android’s GMail app in terms of features and use? Sound off! 


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