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Tech News: Selfies, Mixbit, The New Twitter Prototype

Tech News:  Study on Selfies

Tech News #Selfies, Mixbit, The Twitter - selfies

Whether you love selfies or hate them the research is in – “Houston, we have a problem.”  Our Facebook and Instagram feeds are filled with visual evidence of us liking ourselves, our activities, our work, and our things.  However, selfies are something different according to research.

Three universities studied photo frequency and photo type postings on Facebook and have come to a conclusion:  Too frequent Facebook photo posting (selfies) could “risk damaging real-life relationships … alienating friends, family members, and colleagues.”  Hmmm, should we be concerned?  I don’t know.  Isn’t this what social media is about partly – expressing yourself?

Nevertheless, I leave you with the quote from on this study – “Indeed, to some it might appear that the poster is trying to make their life seem more exciting than it is. And failing.” Source 



Tech News:  Mixbit

Tech News #Selfies, Mixbit, The Twitter - mixbit

Mini videos are trending.  Vine. Instagram. Now Mixbit.  Launched Thursday Mixbit for iOS and the web (Android coming soon), video app lets us record 16 second videos on our smartphones.  Owned by YouTube creators, Mixbit will feature some goodies that we are use to with YouTube like cutting bits of video together – and not just your videos but other people’s video too to create an hour long video creation remixed.  That’s write you can string together several 16 second videos to recreate a remix of your video and others featured on Mixbit.



Tech News: Is This the Future of Twitter?

Tech News #Selfies, Mixbit, The Twitter - twitter

Brands are starting to capitalize on the rise of “black twitter.”  Even with Twitter’s diversity, Northwestern University wanted to know why African American’s flock to Twitter.  Northwestern’s study concluded that some young African American’s join Twitter with an interest in celebrity and entertainment news.  Knowing this bit of information Twitter maybe due for a visual upgrade.  With Facebook’s timeline and newsfeed upgrades, a designer has proposed Twitter changes its visual design to capture the essence of entertainers, musicians, and actors.  The visual change would capture a better mobile experience and discovery for brands looking for more followers and tweets for their brands.

Tech News #Selfies, Mixbit, The Twitter - twitter3

What do you think of this Twitter prototype?

Divas and Dorks reflect: How often do you take selfies, post Instagram and Vine clips, and rely on Twitter for entertainment and the latest gossip? 



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