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The Tech Best Bets At CES 2014: (Wearables) Mimo Baby Monitor

LIVE from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we’re counting down only the best products and technologies of CES 2014.  Wearable technology is a huge trend this year, from smart watches to unique baby monitors – the best tech is about using real-time information to help users live their best lives today.  Throughout the Consumer Electronics Show, there have been plenty of announcements and over the top debuts of wearable technology devices for the entire family – check out one of the tech best bets of “wearables” seen at CES 2014, the Mimo Baby Monitor.

Mimo Baby Monitor interview

Getting ready to interview Carson Darling, founder of tech company Rest Devices & Mimo.



Intel, along with tech company Rest Devices, has begun the shipping process of a new product: Smart baby body suits called “Mimo.” You know, a baby onesie with an Internet connection.  Here’s how it works: Two green stripes run down the front of the outfit, acting as respiratory sensors. Additionally, a detachable turtle clip is used to insert another sensor to monitor the baby’s temperature, movement and body position. The outfits will send “updates” to an IOS or Android phone app about the above data as well as the baby’s respiratory patterns.  “You can look at your smartphone and know that everything is OK,” Carson Darling, founder of tech company Rest Devices.

Mimo Baby Monitor

You can monitor your baby’s motion from your smartphone… I know this will be on my baby shower registry in the future.


The clothing part of the onesie has started production, however, the sensory clip won’t be available until summer. When that time comes, the starter kit will be available for $199 or $29 for a set of two onesies through Rest Devices website, Mimo baby or Amazon.

The Mimo Baby Monitor is ultimately for new parents who want to monitor their new baby without the “hovering parent” tendencies.  Carson mentioned that this will be the go-to device for new parents who value their (much deserved) sleep, and I’m sure the Mimo Baby Monitor will certainly be on baby shower registries this year.

Mimo Baby Monitor

Long nights pacing back and forth with a baby? No thanks… I’ll get a Mimo!


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