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Talk That Talk: Four Social Media Types To Avoid (According To Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare & Instagram)

We have come a long way in this brave new world of social media. Just when you think society has got over the taboo of online dating (according to the ratio to men vs women online in search of finding someone is 52:48) a new form of online courtship has emerged, social-freakin-media. In a mobile world where one has access to hundreds of friends, associates and more via their smartphone, it's no wonder that more relationships are formed & broken because of socializing online.

Have you ever heard any of the following phrases before? "Take a twitpic so I know it's real." | "I can't believe she DM'd that ratchet mess!" | "OMG! Did you see that instagram pic?"

If you still think social media is an all ages playground where all is played fair, think again and make sure you check out the first in this list social media types to avoid.


The "Stunner" - 

  Facebook: On Facebook, the "Stunner" usually "friends" whomever will accept their friend request. They typically look at having a large amount of "friends" (be it strangers or not) as a status symbol of social popularity. Once given a large enough audience, the "Stunner" will immediately begin "stunner showmanship" of bragging on jewelry, cars, money or anything else that he/she believes will get them noticed online. (In rare occasions, the "Stunner" will resort to using inspirational quotes just to receive status "LIKES" online.)     Twitter - Tweets filled with Hip Hop lyrics, Twitpics of watches, bling, money & designer labels... (see a pattern here...) 80% of the people they follow are rappers, video vixens, etc and 75% of they're tweets consists of "Follow Me" pleas and #FollowBack hashtags.     FourSquare - They usually check in to places that establish some sort of status, ie hotels, four star restaurants, designer shops etc. "Yo! I'm poppin bottles at the club" "We're out here buying out the mall" "You know how I do it, Presidential suite baby!" etc.
Instagram - The "Stunner" (typically male) timeline is filled with all photos of watches, bling, money & designer labels. The follower/follow ratio is usually 1:6 - with the "Stunner" following a lot more people than the amount of followers he has. "Stunners" can sometimes be identified by the types of people he follows on Instagram (Hint: They rarely ever follow fully-clothed women... but we'll tackle that "social media type" specifically next time.)   Social media doesn't have to be scary...Check out these Top 10 Tips on enjoying social media time online... 1. Be Aware (and sometimes beware) of New Technologies... 2. Do NOT post anything that will damage the reputation of yourself, friends or family. 3. Get Followers the Positive Way! 4. Share Opinions – but don't be judgmental. 5. Show The Real You! 6. Engage With online friends, but Only Positively. 7. Be Careful What You Share! 8. Never Share Access To Your Accounts 9. If you share it, it's there forever.  (The delete button doesn't always do what you think...) 10. Own Your Social Media Identity To be continued...   What are your tips to enjoying social media?  How do you identify social media "friends" versus social media "fakes"? Can you guess the remaining Social Media Types To Avoid?    
The previous post is the justified opinion of the author and is not necessarily the beliefs of the Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram or the advertisers/sponsors of


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