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Kerry Washington Vs Olivia Pope: Life Imitates Art At The 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards

January 28th, 2013 by Christen



Kerry Washington walks the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet cascading in white amidst cloud of bold colored gowns.  Dressed in a two-piece Rodarte gown complete with a split V quilted top and flowing white bottom with a lace hem.  She accessorized with a silver box clutch, diamond earrings, smokey eyes and a nude lip.  Ask any Scandal fan and this look definitely looks familiar…


Olivia Pope Kerry Washington


Kerry described her look as “Olivia Pope white” while talking to E! on tonight’s 2013 SAG Awards red carpet at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A.


Could Kerry be transitioning her look to appear more like Ms. Olivia Pope?  Undoubtedly the most notable Olivia Pope outfit this season was her this ball gown by designer Jean Fares Couture.



Check out more Olivia Pope Style:  Olivia’s Top Scandalicious Looks From ABC’s Scandal




Could Kerry be conjuring up the spirit of Olivia Pope for her future red carpet appearances?  If so, we’ll definitely need to keep an eye out for Kerry Washington this red carpet season.  She’s sure to have a few more surprises up her sleeves and we’re awaiting every moment of it.





What do you think of Kerry Washington’s red carpet look?  Would you like to see more of Olivia Pope’s style infused in Kerry’s real life looks?  Sound off below.

Four More Years! Your Guide To The 2013 Presidential Inauguration

January 18th, 2013 by Lifestyle Staff

Next week Washington, D.C. will be abuzz with glitz, gowns and glamour for the 57th Presidential Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States: Barack Hussein Obama! Official swearing-in will take place on January 20, while the public ceremony and celebration will occur on Monday, January 21- which includes the singing of the Star Spangled Banner by none other than Beyoncé. Use these helpful tips below to find what you need, dress accordingly and get to the ball on time!


Stay in the know!

Find complete details using the Inaugural 2013 app. Follow event schedules, watch live feed, see other video and photos, connect socially and view up-to-date maps for the parade, ceremony, and volunteer locations.


Inaug App cover

Inaug App schedule



















Need more deets than that?

Look up the Official Presidential Inaugural Committee:

Look up the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies:


Tips on getting around the District:

iTrans-DC-Metro icon

Taking the Metro and walking will be your best bet to get around the District. Several roads and various facility entrances will be blocked and closed off. The iTrans DC Metro app makes navigating the train system quick and easy. View the Metro system map, plan your route, see arrival and transit times, and get service alerts.





Willing to brave parking near or in the District? Parkmobile app will be a lifesaver! Set up your account through this secure app by entering your payment information and license plate number, then enter the parking zone/meter number and you’re all set! A quick alert to your phone allows you to add more time without ever leaving the building.


Need a restroom break throughout the day?

Make a quick stop at the Smithsonian. Quite a few museums, such as Freer and Sackler Galleries and African Art and Hirshhorn Museums, will be open from 8am – 5:30pm and accessible through Independence Ave., as other entrances will be closed. The American Indian Museum and Renwick Gallery will be closed.


What to wear to the ball?

Every four years many speculate, wait and watch to see what the First Lady will wear.  Mrs. O captures the unique gowns of past First Ladies and chronicles the daily styling of FLOTUS Michelle Obama. For the modern girl, note that while fashion may change, etiquette never goes out of style. Most balls will require formal, or black tie, attire.


Well tailored, floor length gowns, rather than super short cocktail dresses are most appropriate and practical. There will be freezing temps in DC and a long gown can mask cute leg warmers, snazzy boots, and thick, opaque tights. Gloves are definitely an option that can provide an additional layer of warmth.


Walking several blocks will be unavoidable, so try an ornate pair of flats, kitten heels, or wedges to protect your feet. If heels are a must, bring a pair of foldable flats in your minaudiere clutch to change into when you head in for the night.


Looking for more fun during your time in D.C.?

Check out 365 Things to Do in DC for daily tips and download the Washington Post Going Out Guide app. Find Editor’s Picks and “Best Of” lists for restaurants, events, bars, museums, movies and much more. Updated frequently, the Going Out Guide will lead you to the best entertainment and nightlife D.C. has to offer.


Don’t get lost in the shuffle! Download these apps, dress accordingly, and get to where you need to be. Don’t miss out on anything during this once in a lifetime opportunity. After all, it is President Obama’s last inauguration, so plan it wisely!

Weekend At The Movies: Django’s Controversy, Love It Or Hate It?

January 4th, 2013 by Lifestyle Staff

The new movie, Django, directed by Quentin Tarantino starring Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Samuel L Jackson is a story about a freed slave turned bounty hunter who then sets out to free his wife from a plantation. The movie has already been considered quite a controversy of 2012, which comes as no surprise because of the director’s reputation for pushing the envelope- but should we love it or hate it? Here are few reasons as to why the movie created such a controversy and some questions you should ask yourself.



Historical Setting

Django is set before the civil war, thus slavery is the essential element for the plot. For many people, slavery is a sensitive historical period where unresolved racial issues continue to linger among society. In the movie Tarantino exposes a perspective of slavery that magnifies the negative treatment among slaves. When will people ever be happy to see one slave spit on another when the issue is still painful to acknowledge? Director Spike Lee called its depiction of slavery, “disrespectful”. However, some people recognize his perspective as something different and innovative where it is to be appreciated for its creativity.




Comedy and Violence

A romantic drama and gruesome comedy all at the same time; this movie illustrates the diversity of elements a story can have without being one dimensional. One scene was passionate, another gory, while another scene was painfully hilarious. The picture below was captured during a scene where the main character, Django, was allowed an opportunity to choose what he wanted to wear for bounty hunting. Django chooses something so obviously ridiculous which was hilarious, but the irony was that in the same outfit Django killed two people, whipping one prior to their death. Some people find it entertaining while others feel it has no moral relevance, additionally slavery nor murder is a laughing matter. Are these people just too sensitive? Can’t violence and comedy be used to expose the truth of history?




Chained or Unchained?

The character Django was perceived as a super hero in this movie; a black man killing white slave owners. This definitely identifies an obvious difference between the antagonist and protagonist, but was this super hero chained or unchained? Often times in movies, racial issues intensify when it isn’t clear who is helping who and for what reasons. Django became a freed slave turned bounty hunter only with the help of Dr. Schultz played by Christopher Waltz who wanted money and criminals. Is it safe to say that this hero was indeed chained during this movie because his authority was only allowed after the saving grace of a white man?


School Shooting Hollywood


The Use of the ‘N-Word’

Along with the controversy of the movie, there should be no surprise that Tarantino exposed such enormous use of the N-word due to usage in his movies prior to this one. As this was highly criticized, apparently the relevance doesn’t excuse the use for many people. Should slander be allowed in any Hollywood movies? In an interview with MTV and Trantino, his side of the argument is summarized in one word: History. Check it out here.


Whether you loved the movie or not, this is definitely a must-see. So check it out, consider these questions and decide for yourself. Let us know your thoughts on this controversial film below…


Olivia’s Top Scandalicious Looks From ABC’s Scandal

December 20th, 2012 by Fashion Staff



The winter finale of Scandal aired last Thursday on ABC,  leaving fans desperate for January 10th to come. We want to know if Huck will escape his new title as public enemy #1?  Will Fitz survive?  Who is Becky and did she really have to kill Huck’s family… the questions are endless!

Most importantly we will be waiting for more iconic fashion style from Olivia Pope!

Every episode eyes are glued to see what Lyn Paolo, Chief Costume Designer in Command, will put Olivia in next. Thanks to Lyn Paolo, actress Kerry Washington has solidified herself as a small screen style icon and beyond.  We want to know what color her next Prada bag will be, what coat she will pair with her business suit? Here are D&Ds Top Five Scandalicious looks so far from Season 2.



Olivia has been seen rocking this camel Armani peplum jacket a few times this season. She’s worn it both as outerwear and in the form of a suite jacket. Peplum is one of the hottest trends this fall and finding ways to wears to incorporate it into your outfit are endless as shown here.

When meeting with clients Olivia needs to should solidary and strength. Her strength is often portrayed through her outfit choices and this Armani suit is the perfect combination to achieve that look. This grey ridged jacket is both feminine and structured enough to emanate “don’t play with me!”


Whether Liv is dressed up or down, she always makes it work. Here she is laid back chatting with Cyrus and somehow makes this white All Saints cable knit sweater look glamorous. It’s simple and chic and provides warmth in such a heartfelt scene.




Olivia’s military inspired Gucci jacket turned tons of heads. The gold zipper provides the perfect contrast to bring to life the otherwise dull color. Under the jacket she rocked a pink, roll neck cardigan by Escada that provided simplicity that again emanated strength.


olivia pope dress

Undoubtedly, the most notable outfit this season was her ball ground to Fitz birthday party in the Defiance episode by designer Jean Fares Couture. Lyn Paolo said she knew she wanted to go vintage, but was having a hard time finding something that would be functional yes beautiful.


What’s your favorite Olivia Pope look from this season’s first half of Scandal?  ABC’s Scandal returns with all new episodes on January 10th, until then – how do you plan on feeding your scandalous itch?




Oprah’s Next Chapter With Kerry Washington & Shonda Rhimes

December 10th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

Kerry Washington, exquisite as Olivia Pope on ABC’s Scandal, has brought fierceness and fashion back to prime time. “Washington made history as the first African American woman to play the lead in a prime time drama in 38 years. Her character has been criticized by some, but many laud Pope’s sense of independence, poise, professional success and even her vulnerability.” Find out you too can exert these same characteristics as prime time’s favorite Olivia Pope through your fashion and home decor.

Over the past four decades, cable has seen Jada Pinkett Smith as HawthoRNe (TNT) and Jill Scott on The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (HBO), but not since Diahann Carroll as Julia, a widowed nurse and single mother, has there been a well known leading Black actress on network TV. The onscreen power and success of both Pinkett-Smith and Scott, two bold, outspoken and extremely talented actresses paved the way for another prime time series featuring a leading Black actress. Each show brought in 3-4 million viewers on average, clearly there was an audience waiting to be tapped into.


Speed to Oprah’s Next Chapter aired on Sunday, December 9, 2012: Enter Shonda Rhimes, network TV’s most successful African-American writer and producer with Washington and Judy Smith, DC’s infamous political fixer for inspiration. Three of the most powerful women in television. Each with an individual, yet similar look of power, professionalism, and femininity.

Millions tune in weekly to follow the intense pace, political chess games, tormented love triangle, and to peep Pope’s style. Operating within a male-dominated political landscape, Lyn Paolo (Scandal costume designer) dresses Washington in soft silhouettes using “whites, pinks, peaches, and creams” to exude professionalism, femininity, power and leadership. As a political fixer, Pope often gives hard nosed advice under difficult circumstances; it’s important that others immediately feel comfortable and safe with her—soft, warm colors help make that happen.














Viewers also love Pope’s home décor. Bedding from West Elm and delicate, long-stemmed wine glasses from Crate and Barrel pop off the screen in her home. Your bedroom can add to or take away from the femininity and power you display daily.

As the second season came to an end, Gladiators—nickname for staff at Olivia Pope & Associates and for fans of the show—have many questions left to ponder:

  • Why, Huck? Was Huck the actual shooter?
  • Who’s behind it all? Mellie? Hollis? Sally?
  • Will President Grant survive?
  • How will Olivia and OPA be implicated?
  • What will happen to the love triangle now?
  • Can Olivia fix this?

Amid the steamy love scenes, high-powered career moves, and glamorous Diva style, the only other woman to rival Pope in running for best year ever is none other than Beyonce herself.  In case you missed last night’s Next Chapter episode, check out the best moments below…

Exclusive Webisode: Olivia Pope’s Fabulous, Feminine Fashion

According to Scandal star Kerry Washington, powerful women in Washington, D.C., don’t have to wear manly power suits anymore. Watch as she describes her favorite part about playing high-powered fixer Olivia Pope—the clothes! Find out how she and the costume designer came up with Olivia’s feminine approach to fashion.



Exclusive Webisode: Shonda Rhimes Takes on the Twitterverse

Every week, passionate fans of the television series Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal log on to Twitter to voice their opinions about what creator Shonda Rhimes should—and shouldn’t—do next. Watch as Shonda explains why she loves the fans’ passion…but tries not to let them influence creative decisions.


Exclusive Webisode: Kerry Washington’s Aha! Moments

Like Oprah, actress Kerry Washington occasionally tweets her aha! moments while watching Oprah’s Lifeclass and “Super Soul Sunday” on OWN. Watch as Kerry shares what she learned from Pastor Joel Osteen about dreaming big and having bold prayers.



Tell us some of your Scandal predictions below… What will become of Olivia and Fitz? 

Five Must-See Blockbuster Movies This Holiday Weekend!

November 22nd, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

Thanksgiving is here and what’s better than ice cream and apple pie after stuffed turkey and mashed potatoes? You guessed right; A movie. This November encompased some incredible films with breaking records in the box office and top list celebrities to ensure the attraction. Here’s a top five list of must-see movies this holiday weekend.


1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II 

Coming in as number one on the box office chart after its first weekend’s release, the highly anticipated finale to a five part film brought the rivalry “Team Jacob vs. Team Edward” to an end.  Now Team Bieber can continue to prevail. Breaking Dawn Part II, directed by Bill Condon, presents Kristen Stewart, Robert Patterson and Taylor Lautner on screen for one final time.





2. Lincoln

Steven Spielberg’s narrative feature about president Abraham Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, proves its relevance by making the number two spot in the box office for its second weekend in theatres. Hopefully you and the family are fans of the 16th U.S. President because there are two hours and thirty nine minutes of him in store.




3. Skyfall

Sony Pictures’ movie, Skyfall is appearing in theatres for its second weekend and holding the third spot in the box office. Directed by Sam Mendes and starring lead actor Daniel Craig, Skyfall is the last film of the series for Judi Dench who played the character M. If you’re interested in some good ol’ fashioned action, deaths, and interracial love this is definitely the movie for your holiday weekend!




4. Wreck it Ralph

Can we ever get enough of Disney movies? Disney Studios has done it again with the light-hearted film, Wreck It Ralph. A story of heriosim and happinness about an arcade game player who is tired of playing the assigned game and decides to stop playing to explore other games. After its third weekend in theatres, Wreck It Ralph is holding on to fourth place in the Box Office. Check this movie out during the holidays with the entire family and all are guaranteed to be entertained.





5. Flight

Make sure you don’t drink and drive during the holiday! …and certainly don’t drink and fly a plane. Paramount’s drama, starring Denzel Washington is about a well seasoned pilot suffering from alcohol abuse who during flight magically lands a crashing plane saving many lives. This is definitely a must-see including great actors like Don Cheadle and John Goodman. Flight is in its third weekend holding on to the number five spot in the box office.


Grab one of these, popcorn, and the rest of the crew for a gauranteed good ending to a great holiday. Let us know which November box office chart topper was your favorite below. No worries you can thank us for the list later… Happy holidays!



American Music Awards 2012 – 40th Anniversary Fashion Winners (and Losers)

November 19th, 2012 by Christen

The 40th Anniversary of the American Music Awards aired Sunday night on ABC with memorable performances, award wins, fashion wins and notable fashion losses.  Here’s a rundown of the winners with a few fashion winners and losers below… (you be the judge…)



Jordin Sparks hits the red carpet at the 40th annual American Music Awards showing off her killer bod in a sexy, skin-baring printed dress layered over black fishnet. Paired with a slick ponytail, Sparks is giving a majorly sleek, just-vampy-enough look.


Kerry Washington arrives on the 2012 American Music Awards red carpet.  Gladiators REJOICE!  ‘Scandal’s Olivia Pope, looked gorgeous on the red carpet wearing a yellow lace dress from Stella McCartney.  What do you think of her look?



Golden delight or Not Quite Right?  R&B Songstress Brandy and Pop’s Provocateur Pink arrive dazzling in gold, but something is missing with both looks.  Brandy’s look is far from “gold star” rating while Pink’s look is giving some sort of modern day Roman-esqe soldier.



Maybe Pink coordinated her look from an unlikely source….like Kim Kardashian?  After all, Kim did debut a similar Kardashian look in blue earlier this year…



Who do you think rocked this stylish, floor length frock better?  Pink or Kim Kardashian?



Nicki Minaj has the internet buzzing over this neon green gown.  This look is a bit more mature for Nicki who’s known for donning multicolored hair and hot pink chicken wing necklaces.  But alas, it is the American Music Awards.  What do you think?




Taylor Swift arrives wearing a long-sleeved Zuhair Murad mini featured a seriously sexy open back and gorgeous gold detailing. While the star may have stayed away from her signature, (a shimmering, strapless gown silhouette), she still opted for a little gold sparkle, giving us a hint of Taylor in a whole new sexy style.


Carrie Underwood opted for a wine colored Abed Mahfouz frock for the red carpet and walked away looking stunning…


“Call Me Maybe” singer Carlie Rae Jepson opted for more all-over shimmer in a halter dress by Gomez Gracia. With a floor-skimming length and a body-hugging silhouette, she manages to work the formal number without making it look like she’s on her way to prom.




Kelly Rowland went for a subtile icy look with Naeem Kahn on the red carpet.  The “Ice” singer went for an overall sleek look to combat the graphic detail dress.


photos via Jason Marritt, Kevork Djansezian/AMA2012/Getty Images

Kerry Washington’s Scandalous Style At The Hollywood Premier of “The Details”

November 1st, 2012 by Christen



IT’S OFFICIAL!!! ABC has ordered a full season of its hit political drama Scandal. This means we get to see more Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope!  Kerry shared “It’s so exciting. I found out on Twitter. I went on Twitter and I saw all these congratulations on the pickup.” “Then I got an email from Shonda and then I got one from ABC. We all cheered. It’s very exciting.”

In anticipation to next week’s new episode we caught Kerry on the red carpet in Hollywood for the premiere of her new movie “The Details“!




Kerry broke out the bold prints and bold spikes for her red carpet appearance on Monday.  Dressed in a colorful bird print halterneck dress, the Kerry hit the red carpet wearing a brand new design from the Mary Katrantzou Spring 2013 collection–which debuted during London Fashion Week last month.


Mary Katrantzou Spring 2013 collection



Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes

Kerry completed her premiere look with a sleek high ponytail, silver hoop earrings, a glossy light pink lip, black clutch and badass spike-embellished black “Pigalle” pumps by Christian Louboutin.

Catch up on all things Scandalous by watching full episodes of this season of SCANDAL on now…

What do you think of Kerry’s look?  Do you love it or hate it?





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