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The Waterproof Sony Xperia Z3v Is Coming To Verizon Wireless

October 20th, 2014 by Christen Sony mobile unveiled the latest addition to the Xperia Z3 series making the Sony ecosystem (smart wear / tablets) complete - meet the Sony Xperia Z3v for Verizon Wireless.  With long-lasting battery life, gaming through PlayStation 4 remote play, this waterproof smartphone may be the game changer for the active user by land and by sea.   Xperia Z3v in water

The Sony Xperia Z3v is fully operational up to 1.5 m under water - take deep diving photos, video and more.


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The Xperia Z3v is built beautifully with durability in mind.  It's sleek build features aluminum sides and tempered glass panels on the front and back, lending it as the highest waterproofed smartphone available today.   Xperia Z3v Verizon  

Gaming, Display and Sound

Sony has engineered a revolution in gaming technology and made Xperia Z3v one of the first smartphones in the marketing with the PlayStation 4 Remote Play.  With Remote Play, you can use your Xperia Z3v to remotely connect to your PS4 to play games with the TV is in use.  Connect using the Dualshock  4 wireless controller and wifi and continue to play PS4 games anywhere in at home.  Watch crystal clear videos on the 5.2-inch 1080p full HD display and enjoy booming audio with built-in S-Force front surround sound. Xperia Z3v all


Capture memories with the 20.7MP rear-facing camera equipped with a wide-angle 27mm G lens.  Video clips can also be shot and shared in 4K resolution, giving you the power to future-proof your precious memories and moments.  The Xperia Z3v build on an already impressive camera experience by empowering users with built-in Xperia camera apps.  Use the front and rear-facing camera simultaneously to create one image with your face in it! Xperia Z3v The premium Android 4G LTE waterproof smartphone engineered for users to connect, create and share on-the-go with Sony's innovative camera and technology will be available nationwide October 23rd for $199.99 (with a new 2-year activation) in stores and at  For a limited time only, customers who purchase the Sony Xperia Z3v smartphone can get $200 off a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet.  For more information on the new Sony Xperia Z3v visit

5 Ways To Own Summer Concert Moments With The Verizon Wireless Lumia Icon

July 11th, 2014 by Christen This summer is all about music festivals, exclusive concert tours and enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, unless you're a millionaire you can't take everyone on your summer exploits, but you can over-share your experiences on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine. Don't you hate it when you capture the perfect shot, but it ends up being too dark, blurry or downright unreconizable? What about when you're having the best time imaginable and you want to share the moment on Facebook or Instagram, but you can't because your service coverage area sucks?  
Essence Fest smartphones

The ESSENCE Festival concerts at the SuperDome illuminates with smartphones.

  I've experience my fair share of summer wins and summer share fails. Typically, I've fumbled with various devices to capture perfect moments Until I discovered how the Lumia Icon on Verizon helped me own the summer and share perfect moments flawlessly. Recently, I took the Nokia Lumia Icon for a spin in New Orleans for ESSENCE Music Festival and I love what this device can do!  Discover 5 ways the Lumia Icon from Verizon Wireless can help you own the summer and never miss the next perfect photo or social media moment again.     1. Camera:  During ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans, your celebrity moment can happen practically anytime and anywhere!  Uploading and sharing quality selfies is a breeze and looks great since the Lumia Icon sports a 20-megapixel rear camera, with a 1/2.5-inch sensor and f/2.4 lens. Photos produced by the Icon camera are nice, in low-light and in everyday situations, and the inclusion of optical image stabilization definitely makes a difference.  

Celebrity photos with Lamman Rucker, Sevyn Streeter, Lance Gross and Janelle Monae? Don't mind if I do!

  2. Audio:  The device, according to Nokia, comes equipped with four digital high-dynamic-range microphones, which allows the Icon to capture six times the sound pressure level of a “conventional smartphone microphone” without any discernible distortion.  Capturing concert audio / video is amazing thanks to the Lumia Icon.  Check out the artist known as the Purple One (aka Prince) performing live at ESSENCE Fest below.  
  3. Video:  Looking to capture great videos on the go?  On the video side, the Icon captures at 1080p, and allows users to choose between 24, 25 and 30 fps—basically, you can get great videos without the grainy, side effects! (This video was compressed to illustrate the sound quality not the video quality...just saying. LOL)   4. Available apps:  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more!  All your favorite apps are available in the Windows store, so you never have to worry about possibly missing a shareable moment again.  
Verizon Essence Fest

Verizon hosted a super store within its ESSENCE Festival booth filling all patrons last minute needs.

    5. Verizon's powerful Network:  For a wireless company, results come down to coverage, speed and reliability. That's why Verizon has built America's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.  The Verizon XLTE is the latest advancement of America's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network: double the 4G LTE bandwidth in citiescoast to coast.  That means faster peak speeds and greater capacity than before, letting you stream, share and do more.  Verizon XLTE is here—making the most of the best devices on the best network.     The Nokia Lumia Icon can be found at your neighborhood Verizon Wireless store for $49.99 with 2-year contract or  Now that you've seen how I've used the Lumia Icon to own and share my summer experiences, would you consider using the Lumia Icon or other Nokia Lumia devices soon?      

Five Beauty Apps That Make Waiting In The Salon Fly By

June 26th, 2014 by Christen 182657600   Summer is here and it's time for a totally new do' for a hot and humid new season.  If you're planning on a salon visit anytime soon, then more than likely you're already prepared to wait for a long wait inside of a busy salon.  Waiting in a salon for 3 or 4 hours is the norm for most salons, and depending on which style and stylist speed, you can find yourself waiting a whole lot longer than expected.  Since salon sittings can some times become an all-day affair, Verizon Wireless put together their list of top beauty apps to enhance the salon experience (and help the wait fly by)  below.  

1. ModiFace

The world's most advanced mobile virtual makeover app!  Makeup, by ModiFace, takes virtual makeovers to a whole new level with state-of-the-art cosmetics colors and shades in seconds, as well as 40 different celebrity hairstyles.    

2.  OPI

The app that brings hundreds of OPI's great shades to your fingertips.  Acting as a portable Try-It-On Studio, OPI gives users a virtual look at how the hottest OPI lacquers appear on their own nails.  

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3.  Pinterest

Thinking about a new look? Look no further.  Pinterest is a go-to app when it comes to discovering new looks and fresh ideas around beauty and fashion.    

4.  Flipboard

Flipboard is your personal beauty magazine.  It is the most popular way to catch up on the latest beauty news, greatest new products and high fashion tips, in an easy to read format.  

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5.  Beautified

For the busy New Yorker, Beautified lets you score last minute salon appointments in a hurry.  It searches for the best spas and salons in the city and presents them to you so you can choose the best experience.     Now that you're equipped with apps that'll keep you busy for your next salon experience, what hairstyle will you be upgrading to next?

Tune Into Your Summer Concerts With Verizon Wireless (Infographic)

June 16th, 2014 by Christen

Tune Into Summer 

Summer concert season is in full swing and whether you plan on investing in thousand-dollar tickets to see Jay Z and Beyonce or taking part of the overflow of Outkast summer festival concerts there are tons of ways to capture and share your summer concert memories all year long.   Are you an instant concert Instagrammer?  Do you share your concert summer Vines almost immediately?  Discover some of the latest summer concert trends and see how you measure to other music lovers like you below.  

Tune Into Summer Concerts

Tune Into Summer Concerts

Tune Into Summer Concerts

via Verizon Wireless

Prep Your Tech For All The World Cup Action This Weekend

June 13th, 2014 by Tech Staff The whole world has its sights on the World Cup which kicked off in Brazil yesterday.  Whether you're catching the big game in person in Brazil or watching it from the comfort of your own home, Verizon Wireless has the best tips to prep your tech for the World Cup action all tournament long.  Discover trip planning tips, plus the latest apps streaming all the action and keeping you front and center of the World Cup fun below.  

world cup

Watching The World Cup Action At Home?

  Viva Brazil! 4 years in the making and we are thrilled for the big soccer games! Today couldn’t have come soon enough.  But seeing as we aren’t going to Brazil, we wanted to share a couple of apps for streaming the global soccer event. These apps will help you live all the action at home—for a fraction of the cost of a trip to Brazil.  
  • To live stream all 64 games fans can turn to WatchESPN online or through their mobile devices.  Univision will also stream every match of the tournament’s first two rounds for free on Univision Deportes.
  According to Adobe’s state-of-the-industry report on digital video viewing, online video has reached record numbers. Mobile video viewing went up 57 percent over the same time last year, and overall online video was up 43 percent, representing more than 35 billion viewings. This year, people aren’t viewing the games on their TV. Instead they are looking to mobile for all the highlights.   DEAL: For tech savvy fans, for limited time (until June 13) customers can get a free Verizon powered Droid Maxx when they sign up for a new account, existing account or upgrade a current 2 year contract.    

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    world cup

Watching The World Cup Action in Brazil?

  If you are fortunate enough to be going to Brazil, prepare your tech for the trip. Despite the proliferation of more compatible networks and handsets, it’s still not unusual to come home to unexpected costs after using smartphones and tablets overseas. The sad part is that it really shouldn’t happen at all. With a little foresight and planning, your smartphone should be the least of your worries.  
  • Make sure your phone will work. The first thing to check is whether your mobile device is going to work while you’re abroad. Check out Verizon’s Trip Planner. It provides information on the global services you’ll need, as well as pricing and coverage information.
  • Global Ready Check is now accessible through My Verizon Mobile, an easy way to determine if your device is ready to make the trip with you—no need to call or visit a store.
  • Even if your device isn’t compatible, all is not lost. Under the Global Travel Program, Verizon can ship you a device to use for the duration of the games. There are no daily rental fees or security deposits—just pay for the calls you make and receive—and you can keep your regular phone number and transfer contacts using Verizon Cloud or Backup Assistant Plus.
  • If your device is compatible, then you’ll need a Global Services plan. Choose from a variety of plans for service in more than 220 countries.
  DEAL: And for limited time only (until July 13) customers can get International Value Plan and/or World Messaging Unlimited free for 3 months. For more information on the right plans and apps for you, visit

Verizon Wireless Celebrates ‘Black Music Month’ With Jennifer Hudson, Mali Music, Marsha Ambrosius And More #VZWBUZZ

June 12th, 2014 by Christen June is Black Music Month and all month long Verizon Wireless is celebrating by partnering with some of the hottest artists in music today.  Since 1979, Black Music Month has been a celebration for African American Music every year in the month of June.  Music is such a huge part of everyday lives and influences everything from learning to self-expression and more.  It celebrates the essence of our lives, fuels emotions of our souls and this month we celebrate the importance of Black Music and what it means in our lives.   What does Black Music Month mean to you?   black music month    

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  Verizon Wireless celebrates 'Black Music Month' with exclusive music giveaways from Jennifer Hudson, Mali Music, Marsha Ambrosius, Jazmine Sullivan, Tinashe plus mobile goodies from HTC and Bose.   What does the exclusive Black Music Month #WhatItMeans prize pack include?
  • Signed and framed album art from Jennifer Hudson
  • Signed poster by Tinashe
  • Signed photo and copy of new Mali Music album “Mali Is…”
  • Signed copy of Marsha Ambrosius’ upcoming album “Friends & Lovers”
  • Signed copy of upcoming album by Jazmine Sullivan
  • The all new HTC One® (M8) smartphone
  • Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth® speaker
  Discover how you can win an exclusive Black Music Month #WhatItMeans prize pack by entering at today.   Black Music Month

Regina Hall Joins Verizon Wireless In The Fight Against Texting And Driving #VZWBuzz

April 3rd, 2014 by Christen

According to research, 57 percent of drivers admit to texting while driving.

Regina Hall Joins Verizon

  Regina Hall joins Verizon Wireless to team up against texting while driving and encouraging drivers to stay safe behind the wheel as part of the company's It's Up to Me program. Launched to help raise awareness throughout April, which is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the campaign encourages consumers to help spread the message of responsible driving.  

Join with Verizon to say "It's Up to Me." To participate, fans can take a mobile quiz to test their knowledge of distracted driving behaviors and enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a VIP meet and greet with Regina Hall.  Want to enter to win?  Get started today by texting the word DRIVING to 74579.  The "It's Up to Me" contest closes April 30, 2014, winners will be announced in May.

  If you can't get enough of the "About Last Night" star, you can also catch Regina Hall in the highly anticipated sequel "Think Like A Man 2" in theaters this summer.  

About Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless operates the nation's largest and most reliable 4G LTE and 3G networks.  As the largest wireless company in the U.S., Verizon Wireless serves 102.8 million retail customers, including 96.8 million retail postpaid customers. For more information, visit


Can You Hear Me Now? Verizon Is Bringing Calls Underground

January 29th, 2014 by Tech Staff

verizon subway


NYC Verizon customers rejoice!

You can now make and receive calls, texts and access the Internet at 35 subway stations throughout the city.  Verizon announced on Tuesday that it will bring its voice, 3G and 4G LTE data services underground to various New York City subway stations. Verizon Wireless says it has invested more than $4.5 billion across the New York City region since 2000. The news is not only important for convenience, but also for security. When Verizon customers dial 911, the dispatcher will automatically know if that call is coming from underground and be able to detect the exact platform from which the call was made. The stations are largely on the west side of Manhattan, from 23rd Street to 96th Street, including the Times Square, Herald Square, Rockefeller Center, Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle stations.

To quickly find stations that have wireless service on-the-go, please visit Transit Wireless’ mobile-friendly website at .

For the latest and greatest Verizon Wireless news in the New York Metro region, follow @VZWNYMetro on Twitter.

3 Reasons Why The Droid Ultra By Motorola Is The Go To Smartphone For The Holidays

December 12th, 2013 by Christen There are so many smartphone options nowadays, more options than ever before.  For the first time in history, consumers aren't limited to strict molds of what a smartphone should look like, feel like or do. With so many options aside from the latest iPhone or Galaxy giants - it's easy to get lost in a sea of smartphones available at multiple carriers.  That's why we've compiled these 3 reasons to consider the Droid Ultra by Motorola from Verizon Wireless this holiday season.

Droid Ultra by Motorola

  1.  Great holiday photos with Clear Pixel.   Clear Pixel is a system that adds in a fourth "clear" pixel to the standard RGB pixel arrangement to make a so-called RGBC sensor, which lets in more light and therefore creates more impressive holiday pictures.  

Droid Ultra By Motorola

  2.  Fast & Convenient holiday shopping (online & in stores) with Isis. Isis uses NFC technology which enables customers to wave their phone at special cash registers to pay for anything including quick bite to eat or cab ride across town.  Isis isn’t just a digital wallet either, it can also improve your shopping experience with freebies, discounts and more. Discover how Isis can improve your last minute shopping duties HERE.    

Droid Ultra By Motorola

3.  Keep the holiday fun going with great battery life. The Droid Ultra does a great job of not using up power while in "idle" mode, the Active Display means you're turning on the screen less often to check your notifications, (which helps on battery life) and with an overall talk time of 12hrs+ you can keep the holiday fun going non-stop without interruptions all season long.   Now the thinnest 4G LTE smartphone is also one of the strongest.  Take on your day with touch less control and an active display.  Capture pictures with the simplified camera and share them quickly with the exclusive Droid Zap.  The Droid Ultra by Motorola is stylishly thin, sleek and at $99 from Verizon Wireless (with 2-year contract), it's a great buy to consider this holiday season!  For more on the Motorola Droid Ultra visit  

The Motorola Droid Mini Packs A Photogenic Punch In A Compact Design

November 4th, 2013 by Christen

Motorola Droid Mini

It's always great to find a device that can deliver great quality across multiple levels like the Motorola Droid Mini. Recently, I got the chance to check out the device and how its use could fit within my busy life seamlessly. All month long, I've been patiently waiting for the arrival of my favorite season of the year, Autumn.  Although, I'm not particularly a fan of the cooler temperatures - I have become a fan of the beautiful array of Fall colors that touch from high in the sky, to the sidewalks below.  What better time than now to grab my Motorola Droid Mini and get some neighborhood snapshots of mother nature in action. Did You Know:   Motorola's Quick Launch camera trick allows you to wiggle the phone to launch the camera for shutter use in an instant!
Motorola Droid Mini captured photo

A sunset over the NYC neighborhood cityscape...

  Droid Mini embodies all the great features you'd expect from a Droid smartphone in a compact design. Ultra thin and lightweight, Droid Mini is easy to hold and carry yet solidly built to handle life’s bumps, scrapes and spills.  The 10-megapixel camera uses Motorola's new, very simple camera interface with few options. There's HDR, slow-motion video and a flash option that makes snapping photos in any environment a breeze.
Motorola Droid Mini captured photo

A day of checkers in the park anyone?

  Use Droid Mini’s entire screen as a viewfinder with no icons getting in your way. Intuitive gestures let you push to zoom; tap anywhere on the screen to take a shot or tap and hold to continuously shoot. Taking, reviewing and managing your media is fast and easy. The photo quality for the price point is pretty attractive too!  At only $49 with Verizon 2-year contract, the Motorola Droid Mini is a great supplemental device for that'll keep your eyes and wallet happy all season long.  For more on the Motorola Droid Mini and Verizon Wireless visit the all new hub Disclosure:  Please note that I often tweet using #VZWBuzz – VZWBuzz tweets include a 24/7 conversation and a Friday mobile lifestyle Twitter chat with an emphasis on providing information and education about devices, apps and tools useful to consumers. While the hash tag is sponsored by Verizon Wireless, the opinions I express tagged #VZWBuzz are my own.



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