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The Versatile Vacation Dress That Every Girl Must Own

March 10th, 2015 by Christen In preparation for a Caribbean getaway with Strength of Nature,  I found myself in search of a versatile dress that could take me from day to night.  Surprisingly, I discovered the dress of my dreams inside the windows of a store that I rarely (if ever) shopped in before... Discover where I found my new favorite vacation dress below...   Vacation dress   Clearly, I am still too ticked that I found this fabulous Bedrock maxi dress from Loft.  The spaghetti straps and bold prints drew me in, but the flowing silhouette and super sexy split made me a believer!       Available in stores and Loft and - don't be fooled, this Bedrock dress may appear to be black and white, but it's actually a deep navy blue hue.  (Don't worry, it can easily pass for black and white while worn with practically anything!)   The Bedrock maxi dress accompanies bold prints with a sexy/strappy silhouette.  The elastic waist will cinch you in, while the elongated 42" (from waist to ankle) dress flows and moves with your every step.  I loved wearing this dress during a catamaran ride in Montego Bay - it's the perfect dress for any vacation!   When you're on vacation, you need a versatile dress that makes you feel confident, feel sexy and make you want to let loose dance!  This Bedrock Maxi dress from Loft is definitely it! If you hurry, you can catch a sale at on the dress plus a great assortment of transitional seasonal pieces today. For more details on pricing, sizing and more, click here.

Get Unplugged And Enjoy Life This Weekend…

March 22nd, 2013 by Christen

Digital Sisterhood Unplugged

Whether you believe it or not, Spring is here and wonderful things are blooming all around us.  Why not take a moment to take in all that Spring has to offer by unplugging for the weekend?  Join as we participate in the "Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Weekends" hosted by Digital Sisterhood. During a series of weekends throughout the year we'll take our eyes off our computers and "up-to-the-minute" social media updates and set our sights on enjoying the life around us. Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Unplugged   Digital Sisterhood Unplugged   Did You Know:  There's a National Day of Unplugging, designed to help hyper-connected people of all backgrounds to embrace the ancient ritual of a day of rest.   This Spring, Digital Sisterhood Network’s Leadership, Lifestyle, and Living Well Initiative has been inspired by Spelman College’s Wellness Revolution to relaunch the Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Weekends Initiative (#DSUnplugged) to encourage women to slow down and take a break from their digital lives and electronic devices once a month. The break could be 30 minutes, an hour, a half-day, a full day, or an entire weekend. It’s up to each woman to choose and commit to a timeframe that  works best for her. If you’d like to join our 2013 #DSUnplugged Weekends, check out the schedule and use the #DSUnplugged hashtag to share your plans, comments, and questions on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Digital Sisterhood Unplugged unplugged   When was the last time you snuggled into a good book or enjoyed a relaxing spa day? There's no time like the present and there's no better time than the first weekend of Spring - so let's get out and enjoy the weekend.   What are your plans this weekend and how do you plan to unplug, unwind and enjoy?

Create Your Own Perfect Place of Serenity

December 31st, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

After the chaos of the holidays are over you may be in search for places of peace where you can envision yourself sitting quietly, enjoying the view and/or great company, or getting your mind together for the new year and those new resolutions. Here are three spaces in your own home that could serve as a mental vacation for you and your friends and family!


  Below is a space we like to call “Happy Hour for Two”. A long hallway with two seats, no TV, nor any other distractions as well as soft lighting and a few wall accents is all you need. Great debates, planning, and/or brainstorming could take place here and with any kind of functional relationship, communication is key. If you have a long hallway with a little extra space you can put it to use! hall;way   This is totally a "Summertime Sanctuary", with your glass (or pitcher) of White Sangria placed on the table for you and your friends, you could have an iPod docked somewhere close by and enjoy your music of choice while solving all of the world’s problems. Any outdoor area can be transformed with the right furniture whether a patio, backyard or poolside, and now is the perfect time to get a great deal on outdoor furniture since it's out of season. You can have it ready before Spring arrives. After all, sunshine and fresh air are the perfect combination to unwinding at the end of a long day or week and refueling for the next.   outdoor   This is a MUST HAVE to complete the aura of relaxation in your home.  Steal away, if only for a moment, and relax in your own luxurious bath while watching golf, or turning to one of the all-music channels and reflecting if you are able to add a TV or radio. You can create the perfect bath-time environment by adding candles, floral accents, and soft lighting. Perfect private getaway right on the other side of your bedroom!   bath  

 Take advantage of these spaces in your home and you'll be amazed how often you can escape the hustle and bustle of the world. Turn your home into the vacation spot you've always dreamed of having and feel more refreshed than ever before.

How will you change your home and relax better in the new year? Tell us below...


Divas On Destinations: Keeping It Cool in Keystone, Colorado

June 20th, 2012 by Christen There aren’t too many places that I haven’t been within the 50 (or 51) United States of America. As an adapter to airlines & road trips early in age, I’ve been able to travel nationally & internationally. So when the opportunity to visit Denver & Keystone, Colorado arrived – I was ecstatic to experience some place new. Typically, I always thought of Colorado as snow covered and cold --- all year long! As a first time visitor, I decided not to research the cities or create expectations based on others opinions, simply because I wanted my experience to be purely based on what I encountered during my trip. Boy was I wrong… 20120619-235513.jpg Upon my arrival to Denver, I noticed something in the air. It was crisper, cleaner and I couldn’t get enough of it. (What was this euphoric feeling of cleanliness, I inhailed?) Then I became lightheaded. No one told me about the harsh altitude change… (I mean, yeah, I joked with my Nana about possibly suffocating while outside – but I didn’t think that was real O_o) For the record, the higher you travel into the mountains of Colorado, the drier the air becomes; making it very easy to dehydrate every facet off your life. My skin, throat, eyes & hair fell victim to the dry Colorado air causing me to over-hydrate myself as best as possible. My skin immediately went into thirst mode, causing it to become dry & itchy. My throat begged for water every waking second & my poor hair (I didn’t pack conditioner) – it never stood a chance. Luckily, the beauty that is Keystone Mountain made it all worthwhile. After a 2-hour commute to Vail’s Keystone Resort, I was greeted by the friendliest & most accommodating staff imaginable. The stunning views of opulent mountains, serene creeks & forests for as far as the eye could see was just the welcoming I expected, that is until I learned that it was just the beginning. Little did I know, the official ‘Welcome To Keystone: A Taste Of Vail’ reception would take place at Alpenglow Stube, the AAA Four-Diamond restaurant atop of Keystone’s 11,444 foot mountain that evening. Requiring two separate gondola (ski lift) rides up the mountain, the 20-minute ride filled with breath-taking views gave me a sense of admiration of nature & (synonym for fear of heights) at the same ____ time.
Keystone Resort gondola ride

Going UP...Way Up! One of two Keystone gondola stop! 11,444 Feet!

Mountain top diva!

I've made it to the mountain top... I survived! This is what standing atop a 11,444 foot mountain looks like!

After reaching the altitude peak of 11,444 (hello, if I was on a plane – I’d be able to use GoGo in flight internet by then.) my reward was the decadent aroma of desserts, hearty entrees and h’or duervers from the best of Keystone resort’s restaurants. Executive chefs from all over prepared tenderloin, boar and salmon dishes, in addition to unique chocolate themed “hamburger” cupcakes, “tacos” and more. The evening concluded with live music and enjoying spectacular views with friends new and old.   As Keystone Resort is well known for its winter wonderland activities, visiting during the summer prohibits skiing and snowboarding, but it didn’t limit the fun. During the day, many tourists enjoyed bike rides, hiking, canoeing, golfing and other outdoor activities throughout the resort, but moi? I headed straight for the rest & relaxation. As the official pool-dwelling-black-girls-guide-to-tanning-lazy-vacationer that I am, I was on a complete mission to find serenity now. (Insert Seinfield episode flashback here.) Concierge informed me of the absolute best place in Keystone to find breath-taking views of the mountains, while soaking in heated Jacuzzis guaranteed to melt my stresses away.  
Hot tub diva!

I just love a roof top hot tub...don't you?

  Later that evening I ventured to Keystone Stables to encounter “How The West Was Fun” as a guest of This western-themed party, filled with cowboys & cowgirls had over fifty horses, ponies & offered guided horseback tours through the Araphahoe National Forest. Guests enjoyed line dance lessons, mechanical bull rides, games and of course, all the Bar-B-Que you could devour.  
Colorado mountains...

The hills are alive, with the sound of music...and serenity...

  Before arriving to Keystone, I would’ve never imagined that this all-inclusive ski resort would boast average summer temperatures in the 70’s and an average of 300 days of sunshine per year. Although the change in altitude was quite apparent & I nearly traveled with a water bottle at all times (to keep hydrated), the experience of Keystone Resort opened my eyes, and made this city Diva fall in love with Colorado for the very first time.  (Video coming soon...)   For more information or to plan your next getaway to Colorado, visit    

Divas On Destinations: How The TripIt App Has Saved My Travel Sanity…

June 19th, 2012 by Christen As a traveling girl on the go, I have been to about 10 different cities within the last 30 days. You can imagine the amount of boarding passes I’ve avoided hording by taking advantage of airline apps on my smartphone – but since I’ve downloaded TripIt Pro, I've taken my travel sanity to a whole new level of zen...

TripIt makes getting to your destinations easier, by organizing all your trip plans in one place. No more double-checking your calendar against your mobile airline app for reservation dates, TripIt has you completely covered. TripIt creates an itinerary in seconds – using email confirmations from virtually all travel sites, plus other activities like restaurant reservations and concert tickets. (Seriously, I RSVP’d for a twitter chat via EventBrite and moments later, I received confirmation plus it was automatically added to my calendar by TripIt.)   My travel life has transformed to a whole new world of difference. Thanks to BrothaTech, for introducing me to the TripIt app – now I’m one of millions of travelers who use the TripIt app to organize and share travel & trips. By simply forwarding confirmation emails from anywhere you book to, TripIt automatically creates on simple, smart itinerary to access on a smartphone, calendar or anywhere online.
TripIt at TBEX

As a new fan girl of the TripIt app, I just had to share my experience with fellow bloggers...

  If your travel plans require a bit more organization and assistance, you can easily upgrade to TripIt Pro for only $49/year. TripIt Pro acts like a personal travel assistant that keeps travelers in the know regarding flight status, alternate flights and more; tracks all frequent traveler points in one place; and monitors eligible flights for fare refunds.   I recently downloaded a 3-month trial of TripIt Pro which has made me a believer and evangelist of all things TripIt. Recently, my connecting flight was delayed and the airline agent didn’t know how soon travel could resume. Within minutes, I received a text message from TripIt informing me of my updated departure time & gate information nearly 30minutes before the airline agent informed the remaining passengers on my flight. I was able to make the best use of my time while in a random city all because of this app.   Available on most smartphone app stores including Apple App Store, Android Marketplace, Amazon Appstore, Window phone Marketplace and Blackberry App World.   For more information, visit and connect via Twitter @TripIt and    

Divas On Destinations: Five Travel Tips For Saving Time & Money

June 18th, 2012 by Christen Are you ready for a jet-setting summer? Avoid the jet-lag of travel with these travel tips for saving time and money!

 travel tripit

  1. Don’t Check A Bag. If you can, only bring a carry-on. You’ll save time waiting in line to check a bag or waiting for it upon arrival, and money as most airlines charge for checked luggage.   2. Consider the location and extras when booking your hotel. Are breakfast and WiFi included? Is it near where you want to be? The hotel downtown may be a little more expensive but staying there could help you save time and money on a car rental and parking fees as well as a long drive into town.   3. Do you really need a car? Many cities have great public transportation or taxi systems, so renting a car can cost more time, money and frustration (ie, traffic jams and parking meters.) Don’t forget to facting in the cost of gas and parking at your hotel, or check to see if your hotel offers an airport shuttle.   4. Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on. If you have to check in luggage, be prepared just in case your luggage arrives after you do. Having a change of clothes can save you from hunting down an outfit at the last minute at tourist prices. Having space clothes can also be a lifesaver in event of spilled food or drinks by you or your fellow travelers.   5. Lighten your load with the post office. Going on an extended trip? Consider sending home items you no longer need or gifts you’ve bought in the mail. Not only will you lighten your load for your other destinations, shipping things back may be cheaper than what the airlines would charge for extra baggage. For travel within the US, flat rate boxes offered by USPS are a great option.   BROUGHT TO YOU BY… TRIPIT.COM  



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