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Having A Bad Day? Get Over It And Keep It Moving…Period #UByKotexStars

February 18th, 2014 by Christen

Disclosure:    This is a sponsored post for U by Kotex, who provided me products to review.  You can get a free sample from U by Kotex too at and Do the Demo.

Being a woman can be tough, but being a woman and an entrepreneur can be brutal at times.  Beyonce said it best, “Who runs the world?  GIRLS!” but even girls need a little help and encouragement from time to time.  That’s why I was excited when the Kotex By U survival kit arrived on my doorstep.  The yummy and stylish Kotex By U survival kit was filled with a wide variety of Kotex products that’ll make any day a fierce day.  While unwrapping the luxe gift, I was reminded of my new year’s resolution to never let a bad day keep me down and no matter what, keep it moving, all year long.

kotex #ubykotexstars

Having A Bad Day? There’s nothing a few chocolates and a beautifully scented french candle can’t cure.


One of the best ways to get over a bad moment?  Remember the good stuff. When you’re in a foul mood, everything is bad. But the good things you appreciated yesterday, when you weren’t as annoyed, should be there – you just forgot them. Spend time considering at least one or two things that aren’t all bad (something you look forward to, a person you like, something nice that happened recently) and be thankful for that.


kotex #ubykotexstars

Sometimes a girl needs to pack up the essentials and go…

Too much noise taking away from your good day? Take some quiet time. To avoid doing or saying something you might regret, withdraw a little if you can. Walk during your lunch break, sit and work someplace quiet. Take a long bathroom break. Consider going home early, or taking the day off.  Everyone needs some quiet time to assess thoughts and create game plan to recover towards a better day.


kotex #ubykotexstars

Get out of your own way and get going towards a better day…


SMILE for 10 seconds and think of something that really makes you smile to get your mind of the problems.  Laughter is priceless. Find a funny video, e-mail five friends, asking for their best joke, watch little kids play and laugh!  Find something that makes you happy, taking a little time to laugh it off is a great way to get beyond a bad moment in your day.  Check out my video thanking Kotex for the amazing survival kit and reminding me to enjoy the little things and keep it moving, below.


Thanks Kotex for the amazing survival kit filled with superior products and making it just a little bit easier to be a girl.

Disclosure:    This is a sponsored post for U by Kotex, who provided me products to review.  You can get a free sample from U by Kotex too at and Do the Demo.





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