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Discover The Ultimate Accessory Every Social Savvy Sharer Needs!

February 10th, 2017 by Christen Have you ever tried going “live” using your smartphone or tablet and wished you had a hands-free alternative?  Say hello to the ultimate tool every digital content creator and social savvy sharer needs!  The Joistik is an essential tool for every type of digital content creator. It holds 2 or more mobile phones or tablets – allowing users to stream and record hands-free on multiple apps simultaneously. It’s lightweight and portable, so your Joistik can go anywhere to capture stable professional-looking footage from all angles. joistik

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  You know I'm always on the lookout for great fashion and cool photography gadgets and the Joystik is the ultimate all-in-one studio kit.  Assembly is quick and easy and with the Joistik, you can share and capture moments from anywhere at any angle – even capture birds eye views from up to 7” high.  I received the Joistik last month and couldn’t wait to take it with me to the world’s largest technology show – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The unique tripod design easily fit in my checked luggage.  It’s sturdy, Aircraft grade aluminum construction is compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere to create professional-looking content.  The Joistik stands out from other portable tripods, with the ability to connect 2 or more of your devices to stream and record on multiple apps simultaneously.  Imagine going live on FB and Instagram at the same time? Want to share your favorite ootd or beauty haul looks? Now you can do it easy and hands free with the Joistik. joistik 1   Just mount your smartphone, tablet and press record – the Joistick instantly becomes your production team of two recording your content hands free.  What I love most about the Joistik is that it can get as versatile as you!  Easily remove the included tablet mount and attach a light, camera, microphone, or your favorite streaming tools too.  If you’re a vlogger, podcaster or just love sharing great hands-free content on the go – the Joistik is for you!  Discover more and how you can get your hands on a Joistik of your own at            

Create A #Periscope Studio With Items You Already Own #DIY

July 27th, 2015 by Christen Chances are, if you're a fan of all things trending in the world of social media, you're already a few steps ahead of the game and are using Periscope, Meerkat and SnapChat with reckless abandon. If you're looking to create your own mobile Periscope studio, I've found a way that'll help you do just that and chances are, you'll be able to create your portable studio with items you already own.   periscope    

What you'll need:

1 smartphone

1 headphones w/ mic OR mobile lavaliere

1 Selfie stick

1 tripod

    periscope1 Create The New Tripod If you have selfie stick (by now, we should all have one, right?) simply unscrew the smartphone bracket (or clamp) from the selfie stick.  Once detached, you will notice your tripod has the same bolt available to secure the bracket onto.  (Note: The selfie stick bracket can fit most tripods of any size. I chose to attach it to the desktop tripod for illustration purposes.)   periscope   Create Your Audio Source Using your smartphone earbuds, you can simply input them and use the microphone to record audio.  If you want to be a little fancier, invest in a smartphone lavaliere with attachment clamp and you'll have professional sound and a periscope video you'll love.   periscope  

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Are you a huge fan of MeerKat, SnapChat or Periscope?  Do you have any audio/video hacks that you'd love to share?  Leave your comments in the section below!



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