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New Year’s Fashionable Resolutions

January 3rd, 2013 by Fashion Staff

We’ve officially survived the Mayan Armageddon, yet another presidential election and a handful of fashion weeks the world over.  But when it comes to our closets, have we really moved forward?  The internet is full of New Year’s Eve fashion resolutions, but we  wanted to take a more local approach to discover what our readers were really thinking. We scoured the streets of New York City to find out what style habits its citizens want to break, change, or start in the name of the New Year and you’ll never guess what resolution admissions they revealed.

Here’s hoping that that their experiments in aesthetic evolution might influence some stylish science of your own!


Name: Peace

Hometown: Far Rockaway, Queens

New Year’s Fashion Resolution:  Adding pants to her wardrobe and experimenting with chunky heels


Name: Anna

Hometown: New York City

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: Dressing more businesslike





Name: Bruceling

Hometown: Brooklyn

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “Stay true to my personal style.”




Name: Ian

Hometown: Brooklyn

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “Wear better jeans”


Name: Jamie

Hometown: Philadelphia

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “Wear more blouses”



Name: Kathleen

Hometown: Brooklyn

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “To take more fashion risks”



Name: Margaret

Hometown: Hackensack, New Jersey

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “To be less label-conscious”




Name: Tania

Hometown: Toronto

New Year’s Fashion Resolution: “More makeup”


The Divas & Dorks Guide to Making A Fashion Resolution of Your Own:


1.     Make it fit your life now, not 12 months ago.


Take a second to look at how your day-to-day schedule, commitments, personality, relationships, work life, down time, and general lifestyle have changed over the past year.  Then look at your wardrobe— does the tone of your personal style match that of your personal attitude (i.e. bolder color palette for a bold personality, more tailored/body-conscious pieces for a more confident body perception, etc.)? If not, pinpoint where it’s going wrong, and reconstruct it to reflect the current you— or, on the flipside, the you who you’d like to be in the New Year.


2.     Make sure it’s doable.


DO NOT, we repeat, do not aspire to spend insane amounts of money or to rack up ridiculous credit card bills in the pursuit of your fashion revolution resolution.   Do what the real fashionistas do— emulate design, not etymology.  Rather than getting hung up on labels, make a pros-and-cons list of what you love about your favorite designers’ designs, and scour your favorite stores for their more-affordable incarnations.  Allow yourself to invest big bucks on one piece that simultaneously captures your new attitude and straddles fashion borders (i.e. day-to-night or work-to-downtime).


3.     Commit to the change.


Don’t be afraid to break your former fashion cycles.  Trust that those who love you will welcome your fashion attitude as a reflection of a new and better you on the inside— that the change in your style cycles reflects a renewed sense of confidence and a reinvestment in self.



Do you have unique fashion resolutions for the new year?  What are they?  (Share your ideas below…)






Smartphone Power Rangers…Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Battery!

March 27th, 2012 by Christen

I am absolutely obsessed with my smartphone – not just from a techie’s point-of-view either.  But from a safety standpoint, I hate traveling without a working phone.  Since I don’t have the long-lasting battery power of the Droid Razr Maxx (Check out the full review & 17hours of straight battery life here.) – I have to figure out a few tips & tricks to preserve the battery life & overall enjoyment of my Apple iPhone 4S.  Last weekend, during a rare night out without my MyCharge Power pack my phone managed to operate on 1% of power FOR FOUR HOURS. (insert shocked face here…)

One of our great D&D readers, chimed in asking about any tips that I could share to help others with smartphone battery conservation and I thought I’d share a few tips that have helped me below…


5.  Close out your background apps…

(Personally, I swear that this is the single-handed reason why my phone survived 4hours with only 1% of battery power.)  With the invention of multitasking apps, many apps that you may have opened and not currently using could be eating away at your battery life.  If you’re not using those apps, it’s best to completely close them…

When the phone is on and unlocked, press the home button on the bottom of the phone twice | Once A bar with four icons appears below your screen, press down on one of the apps until the icons begin to shake | Click on the red ‘minus’ buttons on each of the apps to close them out. 


4.  De-activate location services for apps you don’t need…

Does Facebook really need to know where you are all the time?  Cut it short & save your battery with these quick steps…

 Go to Settings icon | Touch “Location Services.” | Go through your apps one by one and determine which ones have to know where you are. | (Do NOT Turn Off location services at the top of the screen.)


3.  Not All Push Notifications Are Good Notifications…

Push notifications” are notifications sent by third-party apps straight to your phone through Apple’s servers; when you have lots of them enabled, they can wear down your battery. If you don’t need your phone to constantly check for updates from that new social network you never use anymore, turn off their ability to send you notifications in these easy steps:

Go to the “Settings” icon | Touch the “Notifications” bar | Look at the apps that are in the Notification Center | Switch “Notification Center” from “On” to “Off” for each app you don’t need notifications from.


2. Turn Off  “Setting Time Zone” location finder…

Your smartphone is smart…sometimes too smart for its’ own good.  The iPhone seems to check every 24hrs if you’ve changed current Time Zone locations… if you’re relaxing at home for weeks on end, this could be a huge power drain for your device.  Here’s an easy fix to save you some battery life…

Go to “Settings” on your home screen. | Touch the “Location Services” bar. | Scroll down to the “System Services” bar at the bottom and click | Switch “Setting Time Zone” into the “Off” position. 


1.  Don’t be afraid to dim the lights…

This is one of the biggest battery sucking problems that most phones have (not just iPhones). Decreasing the brightness on your iPhone (and, really, anything with a screen) can help increase the amount of time the battery stays alive. If you are an iPhone user, it’s easy to adjust your screen’s brightness & you can begin saving some juice in just three clicks.

Touch the “Settings” icon.  | Touch the “Brightness” bar.   | Adjust the bar towards the left until you reach the desired brightness.

Here are just a few of my favorite tips that’ll help you save the life of your battery.  Do you have any sure tips to share? Let us know below…



How SXSW Will Be Won! (Predictions)

March 8th, 2011 by Christen

I have read hundreds of articles, tweeted tons of experienced SXSW’ers and still don’t think I’m quite prepared for SXSW….which makes me 1. Completely terrified and 2.  Completely stoked!!!  Since I believe the best experiences come from just letting go and flying by the seat of your pants – I’m super excited to visit a new city, and as a conference-newby I can’t wait to experience the highlights and possibly make the same mistakes as the SWSW’ers that came before me…



I predict that no matter my preparation, the following will definitely happen in Austin…

5.  I’ll probably pack 2-4 different pair of cute shoes and pumps but end up wearing my comfy leather UGG boots the entire time.

4.  I’ll meet 10-15 social media superstars that I follow on Twitter in person & bug the heck out of them with my many, many questions. (Have you followed @DivasandDorks on Twitter yet?)

3.  At least two of my favorite @DivasandDorks tees will get stained with BBQ Sauce (After all, going to Austin and not consuming an obscene amount of BBQ is just uncivilized.)

2.  After reading all of the “How To Prepare for SXSW” Guides, I’ll still become ridiculously OVERWHELMED!

1.  I will finally meet up with some awesome social media friends that know what they’re doing & they won’t be able to get rid of me. (“Hey, Where you going?  Can I tag along?”)


Ultimately, no matter what happens at SXSW (I could party like a Rockstar or sit in as many conference sessions until I’m blue in the face) – either way I’LL WIN!  (Insert your favorite Charlie Sheen #ImWinning #DuhImWinning catchphrase here.)  And at the end of the day, SXSW will be won over by DivasandDorks (*crosses fingers*) :p


My weather prediction for SXSW is:

Check out a few of SXSW Tipster Guides I found around the net:

SXSW 101

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5 Pro Tips To Dominating The SXSW Party Scene

Guess Who’s Coming to SXSW


iPad Tricks To Customize Your Life!

March 3rd, 2011 by Christen

Now that the iPad 2 has been officially announced, let’s dive into some tips and tricks that you can use to personalize your iPad and make it more efficient.  (Hint:  You can use these tricks on the iPad that you can ENTER TO WIN HERE too!)

5.  Quick Mute – So you’re at your desk at work watching a YouTube tutorial on how to apply your new red lipstick and your boss waves from the office and begins heading your way.  Instead of scrambling to turn down the volume – just simply press and hold the volume down button on the side of the iPad.  Within two short seconds you will be regaled with the sweet sound of silence and can pretend to be working on that report….


4.  Dock more apps for easy accessibility – Your iPad normally keeps 4 apps docked for your convenience.   As easy as you can rearrange the apps on your homescreen (By pressing & holding an app until the surrounding apps “shake”) Once the apps shake you can drag the selected app down to the dock and press the home button to lock it into place.


3. Safari Quick Zoom – When you’re on a webpage with columns, you can quick-zoom by double-tapping on the column (just don’t tap the link or else you’ll end up opening it and not zooming in on the page.)  When you’re finished with the reading, just tap again to quick zoom out.  (Pinching to zoom in and out still works, however the double-tap is quicker and more accurate.)


2.  Transport Scroll to the Top – You’re online perusing through a lengthy article about the Spring trends for flirty fashions in Paris and now you remembered that there was an interesting contest link at the top of the article…instead of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling up to the beginning – there’s a quicker way to the top.  Just tap the Status bar located at the very tip-top of the iPad screen and there you are!  Within Safari, Mail and Notes you can use this time-saving gen.

1.  Forced re-boot – Sometimes in everyone’s life a little frozen iPad must fall.  When this happens don’t fret.  You can do a forced re-boot of the system.  Simultaneously press and hold the Sleep/Wake (aka Power) buttons until everything powers down.  Just ignore the “slide to power off” message and keep holding!  This only takes a few seconds.  Now that the iPad is off, press the Sleep/Wake button to start your refreshed iPad up again.


This is just a short list of tricks that you can use — make sure to check back as we’ll have more tricks soon!



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