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Have You Seen Your New Pinterest Timeline-esque Page Yet?

March 16th, 2012 by Christen Pinterest has made good on CEO Ben Silbermann’s promise earlier this week to redesign profiles on the site. New Pinterest profile pages rolled out Friday morning. The new pages boast a cleaner, more streamlined design that gives you a Facebook-esque Timeline.

  The tab on the left detailing who is following you and who has recently repinned your photos and videos is gone. Instead, a horizontal bar on the top of the page details that information. You’ll also note that there’s more blank space on the side and top, giving the page a less cluttered look. In another change, the default for the profile page shows recent pins, rather than Pinboards. The vertically oriented photos and the space for a large rectangular photo on top also resemble Facebook’s new Timeline profiles. I really like the way it looks now, however like most users I'm typically pinning from my smartphone (but I digress...). The new look and feel of Pinterest finally gives me the feeling of "online organization" the way that the social media site was truly intended to be.   Are you on Pinterest? If so, share your usernames below - we love checking out new pins! Make sure you follow DivasandDorks on Pinterest!   via

Coming Soon: Facebook Timeline MANDATORY For All?

January 25th, 2012 by Christen   It's officially been about a month since the majority of Facebook users have had the option to change the profiles using the Timeline-esque design promoted by Facebook.  Some of you have been loving it, while others have ventured back to the simpler form of Facebook profiling.  If you're like me, I've been avoiding changing my profile - like I try avoiding the plague.  But like the plague, it's gonna spread high and wide eventually, and in this case the Facebook Timeline will soon be unavoidable.  For those of you like me, I must be the bearer of bad news... everyone has just one week to get their social profiles in order before Facebook makes the dreaded Timeline mandatory. Now, you may get slightly more than seven days. Even though Facebook is no longer offering a choice, the countdown clock to Timline-ification doesn’t start until the “activate” button appears atop your profile page. Once it does, you have just one week to prepare. (Facebook can give you lots of advice about how to hide those embarrassing posts from your virtual biography.)  
  Have you changed your Facebook profile yet? What do you like about the new profile format? 

Are You Feeling The New Face of Facebook?

September 22nd, 2011 by Christen   The announcements have been made and a new less-private Facebook is upon us. Earlier today during the F8 developers conference  - Mark Zuckerberg announced big Facebook changes — and now it’s your turn to chime in. What do you think of the new Timeline, showing all your stories and all your apps? Is it really a new way to express who you are?  Are we in line for a social "over-share"?  When is sharing too much actually too much? Check out the streaming stories from around the web and the top stories online and let us know if you're really feeling the new face of Facebook.  

Facebook Timeline Redefines User Profiles

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Are you excited about the new look of Facebook or are you over the hype?




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