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New Year’s Resolution: Become A Social Media Champion

December 31st, 2013 by Nicole

social media champion

The smartphone is the hub of our digital lifestyle. We can perform all kinds of things on them from updating our social media accounts, paying bills, listen to music, watch video, and instantly buy products in seconds. Need more? Here are 3 things for pics, selfies, and etiquette that will make you an awesome (and courteous) social media champion for the new year!


How to Take Better Instagram Food Photos

social media champion

This goes beyond eating pretty looking food. Whatever you are about to enjoy you can make it look great with the perfect angle of your smartphone. The best way to get the best look is to position your smartphone at a 90 degree angle or right above your food (try not to drop the phone in your food!) and turn the flash off.

Here are some other great tips from @sonyayu, a popular food photographer on Instagram:
How to take a shot like @sonyayu:

· Order colorful food and wait for the entire meal to be served before shooting.
· Stand up on your (stable) chair to capture the grub from above.
· Get the light right! Always sit by the window, avoid overhead spotlights, and never, ever use a flash – it’s food porn murder.
· Not all foods are equally photogenic, but that’s not the only factor in a tantalizing food photo. The dining surface, drinks and silverware can add allure and a distinct atmosphere to even the plainest, ugliest foods.



Make Sure Your Selfie Is Magazine Ready

Don’t be shy. You can do this too. Kim Kardashian has mastered the selfie and so can you. Here are some great prepping ideas to make that selfie pop from
Pump up the volume – your hair that is.

“Oftentimes, because images are flat, what works in real life requires a little tweaking for the camera. “Your hair needs more volume both up top and around the sides, as photos tend to shrink it.” Highlighting the texture in your mane.

Do as the models do.

“Hold your phone high above your head and away from you at a 45 degree angle so that you look slim and trim in your selfie.”

Let there be light.

Want your selfie to seriously shine? Then step outside! “Early morning or late afternoon is the ideal time for lighting,” reveals seasoned Instagrammer and Social Media Account Manager at /excelamktg, Dara Minchew. Also, don’t reverse the camera on your phone so that you can see yourself, she warns. “It lowers the quality of your photo.” (ß—- I did that)

Get your angles right.

First things first, experiment in front of the mirror to determine which angles are most pleasing for your face, advises photog to the stars Matthew Rolston. “The majority of people look best when their face is tilted at a slight angle to the camera, as opposed to straight on,” he adds. “If your nose curves to the left, favor the left side of your face, otherwise, the curve of your nose may be greatly exaggerated. If emotional engagement is what you’re seeking, the best eye line is directly to the lens.”


Social Media Etiquette – My Two Cents

social media champion


This topic is about cell phones during meal time. Hey, if you want to talk and text during your own personally time enjoying a meal by yourself, great. However, when you are lunching or having dinner with someone, be in the moment with them. Listen. Learn. Show some manners and put the phone down (not on the table) for the next 45 minutes and enjoy their company. Whoever and whatever is texting, calling, or notifying you can surely wait. And FYI – Don’t walk and text at the same time.  (…or you’ll wind up wet like the fountain lady….)



If you put any of these social media practices into your daily regime, you’ll become a social media champion in no time!  What are your social media resolutions for the new year?  Share them below…

Keep A Watchful Eye On What’s Important With The Belkin NetCam HD

December 10th, 2013 by Christen

Belkin NetCam HD Verizon Wireless DivasandDorks


Whether it’s your home, kids, office area (cubicle included) or mischievous pets – keeping a watchful eye on what’s important to you with the Belkin NetCam HD could be your next best tech investment.  Recently, I got the chance to check out the Belkin NetCam HD from Verizon Wireless and the unit could not have arrived at a better time.  There have been a couple of random times where I’ve come home from a long day to find that my pet chihuahua (Phoebe) has escaped from her kennel and finding solace and sleep in my comfortable bed.  (I’m not THAT pet parent to sleep with dogs, so you KNOW I wasn’t a happy camper finding pet hair in my bed.)  But I couldn’t figure out for the life of me, how she’s escaped.  Until now.


Belkin NetCam HD Verizon Wireless DivasandDorks


Using the Belkin NetCam HD, I mounted the over my bedroom door positioned at an angle where I can see both Phoebe and my bed.  The view angle of the camera can be adjusted using the swivel style base.  The bottom of the base has screw slots, so it is possible to mount the base on a flat surface and / or a wall.  With the Belkin NetCam, you won’t need an ethernet cable or be required to dork around with settings on your router. All you will need is an iOS or Android device with WiFi capability and a WiFi router setup in the location where you plan to mount the netcam.


Belkin NetCam HD Verizon Wireless DivasandDorks


After mounting the camera, I downloaded the free app on my iPhone 5s (the app looks identical on an Android device too).  Once I went through the easy steps to configure the camera with the app, I was well on my way to figuring out this doggy mystery.  Since the camera itself alerts me via smartphone to any motion it detects (even using night vision), it was only a matter of time until I discovered Phoeobe’s escape artistry first hand.


Bad Dog



You can keep a watchful eye on what’s important to you with a Belkin NetCam HD of your own from Verizon Wireless.  Try your luck by entering to WIN inside the Diva Days Of Christmas giveaway or get yours for $129.99 directly from



Fingerprint Technology Coming To An iPhone Next Month

August 2nd, 2013 by Christen

iphone fingerprint

The technology is in place and the rumors are true!  The new IPhone 5S arriving in stores next month will have all the improved bells and whistles as expected from Apple but it will also have a little extra added security…as in fingerprint security.  We have heard rumors that Apple would implement biometric security in their iOS devices because of its acquisition of AuthenTec last year, but this rumor really seems to be getting louder in the last few months.

According to BusinessInsider, analyst Brian White has said “we believe fingerprint identification technology will be part of the iPhone 5S and this is likely to be the major new feature used to market the iPhone 5S, similar to what Siri was to the iPhone 4S” 

iphone fingerprint

iphone fingerprint

Christen Rochon talks TECHNOLOGY with Roland Martin and the Tom Joyner Morning Show.  LISTEN HERE.



What could this technology mean for you?  Improved security from mobile thieves unable to unlock your phone?  Maybe a new payment delivery system which will accept mobile payments by simply using your fingertips.  What do you think?  Is too much technology always a good thing?

iphone fingerprint

The Big Surprise Found at Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores

July 19th, 2013 by Christen

Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores Divas And Dorks

Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores

Did you know that with Best Buy Mobile’s customer promise, you’re guaranteed to top quality phones with expert and unbiased customer assistance? Recently, with the upgrade announcements & rumors from major players like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile – I was curious to see how Best Buy Mobile stores would roll with the ever changing smartphone punches. So I recently stopped by one of the Best Buy Mobile specialty stores in Miami, to look into the possibility of upgrading my additional line smartphone. The staff there were knowledgeable and friendly & offered great advice for getting the biggest bang for my buck! See at Best Buy Mobile specialty stores, they don’t earn commission on what they phones, plans and features they sell – so you get an unbiased, expert opinion everytime!

Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores Divas And Dorks


So of course when I walked in inquiring about upgrading my phone, I received expert advice & even was offered a trade in offer that I couldn’t refuse. What’s great about this discovery? These deals happen everyday and I had no idea! Did you know that those old phones you keep in a drawer somewhere could be worth cash? Get a Best Buy Gift card when you trade it in at a participating Best Buy Mobile specialty store location – and if you have a newer working phone, you could get up to a $200 Best Buy gift card. Learn more and find a participating Best Buy Mobile specialty store:


Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores Divas And Dorks

Talk about a surprising experience! Now you can grab up those smartphones that have been sitting around your home & head to your local Best Buy Mobile specialty store near you. Best Buy Mobile specialty stores are found locally in malls or in your neighborhood shopping centers, and are focused on mobile devices and accessories. Shop for the latest smartphones and tablets from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, from all the top brands, along with stylish accessories to suit your lifestyle. The staff is highly trained, yet non-commissioned, so they can help determine the right phone for you, as well as compare plans across the carriers. They can set up and activate your new phone, transfer your contacts and data and set you up with the complimentary Walk Out Working™ program. To find a Best Buy Mobile specialty store, go to


Disclaimer: The review has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Jill Scott Talks Social Media & Technology With Verizon (Video)

July 16th, 2013 by Christen

jill scott talks social media

jill scott talks social media

Jill Scott talks social media at Essence Music Festival

 jill scott talks social media 

Jill Scott sat down with Kevin Hart, Laz Alonzo and director Will Packer last week to discuss her latest projects with Verizon Wireless during Essence Music Festival weekend in New Orleans, LA.  Three-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, New York Times bestselling poet, and critically acclaimed actress are only a few titles held by Jill Scott. Before having the #1 album in the country with her new album, “The Light of the Sun”, performing at The White House, being named People magazine’s Top TV Breakout Star of 2010 and appearing on VH1 Divas alongside Aretha Franklin, the triple threat began her career collaborating with musical icons, The Roots, Will Smith, and Common in the late ’90s.

jill scott talks social media 

Jill Scott never disappoints on stage!

Jill Scott never disappoints on stage!

Never limited to music, Jill Scott is a true multimedia brand across books, clothing, TV and film. Most recently, Jill was cast as the lead character in the HBO/BBC miniseries filmed on location in Botswana. The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency made Jill the first African-American lead featured in a one-hour, cable drama series garnering a prestigious Peabody Award. Before that, Jill starred alongside Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson in the #1 national movie series Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? and sequel Why Did I Get Married Too, as well as Lifetime Movie Network’s Sins of the Mother, the made-for-TV movie which became the second-most watched premiere in the network’s history. Scott also developed an intimates line for Ashley Stewart and founded Blues Babe, a registered 501(c)3 foundation that has raised over hundreds of thousands of dollars to support minority students pursuing college degrees.  She most recently just wrapped up filming Woody Allen’s Fading Gigolo and Baggage Claim opposite Paula Patton.

 jill scott talks social media 


Check out what Jill Scott had to say about her use of technology below…


jill scott talks social media 

Discover more Jill Scott and her partnership as a Verizon Innovator at, connect with her online at or on

Design Redefined With Project Runway Winner Michelle Lesniak Franklin & Intel

May 20th, 2013 by Christen

What happens when you mix technology, fashion and Project Runway 11 winner –  Michelle Lesniak Franklin an Intel Experience in NYC?  A day of entertaining fun & real life talks on the importance of portable technology on the go.

Project Runway winner Michelle Lesniak Franklin at Intel Experience NYC


Over the weekend, was invited to attend an exclusive presentation of where technology meets design at the Experience Intel pop up shop in Chelsea.  Filled with live performances, gaming experiences and more, Intel offered unique hands-on experiences for consumers and fans alike.


Intel Project Runway winner Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Project Runway 11 winner Michelle Lesniak Franklin


One of Intel’s newest fans, Project Runway 11 winner – Michelle Lesniak Franklin shared the spotlight highlighting her love for the Intel Ultrabook convertable.  After winning Project Runway’s host of prizes including a $50,000 suite of Intel products Michelle shares how her world of design has been
redefined with Intel technology.  Check out the video to discover more from Michelle, Project Runway and Intel.





About Michelle Lesniak Franklin:  Michelle Lesniak Franklin is a designer from Portland who won Project Runway season 11. She first took interest in the world of fashion during high school when she reconstructed vintage clothing to fit her needs and quirkiness. She then studied printmaking/fine art in college as well as pattern making and draping at her her local community college.  Discover more of Michelle Lesniak Franklin designs at






(INVITATION) Beauty Meets Technology With The New INGLOT Makeover App

May 17th, 2013 by Christen

If you love beauty products, but hate the trial and error process or wasting countless bucks on products that don’t work for you – I’ve got news for you!  Join me at INGLOT’S Pro Studio and Artist Lounge to celebrate the launch of the new INGLOT Virtual Makeover mobile app! Inglot makeover app

INGLOT Makeover app event

 Inglot makeover app


INGLOT APP 5The new INGLOT virtual makeover for iPad and iPhone allows you to experiment and create exciting new looks using INGLOT cosmetics famously vibrant color palette.  Not only can you let your imagination run wild, but you can save yourself the agony of never having buyers remorse ever again.  Simply upload your photo and try INGLOT colors directly onto your picture.  Virtual color detection makes foundation matching easy and you can eve build your a custom selected Freedom palette of color.

 Inglot makeover app

Want a chance to test out the app and get an accompanying makeover of your dreams?  Join me on June 4th for the official INGLOT virtual makeover app launch in NYC!  We’ll have makeover competitions, music, treats and great prizes including gift cards, beauty bags and more!

Space is limited and we can only accommodate the first 50 reader RSVPs today.  If you’re in the NYC area and would like to attend, send your name with Subject:  INGLOT Makeover App Launch via email to

Inglot makeover app

See you there!

Swoon Dating App Makes Social Dating Easy For Apple or Android Users #SwoonUpNYC

May 16th, 2013 by Christen

Ahhhhhhhh…. Spring is in the air!  It’s finally time to bring on the flirty dresses, rooftop happy hours and smartphone dating?  Yup, you read that right!  With mobile dating being the fastest and easiest way to find and meet new singles near you, it was only a matter of time for the latest mobile app to make dating easier than ever ever before! Now available on your Android or Apple smartphone, get ready to start swooning today!

swoon app 

swoon app  divasanddorks

swoon app 

Swoon, a new dating app that allows users to connect with cool people nearby, has bridged the gap between smartphone platforms and debuted an iOS app, making it the first app of its kind to be available to both Android and iPhone users.

In celebration of the iOS launch, its time raise a glass and celebrate the SwoonLife at the Official NYC Launch Party. On Tuesday, May 21st, Swooners will have the chance to test their swooning skills at Haru Gramercy over lite bites and cocktails. Hopefully, Swooners will meet the man or woman of their dreams!

swoon app


swoon app

Swooners can also enter for exclusive giveaways and prizes, like an Android phone, and many others!

Who: NYC’s 20-somethings now have a reason to celebrate the dating world the SwoonLife way, whether you are looking to meet new people, or are single and ready to mingle. Guests will also have the chance to meet and hang out with the Swoon Men, VIP Guests, and Dating Experts!

How: Upon arrival, guests are asked to download the app as admission into the happy hours. Swoon is the mobile app for finding cool people nearby. It’s completely anonymous until there’s a mutual match. Swoon is available on Android and iOS. Join the conversation and tweet us at the event using #SwoonUpNYC.

When:  Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Haru Gramercy, 220 Park Ave South (Corner of E 18th St)


For more information, visit


Disclosure:  Thanks SwoonApp for sponsoring this post.  I was selected for this opportunity and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.  #SwoonApp #SwoonUpNYC

New T-Mobile Customers May Be Eligible For A “No Contract” Refund

April 26th, 2013 by Christen

t-mobile no contract refund

 t-mobile no contract refund

If you were one of the few people lured into becoming a new a T-Mobile customer based on the new “No Contract” ads seen on television in print, then you might be eligible for a serious refund.  According to Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson – T-Mobile has been deceptive in targeting customers with its’ “No Contract” campaign.


“As Attorney General, my job is to defend consumers, ensure truth in advertising, and make sure all businesses are playing by the rules. My office identified that T-Mobile was failing to adequately disclose a critical component of their new plan to consumers, and we acted quickly to stop this practice and protect consumers across the country from harm.” – Bob Ferguson, Washington State Attorney General

Not too long ago, T-Mobile introduced their no contract or uncarrier plan that does not tie down a subscriber to a lengthy two year contract to join the network. The advertising done by the company raises red flags according to Ferguson and he wants more information to be placed on the ads so potential subscribers will know what they are getting themselves into.

In a statement released by T-Mobile the carrier said that “As America’s Un-carrier, our goal is to increase transparency with our customers, unleashing them from restrictive long-term service contracts — this kind of simple, straight forward approach is core to the new company we are building, While we believe our advertising was truthful and appropriate, we voluntarily agreed to this arrangement with the Washington AG in this spirit.”

T-Mobile on their part has agreed to change its method of marketing their plans and offered refunds to anyone who signed up for their service between March 26 and April 25.  The carrier will be contacting customers eligible for a refund or cancellation, but you can contact T-Mobile at 1-877-746-0909 or 611 on a T-Mobile phone for more info.

t-mobile no contract refund

What did you think about the no contract ads?  Did you believe the hype?  Are you a T-Mobile customer looking for a refund?




 t-mobile no contract refund   t-mobile no contract refund   t-mobile no contract refund   t-mobile no contract refund  

The Most Tech-Friendly Cities in America

April 12th, 2013 by Nicole

The Most Tech-Friendly Cities - PC World - Tech Savvy Icon - DivasandDorks - Technology

PC World Magazine has released its list of America’s Most Tech-Friendly Cities for 2013 (April issue).  The list is based on a compilation of tech amenities for tech savvy people that spend a large majority of their time working, playing, and shopping online.  If you are at home, work, and out and about the cities should have smart phone apps, WiFi hotspots, and technological city services for your needs. So which cities are the most tech-friendly?





How Did They Rank the Cities’ Tech-Friendly Level On?

The magazine measured the cities tech-friendly based on ten factors:  IT jobs, computer science graduate programs in the area, WiFi, speed of 3G/4G cell service, LTE wireless services, speed of home broadband, the number of tweets that originate from each city, and city government smart phone apps.  The city government apps include apps to report potholes and paying for metered parking.  Here is the rundown:


America’s Top 5 Most Tech-Friendly Cities:

Silicon Valley

The Most Tech-Friendly Cities - PC World - Divas and Dorks - Technology - Silicon Valley

1.     San Jose/Silicon Valley, California – ranked high in public WiFi, IT jobs, city Apps, IT graduate programs, LTE services, and 4G download speed.

2.    Atlanta, Georgia – ranked high in public WiFi, daily tweets, home broadband speed, and LTE services

3.    Boston, Massachusetts – ranked high in public WiFi, IT graduate programs, and home broadband.

4.    Minneapolis, Minnesota – ranked high in public WiFi, and home broadband.

5.    San Francisco, California – ranked high in public WiFi, IT jobs, IT graduate programs, and LTE services.


Which of the Tech-Friendly Cities Had the Most WiFi?

The Most Tech-Friendly Cities - PC World - Divas and Dorks - Technology - park pay goThe Most Tech-Friendly Cities - PC World - Divas and Dorks - Technology - Twitter - Atlanta, Georgia - Divas and Dorks


Some cities ranked higher in one area over others.  Minneapolis, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Boston, and San Francisco are the cities with the most publicly available WiFi Networks.

Portland, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, and Denver were the fastest 3G/4G wireless combo.


Is your city one of the most tech-friendly cities in America? How did your city rank? Were you surprised by cities that did or didn’t make the list?



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