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Texting While Driving Is Wack, It’s Deadly And IT CAN WAIT! @ATT #Tag5ToSave5 #ItCanWait

September 18th, 2015 by Christen Before you get ready to check out for the weekend, stop and think - What if the next few seconds you spend on social media could save a life?   The It Can Wait program has celebrated September 19th as an annual Day of Action urging drivers across the country to take the pledgeThis Saturday, and in honor of the Fifth Year Anniversary of the It Can Wait program, it's our responsibility to help spread the word and encourage readers to keep eyes on the road, not on your phones!  
  What if the next few seconds you spend on social media could save a life?  New research from AT&T shows how we can influence our closest contacts. And tagging these people on social may be the perfect way to get their attention. While many of us have hundreds of smartphone contacts, 2-in-3 people have almost all or most of their smartphone communications with just 5 people. The research also showed that people and their “top 5” have a lot of influence over each other. More than 9-in-10 respondents believe it’s dangerous for drivers to send and receive smartphone communications from behind the wheel. The research shows they’re missing a real opportunity to help keep their “top 5” safe:
  • More than 8-in-10 said they would likely stop or reduce their smartphone use while driving if one or more of their “top 5” contacts asked them to;
  • More than 7-in-10 said they would likely download an app to reduce their smartphone use behind the wheel if one or more of their “top 5” asked;
  • Nearly 85% of people would be likely to stop sending smartphone communications to their “top 5” when they know they’re driving … if only their “top 5” would ask!

“It Can Wait” To Battle The 100 Most Deadliest Days Of The Year

  So how can you spread the word this weekend?  Tag your “top 5,” whether it’s a best friend or co-worker, in a social post encouraging them to keep their eyes on the road, not on their phone. It takes just a few seconds, but #Tag5toSave5 could literally save lives! This quick post could make a big difference in the lives of your favorite people! Share the following tweet and tag your friends online as a friendly reminder about texting while on the road now!  

No post, glance, email, search or text is worth a life … It Can Wait. #Tag5ToSave5 #ItCanWait

  I'm proud to be a long time supporter and blogger ambassador of the "It Can Wait" program.  Sure technology makes life easier, but using tech and gadgets from behind the wheel could be costly.  It's your responsibility to keep your friends, family and top 5 safe!  Let's spread the word this weekend and continue to encourage those around us to keep safe behind the wheel and remember, when it comes to texting while driving...It Can Wait!     it can wait    



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