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T-Mobile Tempts New Customers With “T-Mobile Test Drive”

June 19th, 2014 by Christen T-mobile Test Drive   In another attempt to shake up the mobile carrier community, T-Mobile has unleashed the latest Un-carrier move of buying wireless with the “T-Mobile Test Drive”.  With T-Mobile Test Drive, anyone can get an iPhone 5s and unlimited nationwide service to take T-Mobile’s network for a data-intensive, seven-day spin at no cost.  (Well, no cost but that $699 credit card hold may cost ya if anything happens to your on-loan iPhone.)   Starting Monday, June 23rd, people can sign up for T-Mobile Test Drive and  A few days later, they’ll receive an iPhone 5s and they can put T-Mobile’s network to the test for seven days.   To kick off the availability of T-Mobile Test Drive, T-Mobile will be launching the #7NightStand Challenge:   T-Mobile #7NightStand Challenge is a social program that rewards “cheaters” for sharing the dirt on the 7-day fling their having with T-Mobile.  People can connect via their social channels, complete all 7 challenges and be entered for the chance to win a grand prize – a trip for two to one of the most romantic locations in the world.   Would an iPhone test drive and a sharing your experience tempt you to switch wireless carriers?   

Why The Sprint And T-Mobile Merger Could Mean Bad Biz For Customers

June 6th, 2014 by Christen T-mobile-Sprint   So now that the word is out on the Sprint and T-Mobile merger, could that be a set back on the industry and bad business for customers?  The two wireless companies are reportedly close to a $32 billion merger. Sprint, the larger company, would pay $40 a share to take over T-Mobile.  T-Mobile has killed the two-year contract, meaning subscribers are no longer locked into deals with the company. It has eradicated roaming charges for calls and data in over 120 countries. And it pays the termination fees for customers who want to break out of contracts with other carriers. Although these tactics have cost T-Mobile a lot of money, they have paid off in terms of new subscribers: T-Mobile added more subscribers in the latest quarter than Verizon and AT&T combined. Since AT&T and T-Mobile tried unsuccessfully to merge in 2011 -- a merger that Sprint itself came out against -- T-Mobile has taken dramatic steps to compete with the big players. That, in turn, has forced the big players to change the way they do business (which has been a huge win for consumers!) Sprint and T-Mobile   Since Americans have only a handful of options when it comes to deciding who to go with for mobile phone service.  If Sprint and T-Mobile have their way, we could have even fewer (which would be horrible for consumers).  Wall Street analysts say there's a good chance regulators will reject the deal, and with good reason: If approved, it would dramatically reshape the entire wireless industry scope in the United States. Right now, AT&T and Verizon each control a bit more than a third of the U.S. wireless market. A combined T-Mobile and Sprint would account for most of the final third. A wireless monopoly that could potentially be hazardous for consumers.  Less competitive pricing and almost no industry shaking deals could be eminent and if so, this could be bad business - (not just for Sprint and T-Mobile customers,) but for an entire wireless customer community involved.   What do you think?  Are you ready to see another mobile monopoly take shape soon?     via

Apple News: Is The iPad Air Really Free At T-Mobile?

October 24th, 2013 by Christen Earlier this week T-Mobile announced that an exciting Twitter Press Conference to "Unleash" a bit more news for customers and competition alike.  T-Mobile had two big pieces of tablet news to announce yesterday, (in perfect timing that they both come on the heels of the iPad Air reveal.) Could T-Mobile really be unleashing new freebies our way?  


Freebies is an understatement.  T-Mobile is offering everyone 200 MB of 4G LTE data free every month, indefinitely, regardless of whether or not you’re a T-Mobile customer. If you have a 4G LTE tablet, you can use it with T-Mobile’s network. Since 200 MB isn't very much data to work with, T-Mobile hopes that this freebie lures you away from the competition. For example, you can score $10 per month for unlimited 3G data plus 500 MB of 4G LTE data, then $10 more every time you want to get 2 GB more of 4G LTE data (tablet pricing only.)  A second major freebie T-Mobile is offering customers the iPad Air for free when it hits on November 1 without a penny out of your pocket (the day of purchase). Instead, you’ll have to pay in monthly installments (which could work for different financial circumstances) at a T-Mobile starting November 1. Let's see,  grab an iPad Air from T-Mobile and walk out without any money leaving your wallet AND ON TOP OF THAT the free 200 MB of 4G LTE for life applies for the iPad Air, too? I know plenty of people that may snatch this deal up before it becomes extinct.  via

T-Mobile Holding a Twitter Press Conference? Un-Carrier 3.0 Part II

October 23rd, 2013 by Analie

It wasn't too long ago that T-Mobile announced major change with Global voice and texting plans. But the un-carrier isn't done yet. They have another press conference tomorrow October 23rd.

According to  a T-Mobile press release there is a part 2 to the Uncarrier 3.0 event. But what is this part two about?  

T-Mobile Uncarrier 3.0 Part II Conference Details

This conference is about "Unleashing the Tablet in an disruptive un-carrier way". We don't know what exactly T-Mobile means by that, but we believe that they are coming up with new tablet plans. It could also be that there are different ways to get tablets. Whether it'd be through the JUMP plan, or a different type of trade-in program. With the big changes T-Mobile has brought to the industry, we don't know what it could be. They could even be changing up their tablet plans. You can see a sample price of their data plans. T-Mobile Holding a Twitter Press Conference Un-Carrier 3.0 Part II.0 Part II T-Mobile's Data Plans  

The Great Thing About UnCarrier 3.0 Part II

T-Mobile's press conference is on Twitter:

  •  T-Mobile's press conference begins at 9 AM PST 
  • Text us or tweet us! Send your questions to @TMobile for John Legere and Mike Sievert with the hashtag #unleashthetablet. 
  • Or text a question to 313131 by typing in TMUSQA and then your question (limit 160 characters). 
  • Questions will be answered live on and on a live audio stream at
T-Mobile Holding a Twitter Press Conference Un-Carrier 3.0 Part II.0 Part II-John Legere Twitter I'm curious to know what T-Mobile has in store. They haven't let me down with their announcements yet. What would make you transfer over to T-Mobile? Will you be "attending" T-Mobiles press conference on twitter?

T-Mobile Partners With Shakira and the Rest of Globe at Un-Carrier 3.0

October 11th, 2013 by Analie

Divas and Dorks Technology -  T-Mobile- Uncarrier- Unleashed- Shakira

T-Mobile is changing up the mobile game again! The Uncarrier went to phase 3 of their Uncarrier plan today and announced 4 big changes.

T-Mobile Uncarrier 3.0 Announcements

1. 4G LTE is now nationwide (rollout). That means T-Mobile is now reaching more than 200 million people in 233 metros across the U.S. 2. Stateside International Talk & Text: T-Mobile now allows their customers to call certain countries (70 Simple Global countries) for just $10 more (to their Simple Plan). And when in those select Simple Global countries, T-Mobile customers will have unlimited text, unlimited voice calls, and pay just  $.20 / minute for voice calls. T-Mobile Unleash Un-carrier -Uncarrier 3.0 event- shakira - Bryant Park NYC information 3. Starting October 31st, T-Mobile will offer unlimited text and data to 100 Simple Global countries worldwide. They will also pay just $.20 / minute for voice calls when roaming in the same countries. No activation or extra monthly fee necessary. 4. Partnership With Shakira - T-Mobile has also partnered with Latin Grammy award-winning artist Shakira to help spread key messages. The partnership between T-Mobile and Shakira goes hand in hand with their global coverage. I guess she's somewhat of a creative director. Those that travel often or call overseas often may breathe a sigh of relief. It's great not having to be worried about roaming charges or international rates.

T-Mobile Partners With Shakira and the World

“Today is all about bringing the world closer together,. I’m excited to partner with T-Mobile and look forward to being able to share my music in new and innovative ways.” - Shakira   You can learn about T-Mobile's plans HERE You can learn about T-Mobile's devices HERE

T-Mobile Unleash Event

  T-Mobile Unleash Un-carrier -Uncarrier 3.0 event- shakira - Bryant Park NYC copy   -Mobile hosted an event at Bryant Park in New York City to announce their 4G LTE rollout, International plan add-ons and coverage. Superstar Shakira performed a set of her hits, including "Whenever, Wherever" and "She Wolf". But that wasn't before Swizz Beatz came out and rocked the whole park with a few mixes. By the time Shakira came out, Swizz had the crowd hype! T-Mobile is definitely changing the carrier world. They were the first to dump contracts, and let you upgrade early. With their device roster rising, now International plans to add, AAAND they are offering a few devices at $0 down, they are definitely becoming the new competition! Who has tried T-Mobiles's 4G LTE service? Who is thinking of switching over? 

T-Mobile Partners With Shakira and the Rest of Globe at Un-Carrier 3.0 3


From Divas to Dads – Father’s Day Gift Guide – For the Dad on the Go!

June 12th, 2013 by Analie

Father's Day Gift Guide - Smartphones and Tablets

HTC One Android Smartphone HTC One Live Experience Tour - HTC One Google Android Smartphone - Divas and Dorks - TechnologyWe've yet to hear of anyone being disappointed with this phone. HTC latest smartphone the HTC One can help dear dad control his entertainment system without switching devices. We're sure that he will definitely appreciate that! With cameras that take beautiful bright pics and booming speakers, the HTC One is a win this Father's Day. The crisp screen and beautiful aluminum uni-body design will make dad grateful to you this Father's Day. Available on almost all major US carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint) Read more about the HTC One HERE. Price: $199.99+           Father's Day Gift Guide - Samsung Galaxy S 4- Display Samsung Galaxy S 4 Android Smartphone If HTC doesn't rock dad's world, you have an alternative; the Samsung Galaxy S 4. With interesting features like Air Gestures and Smart Scroll, Dad will have new ways to interact with his smartphone. Not to mention the 13 megapixel camera and it's many functions, Dad will be taking pictures all day and sharing them easily! Available on almost all major US carriers (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint) Price: $249.99             Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet  Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Depending on dad's travel time and taste, he may or may not like 10 inch tablets. Either way, we have something for every dad out there! With Samsung's new Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, dad gets a great screen size without giving up portability. Weighing less than a pound the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is your dad's new travel buddy. The stylus is stylish again and will help dad multi-taskCheck out some specs below:
  • Display: 8-inch, 1280x800, 189 ppi, touch + pen digitizer
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB, microSD up to 64GB
  • Cameras: Front- 1.3MP, Back- 5MP
  • OS: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • Battery: 4,600 mAh
If he thinks 8 inches is too small, don't fret! There's a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and now it's better than ever. It has 4lG LTE connectivity with Verizon Wireless service. Dad will have service whether in the house or out with Verizon's reliable 4G LTE network. Work and play become fun with multiscreens and easy document editing. The Galaxy Note 10.1 with Verizon LTE service is a great option Price: $499.99+         BlackBerry Z10 AT&T - Review - Analie - divas (2) BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 Smartphones BlackBerry is on their way to a comeback. Don't sleep on them If you remember dad enjoying the days of BBM and if you see that he would like to come back. Give him a dose of BlackBerry 2013. We're talking touch screens, video chatting, intuitive keyboards and more. With the new BlackBerry 10 OS, dad will have a ton of things to do on his new phone. Z10 Available for AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Q10 available on T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. You can check out Divas and Dorks review for the BlackBerry Z10 HERE. Price: $199.99+        

Father's Day Gift Guide - For His Listening Pleasure

With his new smartphone and/or tablet, dad may want to enjoy music on a personal level. Monster Inspirations Headphones Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA -  Fit on Tyson BeckfordIf he's into style and bold old-school look, the Monster Inspiration Headphones might be the fit for him. With strong bass, sturdy fit and interchangeable headbands, the Monster Inspirations are a great combination of young style and bass heavy sound. For more details check out the Divas review of the Monster Inspiration HERE                 Father's Day Gift Guide - Christen Rochon Ferrari Cavallino T350 Black Audio Headphones Ferrari Cavallino T350 Black Audio Headphones For those dad's who are into sports cars and love the Ferrari logo, the T350 over the ear headphones, will give your sports car fanatic dad luxurious look and sound over his ears. Check out what we thought of the Ferrari T350 headphones HERE.             Bowers & Wilkins - Bowers and Wilkins - P3 - Headphones - AC - Divas (10) Bower's and Wilkins P3 Headphones For the Father who enjoys the sophisticated headphones, the P3 on-ear headphones by Bowers and Wilkins are super lightweight and compact. Not sacrificing quality and sleek style, the P3's offer a less intrusive and more business friendly look. The case helps for traveling and great protection                   Bose QuietComfort® 20 Headphones Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Bose QuietComfort 20 headphonesThese are the first noise-canceling headphones from Bose. A brand that we've have grown to trust to deliver quality sound and hardware, we're sure that dad will enjoy listening to music with the Bose QuietComfort® 20.             Beats Pill by Beats by Dre

Father's Day Gift Guide - Beats Pill by Beats by Dre

  Don't let the size fool you. The Beats Pill is just what the doctor ordered for a Father's Day gift! Dad can get his groove on anywhere with this speaker. He can change tracks from his phone. He can even stay professional and make conference calls with the Pill's mic and Bluetooth capabilities! PRICE: $199.95 Beats Pill by Beats by Dre       Sony Bluetooth Wireless Mobile SpeakerSony Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speaker This tiny ball is a great addition to the home office / home gym or anywhere. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the Sony Wireless Speaker can bring entertainment to dad anywhere at any time. At the affordable price, you can afford one for each corner. Dad can readjust the sound to his liking! Connect through Bluetooth, NFC, and even through auxiliary cable. Of course it works like a speakerphone also! You can get it in either black or white. PRICE: $69.95 Sony Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speaker       Father's Day Gift Guide - Zagg Sparq Wall Charger

Father's Day Gift Guide - Accessories and Fashion

Backup Power From Zagg : Don't let Dad run out of juice on his gadgets. Make sure he keeps this Zagg Sparq Wall Charger & 3100mAh Back Up Battery around for those long days of fun on his gadgets. It can power  smartphones and tablets 4x faster than a standard USB charger! Zagg Sparq Wall Charger & Back Up Battery PRICE: $42.00       Telstar MP50 Mini Projector Father's Day Gift Guide - Telstar MP50 Mini ProjectorLet dad show off how portable he can be with the Telstar MP50 Mini Projector. This itty bitty projector fits in the palm of your hand. Watch up to 2 hours of content anywhere with this extremely portable projector. The Telstar MP50 projects up to a 70" 16:9 image 9 feet from the wall or a 50" image at 6 feet from the wall. The 85 ANSI Lumen LED Pico Projectors is powered by Texas Instruments DLP technology with up to 1080p resolution. Small in size but not in power!   Telstar MP50 Mini Projector PRICE: $299.00     From Divas to Dads – Father’s Day Gift Guide – For the Dad on the Go! WD My Passport Ultra - Western Digital - Analie WD - My Passport Ultra Portable Storage Drives Where can dad store all those movies and photos while he's not showing them off on his mini projector? With the WD (Western Digital) My Passport Ultra Portable Storage Drive, dad can easily tote around up to 1 TB of data. Fast and easy transferring with USB 3.0  and four different color choices to choose from, this is great for the dad that saves every single picture and video. WD - My Passport Ultra Portable Storage Drives PRICE: $129.99         Charge Anywhere With myCharge Amp myCharge AMP  6000 :If Dad needs to charge multiple devices, the myCharge Amp is a great gift. It can charge up to 2 devices at once. The compact design makes it easy to bring along. You can charge nearly any device through the USB ports. A great add-on to the list of dad's gadgets!

 Father's Day Gift Guide - myCharge Amps

  Geekwear: If dad is an audiophile, these headphone cufflinks are cute accessories that you will enjoy giving and dad will definitely enjoy receiving. Headphone Cufflinks   If headphones aren't dad's thing, try the USB port cufflinks. The geeky dad will enjoy these great accessories! USB Port Cufflinks   Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Headphones Cufflinks  Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Silver USB Ports Cuff links   PRICE: $69   G Shock Limited Edition Watches Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks G-Shock Watch A lot of technology goes into the G-shock 30th anniversary watches.  Casio partnered with leading independent footwear brand, SUPRA, to design their own signature timepiece and Vaider Lite high top. The G-Shock GA200SPR-1A is black with beautiful red accents to match the sneaker.   Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - G-Shock Watch GA113B-1A   Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - G-Shock Limited Edition Watch With Supra Sneaker The innovative GA113B-1A comes in black with blue accents, metal band keeper and gold IP case back engraved with G-Shock's 30th Anniversary logo, which was created by world-renowned graphic artist, Eric Haze, making these watches a G-Shock collectors' dream. Black resin band analog and digital watch with black/blue face. PRICE: $160         Case-Mate Rosewood iPhone and BlackBerry Z10 Cases Give the special father, grandfather, brother this Rosewood case from Case-Mate to give their iPhone and/or BlackBerry Z10. This collection of cases from Case-Mate have a masculine flare. It's about time someone paid attention to these men! This sophisticated case gives your phone a nice new shape and look. Case-Mate Rosewood Case If Rosewood doesn't suit them, you can go with Case-Mate's brushed aluminum case has a nice sleek, casual "masculine" look. Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum / Gun Metal Case. Looks great with the everyday denim outfit! Case-Mate has a great selection of cases for all types of phone. They have cases for the BlackBerry Z10 (Yes the BlackBerry!), iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III. You gotta love Case-mate's wide range of cases for ALL devices. If dad likes the simple finish, the Case-Mate signature flip is a classy design. It protects the screen while giving dad sophisticated look. The Case-Mate Signature Flip case  offers the protection and classy look dads love! PRICE: $50 Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Case-Mate Rosewood Case  Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum Case  

(Sponsored) Texting While Driving Causes “100 Deadliest Days” #ItCanWait

May 28th, 2013 by Christen This post has been sponsored in part by the "IT CAN WAIT" program which focuses on educating people – especially teens – about the dangers of texting and driving. The message is simple, yet vital: When it comes to texting and driving, it can wait.  For more information visit

It Can Wait Logo

Did you know that more and more automobile crashes & fatalities are caused by texting while driving?  Even more than drunk driving and freak accidents COMBINED.  The majority of all texting while driving mishaps are made by young adults and teens.  That’s why AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint have joined forces to battle against “texting while driving” during the “100 Deadliest Days” this summer.  May until September, is projected to have the most texting while driving related accidents than any other time of year and wants you to spread the word, take the pledge & stand up against the dangers of texting while driving.  
Those who read and send text messages while driving are 23 times more likely to be in a crash.  That’s why we're committed to putting an end to texting and driving. We’re focused on educating everyone on the dangers of texting while driving.  Our goal is to save lives and make texting and driving as unacceptable as drinking and driving because no text is worth dying for.
Texting while driving is an epidemic, and it’s not isolated to teen drivers. It affects adults as well. A recent survey shows business commuters know texting while driving is unsafe, but they still engage in these behaviors. In fact, they are texting and driving more than they used to.
  • Six in 10 commuters said they never texted while driving three years ago.  Nearly half of commuters admit to texting while driving, which is more than teens.
  • 49 percent of commuters self-report texting while driving, compared to 43 percent2 of teens.
Despite knowing the riskss, 98 percent said sending a text or email while driving isn’t safe. For many, it has become a habit.  More than 40 percent of those who admitted to texting while driving called it a habit. wpid-2013-05-27-22.57.45.png   All summer long, we’ll be sharing apps, tips, infographics and tricks to help you resist the urge of texting while driving and ways to urge others that when it comes to texting while driving, “It Can Wait.”

“It Can Wait” Campaign Grows – Backup From Sprint, VZW, T-Mobile & More

May 16th, 2013 by Analie

It Can Wait  Campaign Grows - Backup From Sprint, VZW, T-Mo & More - 23 - logo

As you may already know, we're big fans of the "It Can Wait" movement here at Divas and Dorks. Originally sponsored by AT&T, the It Can Wait campaign encourages smartphone user to stop texting and driving. The fever has caught on and now other companies are joining in spreading the word!    

It Can Wait Campaign Grows - All 4 Major US Carriers Support the Cause

It Can Wait  Campaign Grows - Backup From Sprint, VZW, T-Mo & More - LOGOS - Analie Now joined by Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile, the It Can Wait campaign is getting stronger. It doesn't just have the support of these carriers, there are 200 other companies that are spreading the word.   “Texting while driving is a deadly habit that makes you 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash,” said AT&T Chairman & CEO Randall Stephenson. “Awareness of the dangers of texting and driving has increased, but people are still doing it. With this expanded effort, we hope to change behavior. Together, we can help save lives.”  

The summer-long initiative kicks off on May 26th and will be supported by a new national advertising campaign featuring people who are living with the consequences of texting while driving, a large-scale nationwide texting-while-driving simulator tour, major retail presence in tens of thousands of stores, and more. The campaign, aimed at educating drivers to change behaviors that will ultimately help save lives, will run throughout the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day, deemed by AAA as the “100 Deadliest Days” for teen drivers.    

It Can Wait Campaign Grows: Shocking Facts About Texting and Driving:

It Can Wait  Campaign Grows - Backup From Sprint, VZW, T-Mo & More - 23 - stats - Analie Texting while driving is an epidemic, and it’s not isolated to teen drivers. It affects adults as well. A recent AT&T survey shows business commuters know texting while driving is unsafe, but they still engage in these behaviors. In fact: They are texting and driving more than they used to.
  • Six in 10 commuters said they never texted while driving three years ago.
Nearly half of commuters admit to texting while driving, which is more than teens.
  • 49 percent of commuters self-report texting while driving, compared to 43 percent2 of teens.
Despite knowing the risks.
  • 98 percent said sending a text or email while driving isn’t safe.
For many, it has become a habit.
  • More than 40 percent of those who admitted to texting while driving called it a habit.
It Can Wait  Campaign Grows - Backup From Sprint, VZW, T-Mo & More - 23 - think again

It Can Wait Campaign Grows - National Day of Action

The highlight of the summer campaign will be a national day of action on Sept. 19. On that day, It Can Wait advocates will reach out in their communities to raise awareness of the risks of texting while driving, encourage everyone to make a personal commitment not to text and drive and recruit others to join the growing ranks of advocates dedicated to saving lives by ending texting while driving.   Take the pledge and don't text and drive: #ItCanWait

Samsung Galaxy S4 Availability Details For Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon

April 25th, 2013 by Rod Divas and Dorks Technology - Samsung Galaxy S 4 - Analie  Smartphone A lot has happened since we reported on the launch details of the Samsung Galaxy S4 for various carriers.  Originally AT&T and Sprint subscribers could buy one in stores starting this weekend on the 27th.  While T-Mobile subscribers could begin buying theirs online at  But alas, that is no longer the case.  Everything for AT&T will go continued as planned but for Sprint & T-Mobile - things have changed.  Here's what's going on:

Samsung Galaxy S4 For Verizon


Samsung Galaxy S4 For Verizon

Divas and Dorks Technology - Samsung Galaxy S4 Availability - Analie  SprintSamsung Galaxy S4 For Sprint

Sprint announced earlier yesterday via email that they have been affected by an unforeseen inventory shortage from Samsung.  They will have to delay their launch but are still taking pre-orders and customers can still order one online on the 27th.  No word on when the #3 carrier will get their stock in.

Samsung Galaxy S4 For Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S4 For Verizon


Divas and Dorks Technology - Samsung Galaxy S4 Availability - Analie  T-MobileSamsung Galaxy S4 For T-Mobile

Yesterday evening, T-Mobile announced a similar statement but with a bit more clarity on when their subscribers can get theirs.  T-Mobile's delay is due to inventory shipping delays.  They are only delayed by 5 days as online sales continue on the 29th while the launch is still happening on May 1st...for now.

Samsung Galaxy S4 For Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S4 For Verizon


Divas and Dorks Technology - Samsung Galaxy S4 Availability - Analie Verizon WirelessSamsung Galaxy S4 For Verizon

On a more positive note, Verizon announced that they will begin taking pre-orders for their Galaxy S4 starting today.  Hopefully that means within two weeks, VZW subscribers can enjoy their Samsung Galaxy S 4 along with everyone else.   Pricing for the 16GB model version of the phone will begin at $199 ($249.99 w/ a $50 mail-in rebate).
So be patient Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon subscribers, it's coming.  While AT&T users will get their Galaxy S4 before everyone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 For Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S4 For Verizon

How long are you willing to wait for the phone? Keep checking in with Divas and Dorks and we'll update you on the Galaxy S4 availability!

Samsung Galaxy S4 For Verizon

Wanna Know When You Can Buy Your Samsung Galaxy S4?

April 18th, 2013 by Rod
You saw the big unveiling at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, you've seen our hands-on with it, and now you want to get your hands on your own!  We know that many of you are anxious to buy your Samsung Galaxy S4 and we've got the info you are looking for!  Most of the US carriers have announced pre-order & availability for the Galaxy S4.  Unless you are a Verizon subscriber, as the carrier has yet to announce their launch details officially.  
Samsung Galaxy S4 - Performance -  - Buy your Samsung Galaxy S4

When Can You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S 4 On ....?

Samsung Galaxy S 4 - Buy your Samsung Galaxy S4

Buy Your Samsung Galaxy S4 on AT&T 

AT&T's pre-orders went live yesterday and will launch on April 30th for $199.99.  With no official word from Verizon but rumors peg their launch on May 30th.  I hope its not that long of a wait.  

Buy Your Samsung Galaxy S4 on T-Mobile

Earlier this week, both Sprint and T-Mobile made their Galaxy S4 availability official.  The latest Galaxy flagship will land on both carrier next week.  T-Mobile will offer their on April 24th online and in stores on May 1st for $149.99 down and additional monthly payments for the 16GB model.

Buy Your Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint

Sprint will have the Galaxy S4 next week.  While Sprint will begin taking pre-orders today and become available on April 27th for $250 on contract.New Sprint subscribers who switch over can get it cheaper, for $149.99 on contract to be exact (saving you $100).
So who's buying a Galaxy S4? Or is HTC getting your $$$ with the HTC One?



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