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How To Organize Your Closet Clean Up For 2013 In Three Easy Steps

January 3rd, 2013 by Fashion Staff Is organizing your home space atop of your new year resolutions list?  Discover how you can quickly organize your closet for the new year in three easy steps.  A new year is upon us and we all know what this time of year brings…. Resolutions, reflections, new goals, etc. but how about giving yourself a new closet for the new year? Yes you heard right, a NEW closet.   George Carlin once said… “A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it” well of course it is if you don’t have it organized and only use your storage as a place to hide all your “stuff” you don’t ever use.  Don’t start the new year with a closet that’s crammed with “out of sight out of mind” items. The new year is the perfect time to go and open that door. You can’t hide from your closets forever, it’s just the two of you, face to face. organizing closet Here’s how you can clear the clutter, revive your space and even create some new outfit combinations in the process! Go on.. Open the door!

1.       Pour yourself a glass of wine.


2.      Go through every single hanger, box, and drawer…

    • Take out anything you haven’t worn in a year or more!
    • Take out anything that still has a tag! (unless you just purchased it)
    • Take out anything that will fit if only you lose 10 more pounds!
    • Take out anything damaged or falling apart!
    • BONUS: Take out anything that’s currently out of season
What should be left is the mere 20% of items you wear 80% of the time!

hangers organize closet

Now that there is more out of your closets than in, here’s what to do with it!
    • Items you haven’t worn in a year, still have tags, or don’t fit divide them into a donate pile and a consignment pile! If you’re not going to wear it might as well give it or sell it to someone else who will! Bag them up and put them by your front door!
    • Items that are worn out beyond recognition, THROW THEM AWAY!
    • Items that are damaged, put them in a different bag and take them to you favorite seamstress or tailor for repair.
  Try on everything left in your closet! If it doesn’t fit, DO NOT PASS GO! please return to step 3!    

hangers closet oganizing



    • Sort your clothing by type, dress shirts, pants , skirts and dresses. I’m pretty anal so I even organize by sleeve length and color, and all my hangers MUST face the same way!
  Take a break and head to IKEA or The Container Store!
  • They have organizational tools or every shape and size, Ikea is more cost friendly, The Container Store is pricier! Pick up:
    • clear boxes in various sizes,
    • space bags,
    • bins, baskets
    • under the bed boxes
  • Organize your shoes in labeled shoeboxes you picked up stacked or just on the floor if you have a walk in closet.
  • Put out of season clothes into containers inside (if you have room) or outside the closet under the bed.
The Fun Part! Let’s Go Shopping! Where are the gaps in your wardrobe? And what do you have too much of? Set a modest budget and fill in your wardrobe with some classic essentials if you don’t have them already. I know for a fact I have way too many open toe shoes, I need a pair of pumps or two ; )     You Did It!!!! Sit back, relax, finish that glass of wine and enjoy all the new outfit combinations you’ll discover now that your closet is all neat and tidy!   What are your closet clean up goals for 2013?  Tell us below...    

Show Face At The INGLOT Artist Lounge Grand Opening In NYC!

December 18th, 2012 by Christen Are you in NYC looking for the place to show your face?  INGLOT Cosmetics is proud to announce the grand opening of their 6,000 square foot, INGLOT Artist Lounge located at their Chelsea Market flagship store on Wednesday, December 19, 2012.  


  INGLOT’s Artist Lounge radiates beauty inspiration from every corner and offers pro-members an array of services not found under any other roof.  Makeup artists will find themselves immersed in astudio that is sure to become their next beauty haven. The opportunities are endless here for INGLOT pro-members!  Artists can book one of the many spaces during business hours and gain access to the entire INGLOT range of products.  Hold your wedding trials, business meetings, and photo shoots here!  The best news is, these services are offered to pro-members free of charge for a limited time! In addition to the space, make use of the wide screen television for presentations, complete state of the art sound system, catering facilities for any refreshments you may bring, and all the INGLOT products you could ever want.  So why not meet new clients, entertain old ones, attend a class or even host your own?  

Photo Studio 1

The New York INGLOT Artist Lounge, the one-stop support shop for all industry professionals.  The perfect complimentary space for business lunches, makeup trials, promotional events, parties, photo shoots, research projects and more.”  Mr. Wojtek Inglot, Creator and Founder of INGLOT Cosmetics   But that’s not all!  Beginning in January, and each month throughout 2013, INGLOT’s Artist Lounge will be full of workshops and inspiration!  Top makeup artists in the industry will be on-site to train and educate other pro-members in their craft.  Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!  The “Artist Lounge” is located on the fifth floor at Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue (between 15th and 16th Street), New York, NY 10011.  For more information on how to become a pro-member, please visit

Take On The Holidays With These @Microsoft Holiday Gifts (Video)

December 10th, 2012 by Christen


Last week, I got the opportunity to check out the new Microsoft speciality store in the intersection of the world - Times Square! Check out a few of this holiday's top gift picks and more below...


Accessorize Your Life With XSRE (#XSREgirl Casting Call Event)

November 27th, 2012 by Christen


  This past weekend (also known as one of the biggest shopping weekends in the country) - I was invited to check out one of the largest accessory superstores in the tri-state area. XSRE (aka Accessory) is one of many colossal accessory superstores in the New York / New Jersey area that caters to a true fashionista. The moment I arrived to the Paramus, NJ location my face lit up with excitement as I feast my eyes upon the XSRE accessory super store taking up over 20,000 square feet with more fashion goodies than I could've ever imagined.  


  As soon as you walk through the entrance the first thing you'll notice is that each section of the store is divided by styles, trends and this season's hautest colors. From trendy aisles of oxblood, seductive lace infused looks, areas of whimsical bohemian styles and even an oasis of rocker chic ensembles - XSRE doesn't just have accessories, they also have aisles of apparel, shoes, smartphone accessories and more.  










    After combing each aisle and countless trips to the dressing room, I was able to score a couple of accessories and get stylish for the XSREgirl casting call of the day!
Wearing a peek-a-boo maxi dress coupled with a brown leather jacket, riding boots and a leopard print hat - I was ready to have some photogenic fun! Check out some of the fun I had during my shoot below and find out how you can enter the XSRE Girl casting call at the XSRE nearest you!
XSRE is holding a casting call to find the next fresh face to join the XSRE girls! XSRE will have a stylist and professional photographer in the store taking photos of anyone who wants to try out. One girl (per store) will be named an XSRE girl & will be awarded a 6-month modeling contract and a monthly $100 giftcard to XSRE. Every girl will have a chance to win a giftcard by encouraging their friends to “like” the photo of them on the XSRE Facebook page during a 1 week period after the photos posted: $500 giftcard for the most likes; $250 giftcard for 2nd place; and $100 giftcard for 3rd place. Check out XSRE below for the casting call dates and locations near you.
With most apparel and accessories reasonably priced under $50 - it doesn't take a lot of cash to cash in on some stylish steals.  Don't believe me, check out a few of my favorite pieces hauled away from XSRE.  Here's a sneak peak at just some of my scores from XSRE including my titanium & gold arm candy, faux leather skinnies & studded / silver knuckles iPhone cases!  With all the fab finds found at XSRE, it's no secret that his store is sure to see more of me very, very soon.
For more photos from my XSRE shopping experience, check out the gallery below!
*Disclosure* This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Blogger Connection. XSRE has provided this site with sponsorship, however all opinions are 100% own of

Black Friday Alert: If You’re Looking For Apple’s Black Friday Deals, Look No Further…

November 19th, 2012 by Tech Staff   What’s under Apple’s tree this season? Could it be the gift of savings? Apple hasn’t announced any deals for Black Friday (yet), but in this season of giving, we can only assume that Apple plans to offer huge savings for Black Friday. If 2011 is any indication as to 2012 savings, we’re in for a treat and it’s safe to write our list for what we want. Last year Apple offered respectable discounted items for the one-day shopping event including iPad savings and savings on the iPod Nano, iPod Touch, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac devices. We’re checking our list twice and on our list this season, we’re asking the big red man (ahem, Apple) for: iPad specials:  In 2011, the iPad 2 was only a few months old when Black Friday rolled around, and customers enjoyed about a $50 savings. We expect the same level of savings for iPad 3 and older model iPads this year. If you haven’t bought an iPad yet because of the hefty price tag, we suggest waiting until Apple officially announces its specials. Because they will…at least we hope. Apple reduced prices on Mac last year so we predict savings on Mac products as well.


Discounts on Accessories: We expect Apple to reduce prices on accessories. Some stores offer free Apple accessories with your purchase of an iPad so be on the lookout for these savings. There’s nothing better than getting something free especially when it’s from Apple. Shorter Lines and Less in-store Crowds: Wildly popular is Black Friday so expect to see a lot of consumers. We hope that Apple is well stocked and equipped to handle the influx of customers. How about express lines and customer service oriented sales people to direct the traffic? We don’t want our turkey & stuffing to get cold. Participating Stores: While Apple is the go-to spot for all things Apple, other retailers like Best Buy will have possible savings on Apple products. Best Buy has its own surge of customers on Black Friday, but it’s a healthy alternative to buying your iPad directly from an Apple store. You can even buy your Apple product online and skip the long lines and overcrowding. However, in store sales seem to be the most lucrative and cost-effective. You may be wondering about iPhones. Last year there were no iPhone savings, but you never know. These are just our predictions. Apple may have some surprises up its sleeves.

Tell us about your Black Friday experience. Do you plan on going this year? What tech pieces are you looking to get your hands on?

Five Reasons Why Buying The iPad Mini Is A BAD IDEA

November 2nd, 2012 by Tech Staff

  It's arrived in stores today with lack-luster thunder...yeah right.  Of course the masses will follow suit yet again and purchase Apple's newest miniature iPad... Why? Because spending hard earned cash on anything Apple-related is always a great idea.. Right? WRONG..  Based on a few recent updates, redesigns and contrasts against similar mini tablets on the market, it's safe to say that buying the iPad Mini today is a bad, BAD IDEA.   5.  The iPad Mini costs too much, ($329) especially considering the lower resolution of its 7.9-inch non-Retina Display. The A5 processor isn't as robust as the one in the fourth-gen iPad and iPhone 5. Typing on the smaller screen is not quite as comfy.   4.  Based on numerous reports, crowds waiting in line at Apple retail stores are A LOT smaller than they have been in the past for other launches.  Which means that if there isn't a great demand for the product, you probably shouldn't be clamoring for one in your hands too soon.   3.  If you thought buying an iPad Mini today would get you the lightning speed you need, think again.  Apple isn’t launching the LTE-enabled iPad Minis until later in the month.  (Talk about a bait & switch...) This is a significant factor in analysts predicting WEAK opening weekend sales for the new device.   2.  Something as small as the iPad Mini should at least have multiple functions like the Galaxy Note II.  What's the use of carrying a smaller tablet AND a smartphone if you don't have to?   1.  Buying the iPad Mini opening weekend reinforces the idea that it's okay to create updated versions of devices sooner than loyal consumers can afford them.  There are countless iPad 2 and even New iPad owners that will not be buying the iPad mini or 4th generation iPad because it's too much, too soon.  Next thing you know, Apple will be expecting consumers to sell their first borns just to keep up with purchasing the production of new idevices...Good Luck With That...   What do you think?  Will you become a new iPad Mini owner this weekend?  

Social Girls Night Out – Gaming & Social Media Event Debuts in Atlanta!

September 26th, 2012 by Tiffany hosted our first ever 'Social Girls Night Out' - Gaming and Social Media Etiquette event Monday in Atlanta, GA. Microsoft of Atlanta sponsored the 'Social Girls Night Out' kick off as a part of their ongoing community outreach initiatives.


For this event we partnered with Microsoft and Windows specifically to reach an audience that has a growing thirst and necessity for technology at an earlier age than any other generation. Girls from ages 10 to 18 showed up to test new phones & gadgets, play girl powered games, and learn about internet safety and social media responsibility & etiquette. It was a fun filled night of education and entertainment just for girls!


Microsoft techs demonstrated the versatility of Xbox Kinect while giving important tips on how to be safe and protect your privacy on the newest gadgets, games and social media sites.  The 'Bing It On' challenge tested the accuracy and differences of a Google search versus a Bing search.  Cloud 9 Cupcakes came to share mini red velvet cupcakes with gamers & guests.  DJ Zen kept the store filled with a great mix of music perfect for gaming & having fun (Special thank you to her for contributing to such an awesome environment for young women!)  And of course, an assortment of prizes were awarded to lucky drawing winners.  Congrats to Jessica & Candace our Radar 4G and Titan II prize pack winners!


If you missed out on our Atlanta event - don't worry! Social Girls is coming to a city near you. Next stop is Charlotte, North Carolina, followed by D.C., Detroit, New York and more city announcements to come. Knowledge is contagious and we are excited to spread it & create an environment where girls are able to be themselves, discuss social media / cyberbullying and just hang out and have fun! Keep checking for upcoming Social Girls events and locations. Thank you again to our sponsors Microsoft and Windows for their support and dedication!

If you missed Social Girls ATL - here's a peek at what you missed:


Calling All Teens & Parents! Social Girls Night Out Is Coming To ATL! (EVENT)

September 17th, 2012 by Christen In an effort to foster social media awareness, responsibility & overall growth in teens and young adults - has partnered with Windows Phones and The Microsoft Store to bring you Social Girls Night Out: Social Media and Gaming Event!   On Monday, September 24th from 6pm - 8pm we will host Social Girls Night Out for girls ages 14 - 18 and their parents for a variety of games, information and overall tips on managing social media etiquette.  How many times have you seen cyber-bullying, explicit photos or other forms of inappropriate behavior coming from teens & young adults on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more?  Social Girls Night Out is a place where girls can socialize with their peers and their parents while learning not only about great gadgets, apps and programs - but also develop social media etiquette, integrity and skills to make social media work for them! Parents this event is for you too!  Come out and discover the latest in internet security & monitoring for teens, we'll have plenty of demos, games and prizes for all!    

If you're interested in having your youth group, mentees, siblings or children attend this event, please rsvp to (Space in limited)

See you soon!

Dumb Criminals: Thieves Drive BMW Into Apple Store For iPhone 5

September 14th, 2012 by Tech Staff Impatient thieves eager to get their hands on the new iPhone 5 cell phones rammed a BMW into a Temecula, California Apple Store last week. Police arrested 22-year-old Equonne R. Howard, who they say was at the wheel of the BMW when he smashed through the Apple store’s iconic storefront windows. Once inside the store, Howard’s accomplices jumped out and began picking up iPads that were sent flying when the car collided with display tables at the front of the store. (see video below)
  Howard attempted to back out of the store but his hasty departure was impeded by the same tempered glass windows he just drove through. The damage to the pricey BMW included 2 flat tires and the license plate fell off the car, which made it easier for the police to track Howard down. The keys to the BMW — which Howard abandoned near the Apple store — were still in his pocket. The damage to his parent’s BMW will certainly exceed the price of the stolen merchandise. Howard pleaded not guilty Wednesday to multiple felony charges, reports.   via


August 18th, 2010 by Christen

SHHHHHHHH....WE HAVE A SECRET FOR YOU!  For those of you Divas and Divos who do not have an H&M store in your city, we have great news for you!

H&M is in it's final stages of launching it's online store JUST FOR YOU!  According to my sources, the release date hasn't been announced just yet, but save your coins for your Fall Fashion & Holiday spending because the site may go live any day now...

What's your must-have H&M item for the season?

Comment below 🙂



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