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How To Spring Clean Your Junk Drawer Of Gadgets And Earn Instant Cash

March 31st, 2016 by Christen

Whether you’re looking to earn extra cash for Spring Break or need to update your closet with a few Spring wardrobe essentials, there’s a ton of cash hidden in your home and all you need to do is Spring Clean to cash it in!  If you’re like me, you probably have an oasis of electronics that you’ve been hoarding since 1983 – and it’s time to let go.  How else do you expect to keep up with the latest technologies, if you can’t let go of the nostalgic gadgets of the past?  There’s no better time to include electronics on your spring cleaning agenda and with so many options to earn instant cash, you’ll be rolling in the dough in no time!


How to spring clean your junk drawer


Here’s a few steps on how to spring clean your junk drawer of gadgets and earn instant cash below.

First, take inventory of all unused electronics in your home, and separate them into two piles.  Everything that’s two years old and older, place in pile A and all of your newer (unwanted / unused electronics) place in pile B.

Research:  Now that you’re ready to sell some of your electronics, you need to know how to price those items and make some money.  Take your newer items (Pile B items) and research the retail prices online and on sites like Craigslist and eBay. You can also find out the value of your gadgets on Amazon here.


List:  Based on your preference, you can then list those items on Craigslist, eBay or other sites like or for a quick fix EcoATM examines your device and offers a price based on its condition. If you decide to sell it, you’ll drop in you device and receive cash right away. You can search for the nearest EcoATM on the company’s website.




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Donate:  You might not do much with the hundred or so dollars you get for that used laptop, but a local school or library could benefit greatly from having more working computers. There are many options for donating your old devices, from local charities to larger established programs.

Goodwill and Dell teamed up for the Reconnect program, which accepts donated computers at select Goodwill locations. The official site has a full list of items it will accept and locations near you. The Salvation Army also accepts used computers and electronics.  If you’re donating a cell phone, the Verizon’s Hopeline program and the 911 Cell Phone Bank are just some of the many charitable projects that can do good with your old handset.


Recycling:  Now for Pile A.  If your device is too old or damaged to sell, don’t just chuck it into the trash can, recycle it.  Many electronics manufacturers also have mail-in and drop-off recycling programs for their old devices, including Apple, Samsung and Sony. Wireless carriers will take old flip phones at no cost.  Sometimes, recycling older electronics can become costly with processing fees, but I’ve found Best Buy’s Recycling Program to be the best and easiest of them all.  Head to the nearest Best Buy and they will take electronics off your hands for free.


spring clean gadgets


Now that you have a few tips to get you started, how do you plan to tackle your spring cleaning projects?  If you plan on donating, recycling or selling your electronics in the process, sound off in the comments section below.  

7 Spring Cleaning Hacks That’ll Iyanla-fy (FIX) Your Life

March 24th, 2015 by Christen



Spring always inspires a fresh start, but in today’s busy, connected lives it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to re-organize and recharge. It’s not like we have Iyanla Vanzant to hold our hand during the springtime purging process, but these spring cleaning tips will help you de-clutter and greet spring refreshed and ready to go:

1. Follow the 80/20 rule.
The 80/20 rule suggests people only actually use about 20 percent of the stuff they own. When deciding what to keep and what to toss, ask yourself what items you would replace right away if they were ever lost or stolen – this will help you discover your 20 percent.

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2. Donate – and schedule a pickup. 
Everyone knows that part of purging involves the “donate” pile, but many people never get these items out of their home. Schedule a pickup online to make sure the donating part gets done.

3. Use vinegar on practically everything.
Once you’ve taken stock of your belongings and are ready to get cleaning, vinegar is a wonderful all-purpose cleanser. One easy hack is to tie a bag of vinegar around your showerhead and let it sit over night to easily clean up grime and gunk. You’ll find doing this also improves the water pressure too.

Spring Cleaning tips

4. Coffee filters and cola make great cleaners, too.
Coffee filters can be used to dust off television screens in a pinch. Cola? You can actually use that to clean the toilet – pour in the bowl, let sit for an hour, flush and you’re done.

5. Do a digital purge as well as a physical one.
From your desktop to the photos on your phone, your digital clutter could probably use a good scrub. Take an hour or so to get rid of duplicates and any files you don’t need – then empty that recycle bin.

6. Cut your digital waste.
Your physical space may be in order, but what if your digital world is still an absolute mess? One way to get rid of digital clutter is by cutting recycling, donating or tossing personal devices you no longer want or use.

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7. Update your passwords.
Secure your accounts with new passwords that include upper and lower case letters and numbers. Have trouble remembering them all? Consider a password manager that stores them in an encrypted database for you.

These spring cleaning tips and tricks should make your annual spring cleaning a little bit easier without taking up too much time – leaving you ready to tackle whatever the rest of the year will bring.



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