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Who Runs Social Media More? Men VS Women [Infographic]

March 4th, 2014 by Christen You may think that just like with many other areas of online tech men are also paving the way for the use of smartphones and tablets for social media activities, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually women who are the most influential power that will shape how Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter will adapt to future generations of mobile devices. social media     The infographic shows that women not only use social media more often than men, but they use these sites in more ways.  More women also use the top social media sites and they dominate the visual-type social websites, which are the fastest growing social networks today.    

social media

You'll see that while men may be more interested the latest mobile gadgets - it’s women who use them for online interaction with their friends and loved ones, or checking the latest gossip. The difference for tablets is especially huge. You can find more details and the numbers behind the infographic here.

Social Media Update: Dear #Facebook Users, You Can Now Use #Hashtags

June 14th, 2013 by Nicole
facebook hashtags
facebook hashtags  The social media giant Facebook announced Wednesday that it will now use the #hashtag feature on its network.  The #hashtag feature is so popular on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest that Facebook could not resist – what took them so long?!  “In fact, the company said, there were around 1.5 million posts referencing the now-infamous “Game of Thrones’s” ‘Red Wedding’ episodeon HBO (Note: link definitely contains spoilers) — a particularly impressive number when compared with the audience of 5.2 million who tuned into the episode.”  (via Washington Post) facebook hashtags facebook hashtags facebook hashtags Hashtags is the # symbol with a word or phrase to follow (ex. #divasanddorks) that you want to tag for easy searching and tracking pics and conversations in a social media feed.  It’s a quick way of getting through the weeds and finding the content you want instantly.  In Facebook the hashtag will let you track and follow conversations that originated in Facebook and Instagram (Facebook owns Instagram).  Already used by millions on Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are now open to almost a billion people on Facebook – whew! Hopefully, Facebook’s organization of the hashtags will be categorized by your feed and then globally.  Facebook also announced that in the near future they will include trending hashtags.  Although Facebook has more users than Twitter, Twitter is the leader for real-time quick content and quickly getting your voice heard.  So adding the hashtag feature is how Facebook will start to build-in real-time content tracking. facebook hashtags Tell a Diva what you think about Facebook’s new feature.  Happy tagging!

Social Media Networking Reaches Over 200 Million Users On LinkedIn

January 9th, 2013 by Christen


If you're a business - savvy, social media user like we are, then you're undoubtedly apart of the 200 Million + members announced by LinkedIn today.

The business-oriented social network had reported in its last earnings call on Nov. 1 that it topped 187 million members and had been growing at a rate of 10 million to 15 million users per quarter last year. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn passed 100 million members in 2011.  The rapid growth has been linked to a rate of two people joining LinkedIn about every second - that's 172,800 people joining each day!  No wonder it's accomplished such rapid growth. LinkedIn's network compares with 1 billion-plus for Facebook, more than 500 million for Twitter and more than 500 million for Google Plus. Did  you know that 74 million users are based in the U.S., 11 million are in the U.K., 7 million are in Canada, 18 million are in India and 11 million are based in Brazil? LinkedIn's fastest-growing country is Turkey, followed by Colombia and Indonesia. Mobile growth is strongest in China, Brazil, Portugal, India and Italy, in that order.   Have you been putting off joining the rest of the world on LinkedIn?  Check out these four reason, why you need to join the social networking site today! 1. To Provide the Google-verse with Positive Information About YouYour prospects, whether potential clients, employers, or partners, are already looking you up online to help them decide whether or not to do business with you.   2. To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization and Web PresenceAn optimized LinkedIn profile can help connect you with prospects who didn’t know about you previously.
3. To Attract Prospects by Showing Them How You Can Benefit ThemKeep in mind that your LinkedIn profile should be less about you and more about what you can do for your prospects.
4. To Show That You Are a ProfessionalYour potential prospects will not only be judging your profile by its content but also by the way that content is presented.    
Want to keep up with us on LinkedIn?  Connect with Divas And Dorks on LinkedIn today!       via

Five Major Red Flags To Avoid When Searching For Love Online

December 21st, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

"What do the lonely do... at Christmas..."  Well,  a lot of them jump in the sea of love online.  Online dating is now a popular way for individuals to meet, connect, and develop personal and romantic relationships via the internet. There are tons of online dating services to expedite these ventures and now with a plethora of social networking sites finding love online may just find you with one click. onlinelove In 2012 the popular documentary, Catfish, unfolded by following the story of a young man developing a romantic relationship with a young woman via Facebook. After the year-long adventure the young man discovers that everything the young woman portrayed was false. After the release of the documentary the young man was contacted by other people with similar experiences who wanted to know the truth and get connected -in person- with their online matches.


Now a television show on MTV, Catfish reveals an entire community of people who find themselves romantically involved with another person online without having met face to face, and are skeptical of the truth. Yet once the truth is revealed it is often times altered, false and devastating. Obviously there is nothing wrong with searching for love online, but there are some precautions you must take to avoid these “catfish experiences”.


Here are five things to look out for when searching for love online:

False Image

With an increase of social network sites, easy is an understatement when it comes to false image use on profiles. One thing we learned from the TV show Catfish was to drag the profile image into a search engine and see where that image is located elsewhere. The image may be under 'Teresa’s Facebook profile' but also listed as 'Kimberly’s LinkedIN profile'.

False IdentityPublic-Record1

Age, sex, and alias are the most important things to know FIRST. It may be awkward to ask, “hey why don’t you send me a sexy picture of your valid driver’s license?” especially since it seems NO ONE takes a good photo these days, but that is why we have the old school white pages and even online services like If you are really feeling weird you can even check someone’s criminal background on the public conviction database.

False Employement

“What model agency did you say you worked for again?” With today’s technology finding out someone’s employment is as simple as giving the office a call. Even if you have to pretend you are interested in hiring that person, its a great tactic in knowing what’s real and even finding out the reputation of the person’s business.

False Residence

“So you were born in North Carolina, grew up in Atlanta, lived in New Mexico, California, Madrid and Syracuse by age 22?” Sometimes things may not add up and with a little more research flaws in the person’s stories about their past can be revealed. The saying, “it's a small world” is no joke and mutual friends on social networks are great connections to knowing the truth -even if you don’t have mutual friends, after a simple add now you do. FacebookScreen-610x250

False Reasons to Not Video Chat

Eventually trust is established and reasons to avoid video chats shouldn't be accepted. With video applications like Google chat, Skype, iChat, Oovoo, and Tango just to name a few, there are really no reasons not to eventually video chat. Especially with establishments like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, plus your neighbor’s open Wi-Fi, or a friend's apartment; Wi-Fi for video chat is easily accessible with phones, tablets and computers. No excuses.

    Have you experienced a 'catfish' experience while looking for love online? Share, comment, or get to researching if you're currently questioning your online love!     

Instagram’s New Changes Are Causing Some Users To Say Buh-Bye!

December 18th, 2012 by Christen Are you on Instagram?  You may want to re-think your decision after reading this... Instagram has just released a few new updates that'll be taking affect next year in January.  (Via Instagram)  "We're making some improvements and updating our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service. Read more about our changes."  < --- Chances are, you've seen this message, but didn't investigate what those changes mean to you and your Instagram account. Discover why these "improvements" are causing some Instagram users to say bye-bye for good.   1. Your data will be used for ads. Ads are coming to Instagram. This isn't a surprise. However, the new terms outline the fact the ads will use your data, photos and even the metadata (read: geo-location data), for targeting purposes. As The Social Times says, "Get ready for some ads starring your friends and you." In fact, your data may be used as a way to endorse sponsored content or promotions. This part is described in the Rights section of the new terms.  IT GETS WORSE.  Ads may not be marked clearly. You may not even know that ads are ads. (new Instagram Rights section says:  "You acknowledge that we may not always identify paid services, sponsored content, or commercial communications as such.")  

"Wait a minute... Instagram ads will suck up my data...AND I MAY NOT EVEN KNOW WHICH UNIDENTIFIABLE ADS ARE RESPONSIBLE?"

  2. Instagram can use your photos. You own the content you post, but Instagram can use any of it without any issues. The Rights section says specifically:  "you hereby grant to Instagram a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use the Content that you post."    

"How did my picture get used in this ad? I've never used viagra in my life! - What if my friends see this!?"

    3. Be aware of your responsibility when you post new photos. You are responsible for any issues involving content you post, not Instagram.  Instagram does not have any obligation to prescreen, monitor, edit, or remove any Content. If your Content violates these Terms of Use, you may bear legal responsibility for that Content.  

"Wait, what happened to my photo!? I just uploaded it yesterday and now it's gone!"

  4. Backup your photos. You might want to back up your photos periodically. There's no guarantee they'll always be there. As the new Rights section writes:  Instagram is not a backup service and you agree that you will not rely on the Service for the purposes of Content backup or storage. Instagram will not be liable to you for any modification, suspension, or discontinuation of the Services, or the loss of any Content.       Have you begun weighing the pros and cons of Instagram's new terms of service?  Is Instagram right for using your photos, data plans and more in exchange for you using it's service?  Are you thinking about quitting Instagram and using other photo sharing apps like Flickr instead?  Share below...       via  

Holiday Household Gifts For Your Instagram-Loving Foodies

December 14th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff Everyone has at least one friend that’s a self-proclaimed Foodie. You know the one, always cooking and posting their ‘Top Chef’ inspired dishes on Instagram. Chances are you might slightly be a foodie yourself if you don't have that friend on Instagram. Foodies can seem like a hard bunch to shop for - but not anymore. Here is a roundup up of some creative holiday gifts for the variety of taste testers in your circle. 

      The Chocolate Lover Now your chocolate lover can have any fondue combination they crave at their fingertips with the Nesquik chocolate fountain. From sweets like fruit, marshmallows, sugar wafers, cakes and candies to salty treats like mixed-nut clusters, cheddar cheese cubes and potato chips. Everyone knows the sweet and salty combinations provide an explosion of flavor. This three tiered chocolate fountain, which includes recipes from Nesquik, is the perfect fountain for those of us destined to eat too much chocolate. It's about 9" tall and costs $30.             The International Jet Setter   Those with a worldly palette might appreciate a gift box of traditional spices. Savory Spice Shop has over 160 spice blends, ranging from common to exotic flavors that will add the right savory flavor to any dish. You can grab it on eBay for $28.              The Matching Mixologist   Help your in-house bartender take things to the next level with the Molecular Mixology Kit - Mojito Set. Turn this classic cocktail into a daily staple with innovative recipes that promise to “to take your taste buds on an adventure”.  Those that like to "match" their cocktails with their meals will appreciate this kit. &58.95 from Molecular Gastronomy Kits.          The Hostess They’ll never worry about placement of the salad fork versus the dinner fork with Cake Kitchen’s Paper Place Mats at West Elm. Customize these for your special occasion, or enjoy the festivities decorating while the food is finishing. Disposable, with a modern design, these place mats will definitely get people ready for whatever is being served. They come with 50 for only $24.95.   

The Renaissance Cook 

Always using the finest in locally grown ingredient, this foodie is just as interested in presentation and using good cooking tools. After all, foodies know getting spaghetti out of the pot using just any utensil wont suffice. The OXO Good Grips 15-Piece stainless steel set is great for any level foodie from the novice to the advanced cook that likes to look like a pro while cooking. Available on Amazon for $99.


The Eco Eater

This foodie might recycle, or be vegan, and is probably a part of the "Save The ________ campaign." If this sounds like a foodie friend of yours they will probably love the Fresh Air Compost Collector. Composting has evolved people, no more gathering worms or unwelcome fruit flies. This compost collector allows air to circulate freely around the scraps which eliminates odor and the disposable bags make cleanup easy.  

Who's the biggest Instagram Foodie? Mention them below, and Instagram Foodies tell us what's on your gift list this year!

Get Your Life! Apps to Spice Up Your Social Life

December 14th, 2012 by Tiffany Feel like your social life could use a little boost? Have you gotten caught up in the work-sleep-work rotation each week that you miss what's going on in the city around you? Have you become so consumed that you hardly get out? Check out these awesome apps that keep you informed on the best events wherever you live, work, or play. Don't miss out on that free concert that's less than five miles from your house! There's no excuse to be bored or miss out with these free apps.     The timeRAZOR app ensures that you won't miss out on what's happening around you! This geo-social app, with its "never-miss-out platform" is described as “the final solution to browsing, locating, and attending events for users on a nationwide platform.” TimeRAZOR’s event selection engine compiles over 300,000 events daily, geo-tags them, then customizes the data by user preference. The app even offers specials and limited-quantity promotions that can be used or cashed in from a user’s location. Not only can timeRAZOR help manage your work-play balance, but it can also help one discover fun experiences that they might have otherwise missed out on. "We want timeRAZOR to help people feel less time-stressed and more satisfied by the way they live, without the anxiety around trying to stay on top of everything," said CEO and Cofounder Jeff White. “Imagine attending a business conference — or, even better, planning a vacation — and having the best events and experiences appear right at your fingertips. That's the joy of discovery through timeRAZOR."       Happy Hours app is a huge database of over 15,000 happy hour listings in 30 major US cities. Using the iPhone and Android’s GPS, Happy Hours provides a guide to all of the nearby happy hours in your town. You can filter your choices by searching by time, features and types of cuisine, or the best specials offered. Definitely helps you reach your drunken dreams and on a pretty penny. Furthermore, with the Village Voice extensive data on venues, you can find detailed reviews to help in your search. It is a pretty comprehensive list and should make your next after work drinking session a smooth affair!             Dibbs is a revolutionary FREE entertainment and events information service. Dibbs offers the most complete event listings available, delivered straight to your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, or other Internet-enabled device.   With a single tap of a button, you instantly connect to all the events going on around you. From concerts and sporting events, to theater and wine tastings and everything in between. Dibbs is your own personal awareness engine that finds ALL the events that interest you - from the underground to the mainstream. Dibbs is currently only available for West coast cities in Nevada and California, but also Atlanta, with plans to continue spreading. If it's not already in your city keep checking back as advancements are still being made.           Finally, Eventbrite has the most efficient app for events nationwide. Find local events, get tickets, and quickly access all of your Eventbrite tickets and event information from your iPhone or Android. The world of events - including your tickets -now right in the palm of your hand. You can search almost any city for tons of events in different categories. Eventbrite app even makes it easy to share events with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email, or blue tooth with friends.

  If you work hard, you deserve to play hard. Balance your work-play scale better with these social apps and join in on the fun around you. Stop missing out. After all, it's just a click or two away. Get your social life back and you can thank us later!                        

@Twitter -VS- @Instagram… And How To Succeed With Photo Social Sharing No Matter What

December 12th, 2012 by Christen   Now that the latest move in the social media gauntlet has been revealed - Instagram has disabled Twitter’s ability to properly display your images in Twitter’s feed, WHAT'S NEXT NOW? It's very clear that the battle between social media giants, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook isn't going anywhere soon and you can more than likely expect more "integration errors" in the coming months.  This could easily become a social media nightmare for those who rely on using these outlets on a daily (sometimes even hourly) basis.  But, you don't have to let the social media squabbling affect your ability to be great!  Discover these tips, that'll keep your Twitter-gram game tight no matter what!  


Q:  With all these new sharing changes, how in the world do I keep up with easy social sharing?

A:  Master the use of each social media platform (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) SEPARATELY! 

The New Twitter:  Twitter has unveiled their very own photo filters that users can access after updating the app on their mobiles. Thanks to their photo filter partner Aviary, there are 8 available filters along with cropping tools and auto-enhancing features for Twitter users.  Learn how quickly you can enhance your photos without leaving your Twitter app below...  
    The Face of Facebook:  Use Facebook to share your fantastically-filtered photos. To do this, you can manually upload Instagrams to your Timeline or automatically sync up your Instagram account to your Facebook so all your Instagram activity will show up on your Timeline and News Feed.

Become A Facebook Fan!

  Instagram is IN:  As one of the newest and fastest growing photo-sharing platforms to date, the buzz and excitement is still growing strong with Instagram.  Use it to your advantage by promoting your online Instagram page and growing your photo followers manually.  If pictures are worth a thousand words, there's no way that Facebook and Twitter can compete with what you have to photogenically say!

Check us out on

It's clear that these social media giants, won't be playing nice in the sandbox anytime soon.  For now, it's best that you learn to utilize their best features separately and that way, no matter what improvements or changes happen next - YOU STILL WIN!   Have you tried out the new photo filters on Twitter?  Are you still a die-hard Facebook fan?  What would make you leave any of these social platforms for good.  Share below...    

To Delete or Not to Delete: The Plight Of Social Network Deserters

November 29th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff Everyone has THAT friend who lives on the Internet. They post every detail of their life on Facebook and on Twitter. They post tons of pictures daily on Instagram of outfits and meals consumed. (if you don't have that friend, you need to take a look in the mirror, because that friend could be you...)  The digital world is their oyster until one day... it's not. One person disagrees with one of their statuses, someone makes a joke about a picture they've posted, or their mentions on Twitter are bombarded with combative comments replying to something they tweeted.  Then their love for social media has turned to hatred and they're faced with the dilemma to delete or not delete - possibly deserting the social media network altogether.   The Internet is no longer a friendly place.  Users find themselves in the middle of a war they can't contain because of that pesky share button and retweet option that makes one post viral in seconds. As a result they begin the process of packing their digital baggage filled with over used hashtags and untagged photos and wave farewell to their online profiles.

  People delete their accounts everyday for various reasons. The ones who leave because of drama they most likely created, I like to call them "social network deserters". There are two types of social network deserters, the one who takes immediate action after an embarrassing or angering exchange or the one who drags it out hoping someone acknowledges their decision to leave it all behind.

The ones who drag it out spend the next few hours and sometimes days, posting that they are “done” with social networks, some even urge all of their "real friends" to request their number to stay in touch. Celebrities tend to fall into the swift action category. Most likely their PR person pulled the plug. Case in point, the most recent celebrity deserter who had a less than stellar night of communicating on a public forum:  Chris Brown. Regardless of which type of deserter they are, one thing they both have in common is that they always come back.  When they do it's not without fan fare. The average Joe posts an "I'm back" statement and waits for the likes or retweets to roll in. The media outlets unofficially handle the announcements for the celebrities. History, however, never fails to repeat itself and you know what they say about idle hands, especially hands that have access to smart phones. When they do return it’s only a matter of time before another incident reminds them of why they hate allowing friends and strangers into their personal lives. Until then there are enough social network super users who are willing to fight the good fight and provide just as much drama for those who like to watch to stay entertained.   Are you one of these social network deserters or super users?  Do you think celebrities should fend for themselves via social media or just quit the game entirely? Sound off below...    

Instagram Inspiration: Five #Hashtags To Check Out Daily To Enhance Your Instagram Experience

November 12th, 2012 by Christen   Instagram has undoubtedly become a staple amongst the photo-sharing and social networking communities. Users follow their friends as well as their favorite celebrities and brands. With millions of users posting at times minute by minute accounts of their day or their random thoughts via photos or with apps like Textgram, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of all the photos of pets, food, and funny ecards posts.   Hashtags allow users to filter through the filtered/ enhanced pictures of their friends, and the brands and celebrities they follow. Here are five hashtags that not only make your browsing more fun but may give you some inspiration.  


  #MotivationalQuotes   (see also #MorningMotivation)   Users post quotes that help them to stay motivated throughout the day and achieve their personal goals. Searching this hashtag will yield thousands of results that can instantly boost your mood.    

  #TeamFitness   For those who are trying to maintain their summer bodies or begin the journey to get in shape the #TeamFitness movement makes fitness tips, recipes, before and after photos, and challenges more accessible. Some are posting their progress while using well known fitness programs. Others are posting pictures of the ingredients they use to make healthy shakes and smoothies. Trainers are posting demonstrations of exercises for weight loss or toning of target areas.   #PhotoOfTheDay   Each month individuals, brands, and bloggers create lists that challenge Instagram users to take a photos everyday.  Lists vary from compilations of random things to themes to promote wellness, self awareness, and just fun while experimenting with photography. The most popular #PhotoOfTheDay list this month challenges users to share what they are grateful for.  


 #StreetArt   Graffiti, murals, public art installations, sidewalk chalk drawings and more all can be found when searching this hashtag. Checking out how others define art all around them, definitely changes your own point of view the next time you go outside for a walk.       #FashionFriday (also see #FashionDaily)   For the fashionable Instagram user, there are millions of others who have posted the latest trendy looks. During fashion week, results from this hashtag gave users a front row view at the hottest shows. You can find pictures of what your favorite celebrity wore on the red carpet alongside where you can get a similar look or you could find fellow fashion lovers who have an amazing sense of style.  



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