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Husband Cheats And Is Now 3000 “Likes” Away From Reconciliation

September 27th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

It’s a story making headlines and creating quite the social media buzz.  When Ivan Lewis cheated on his wife Sonya Gore, there was no way he could’ve imagined that THIS would happen.  One wife has found a very creative way to put her husband on blast for stepping out on her, and an even more unique method of deciding his fate.

husband cheats

“Looking for LIKES”…Ivan needs your help for reconciliation in his marriage.

Sonya Gore asked her husband, Ivan Lewis, to post a photo of himself on Facebook holding a sign that reads: “I cheated on my wife. (And she was ugly!)” – Ivan also revealed in the caption that his wife says she’ll take him back if he gets 10,000 likes on Facebook, so he’s hoping for a little help from friends and family. Currently he’s a little over 7,000 likes since he originally posted the picture on September 22 and support is growing fast.


Would you publicly shame your mate for breaking your heart?  Guys, would you admit your wrongs on social media in hopes of reconcilliation?

Is this a case of when social media goes wrong or when social media possibly does good?  Share your thoughts below…




Twitter Launches Emergency Alerts Service in US

September 26th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

Yesterday, Twitter launched Twitter Alerts, a new feature that gives users important and accurate information from credible organizations during emergencies, natural disasters, or moments when other communications services aren’t accessible. Currently only organizations in the US, Japan, and Korea can send Alerts, but Twitter says it we will expand the service to include more public institutions and NGOs around the world.

Twitter Launches Emergency Alerts

Here’s how it works. First, you have to sign up to receive Twitter Alerts from a given account (so that you only receive relevant information). Once you do, you will receive a notification directly to your phone whenever that account marks a tweet as an alert.

To sign up, you can go directly to an account’s setup page, which you’ll find at[username]/alerts. On Twitter for Web, you can see if an organization is part of the program when you visit its profile.

Twitter Launches Emergency Alerts

Notifications are delivered via SMS, and also appear differently on your home timeline from regular Tweets (they are indicated with an orange bell). If you use Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android, you’ll also receive a push notification; you need to be using at least Twitter version 5.10 for iOS or Twitter 4.1.6 for Android.  Many already use the social network during emergencies, so building on that use case can only help the service grow in the future.


Twitter Launches Emergency Alerts



New York Fashion Week Goes Social With Rebecca Minkoff Snapchat Sneek Peek

September 5th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

Rebecca Minkoff Snapchat

Rebecca Minkoff Snapchat


With designers in search of new ways to make collections generate fashion week buzz, many of them resort to social media as the “go to” for the masses.  For its Spring/Summer 2012 show, Burberry decided to debut its collection via Twitter, sending the brand’s name to Twitter’s list of global trending topics at the time. Just last week, it was announced that Carolina Herrera has launched her first social media contest to boost awareness of her bridal line.  It’s no longer show attendees that get the first glance at fashion week looks — this season, for Rebecca Minkoff fans at least, that honor falls to the users of Snapchat.  Now with the power of social media, Rebecca Minkoff has solicited the power of the Snapchat app to debut her Spring 2014 collection moments before they appear on the runway.


Rebecca Minkoff Snapchat


Snapchat is a two-year old iPhone and Android app that allows users to send messages, photos and videos that automatically self-destruct seconds after they’re viewed.  Sharing sneek peeks of the Spring 2014 collection allows fans to experience the star fashions of the shows even before most editors and show-goers can.  The Rebecca Minkoff team believes  that fashion week involves the consumer just as much as it does the designers, editors and buyers.  Uri Minkoff, the CEO of Rebecca Minkoff says, “We believe in a different approach. We believe the consumer is part of [fashion week], and that their inclusion is going to grow. The consumer has a voice and say in [our] brand, they should get special perks even if they can’t attend the show.”

Are you keeping up with the New York Fashion Week excitement from the comfort of your computer screen?  Check out all the runway shows in it’s entirety here.

Will you be following the Rebecca Minkoff releases on Snapchat?  We’ll be sure to post some of the exclusive sneek peeks via Instagram for your New York Fashion Week enjoyment.


Not So Fast Google, Yahoo Is NOW #1!

August 22nd, 2013 by Christen Rochon

Not so fast Google, Yahoo is Now #1.  For the first time since 2011, Yahoo has actually regained it’s position as lead vs Google.  The Huffington Post reports that comScore, an independent web analytics company, released a report indicating that Yahoo’s slew of websites — everything from Flickr to Yahoo Finance — actually got more web traffic than Google. In aggregate, 197 million people visited Yahoo’s sites in the month of July. Gmail, Google’s search engine and rest of Google’s sites received 192 million unique visitors during that same period.

I’m just as surprised, now thinking that maybe I should’ve kept that yahoo email address after all.  However, many people aren’t that surprised.  Noting improved websites, market positioning and more as reasons for it’s recent jump to first place.


Recently, when people have any paid attention to Yahoo at all, they’ve really just been talking about its headline-grabbing CEO, Marissa Mayer. (Sexed up and smart: Women debate Marissa Mayer’s Vogue photo)  But her year-long tenure has gained her more than just fawning personal profiles: Yahoo is actually getting a ton of Internet traffic.  Looking back at comScore data from the past year, you can see that Google was barely edging out Yahoo for the best part of 2013. Though it’s perceived as a backwater, Yahoo has been getting a ton of traffic for a long time. Marketing Land,the blog that first pointed out the data, reports that Yahoo previously beat Google in May 2011 and March 2008 — both before Mayer came on as chief executive.



Could this be an ever-growing trend for Yahoo or will Google regain its position next month?  Who’s your choice are you still a die-hard Yahoo fan or does Google give you what you need on the world wide web?


Don’t Be An Instagram Cliche’: Top 10 Over-Posted Instagrams

August 5th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

We’ve all been there, posting the obligatory “selfie” or prized snapshot of split pea soup coupled with the hashtag #FoodPorn.  Everybody does it, right?  But does it make you an amazing Instagram users or just a copycat of everybody else?  Consider this a public service announcement:  Avoid these cliche’ Instagram photos and your followers will thank you.


10. Bathroom selfies… Because yes, everyone needs to see how hot you look and the filthy toilet bowl at the same time!


9.  Airplane wings…  Ok, we get it… you’re on an airplane!  So are 193,439 other people any given minute.

text messages

8.  Text Message threads… Is anything left sacred?  There are two types of people in the world, people that post text messages on social media and people I trust.


7.  Sunsets.  I happen to enjoy beautiful sunsets… in person.  Instagram sunsets typically pale in comparison to the real thing 100% of the time.


6.  Skyscrappers from below.  You have finally solved the mystery of perspective.  Yes, skyscrappers are in fact HUGE!  Now can you stop filling my timeline with random buildings?  Please.


5.  Inspirational Quotes.  Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time.  But, I’m sure Instagram was meant for pictorials, not a mashup of your favorite fonts.


4.  Nail Art.  #NailedIt #NailArt #NailPorn – I won’t even lie, I’ve been a culprit of over-posting the nail art pics.  But let’s all just ease up on the cliche shots shall we?


3.  Food Porn.  Hey while you’re busy taking photos, your food is getting cold!



2.  Clouds.  We get it.  They’re everywhere.


1.  Feet on the beach.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and that sixth baby toe is definitely not suitable for a “selfie”…


These are just a few funny observations that I’m sure you’ve been guilty of over-posting too!  Do you know any great Instagram users who post amazing photos?  Shout them out (or yourself) below!


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Jill Scott Talks Social Media & Technology With Verizon (Video)

July 16th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

jill scott talks social media

jill scott talks social media

Jill Scott talks social media at Essence Music Festival

 jill scott talks social media 

Jill Scott sat down with Kevin Hart, Laz Alonzo and director Will Packer last week to discuss her latest projects with Verizon Wireless during Essence Music Festival weekend in New Orleans, LA.  Three-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, New York Times bestselling poet, and critically acclaimed actress are only a few titles held by Jill Scott. Before having the #1 album in the country with her new album, “The Light of the Sun”, performing at The White House, being named People magazine’s Top TV Breakout Star of 2010 and appearing on VH1 Divas alongside Aretha Franklin, the triple threat began her career collaborating with musical icons, The Roots, Will Smith, and Common in the late ’90s.

jill scott talks social media 

Jill Scott never disappoints on stage!

Jill Scott never disappoints on stage!

Never limited to music, Jill Scott is a true multimedia brand across books, clothing, TV and film. Most recently, Jill was cast as the lead character in the HBO/BBC miniseries filmed on location in Botswana. The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency made Jill the first African-American lead featured in a one-hour, cable drama series garnering a prestigious Peabody Award. Before that, Jill starred alongside Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson in the #1 national movie series Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? and sequel Why Did I Get Married Too, as well as Lifetime Movie Network’s Sins of the Mother, the made-for-TV movie which became the second-most watched premiere in the network’s history. Scott also developed an intimates line for Ashley Stewart and founded Blues Babe, a registered 501(c)3 foundation that has raised over hundreds of thousands of dollars to support minority students pursuing college degrees.  She most recently just wrapped up filming Woody Allen’s Fading Gigolo and Baggage Claim opposite Paula Patton.

 jill scott talks social media 


Check out what Jill Scott had to say about her use of technology below…


jill scott talks social media 

Discover more Jill Scott and her partnership as a Verizon Innovator at, connect with her online at or on

Apple Shares the Love With Twitter

June 25th, 2013 by Nicole

Apple Shares the Love with Twitter

Apple Shares the Love with Twitter i- logo

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook called it “the biggest change to iOS since the launch of the original iPhone.”  Apple’s next mobile operating system, iOS 7 update will include several technical, design, and app updates.  One of the major technical updates is the inclusion of social media into the makeup of iOS 7.  Smart phones are at the center of how we communicate digitally with our ‘friends’.  Smart phones drive the increase usage of social networks.  And, the newer social networks are built for smart phones first and Apple knows that.  This merging of services is making the connections we do easier and enjoyable – building social ties, multi-tasking at its best.


Apple Shares the Love with Twitter - iTunesRadio
Apple has made even simpler to Tweet.  Again, the technology giant tells Twitter “I Love You” by integrating Twitter in Siri and iTunes Radio.  Since the release of iOS 5, Twitter has had an intimate relationship with Apple, getting system level integration.  How?


How Apple Shares The Love With Twitter

1.  In the new ‘Shared Links’ section in Safari, you will see all the shared links from people you follow based on the Twitter timeline.

Apple Shares the Love with Twitter - shared links

2.  Just ask Siri!  Yes, you can ask Siri what topic are people tweeting about and Siri will display their tweets – Cool?  I think so!
3.  What music tracks are trending on Twitter? Want to know who’s talking about the new Jay Z or Justin Timberlake track?  Twitter Music can tell you all from iTunes Radio iTunes Radio the Pandora like digital radio service will include a station just from trending music tracks on Twitter.


Apple Shares the Love with Twitter - Siri

I see a pattern!  Is everything based on trending, links, and tweets?  Yes.  This is how social media networks get us to use the services even more – to stay connected, informed, and always on.

The research is clear -

“Consumers are taking advantage of their portable devices to watch videos, access news and information, check sports, engage in social networking and shop. The time devoted to social networking dwarfs that of streaming video or accessing sports, Nielsen found in its cross-platform report for June.

Smartphone users spent 9 hours and 6 minutes a month on social networks — say, posting status updates on Facebook, tweeting their thoughts to followers on Twitter or checking-in on Foursquare.  Apple iPad users devoted 3 hours and 41 minutes a month to social networks.”  

LA Times


We are moving into an era of social media x10 explosion ‘linked in’ with our smart phone hardware in a deeper level.

Social Media Update: Dear #Facebook Users, You Can Now Use #Hashtags

June 14th, 2013 by Nicole
facebook hashtags

facebook hashtags 
The social media giant Facebook announced Wednesday that it will now use the #hashtag feature on its network.  The #hashtag feature is so popular on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest that Facebook could not resist – what took them so long?!  “In fact, the company said, there were around 1.5 million posts referencing the now-infamous “Game of Thrones’s” ‘Red Wedding’ episodeon HBO (Note: link definitely contains spoilers) — a particularly impressive number when compared with the audience of 5.2 million who tuned into the episode.”  (via Washington Post)

facebook hashtags

facebook hashtags
facebook hashtags

Hashtags is the # symbol with a word or phrase to follow (ex. #divasanddorks) that you want to tag for easy searching and tracking pics and conversations in a social media feed.  It’s a quick way of getting through the weeds and finding the content you want instantly.  In Facebook the hashtag will let you track and follow conversations that originated in Facebook and Instagram (Facebook owns Instagram).  Already used by millions on Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are now open to almost a billion people on Facebook – whew! Hopefully, Facebook’s organization of the hashtags will be categorized by your feed and then globally.  Facebook also announced that in the near future they will include trending hashtags.  Although Facebook has more users than Twitter, Twitter is the leader for real-time quick content and quickly getting your voice heard.  So adding the hashtag feature is how Facebook will start to build-in real-time content tracking.

facebook hashtags

Tell a Diva what you think about Facebook’s new feature.  Happy tagging!

How To Successfully Quit Your Social Media Addiction

May 31st, 2013 by Christen Rochon

Are you addicted to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?  Do you have a social media addiction that has completely taken over your life?  Earlier this week, I shared how to identify your Tweetaholism (Noun.  An addiction to the consumption of social media via Twitter or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from Twitter dependency.) via Top Ten Reasons You May Be A Tweetaholic…  If you find yourself having one or more of the common warning signs of being addicted to Twitter, it’s okay.  There’s hope for a speedy recovering – but only if you follow these tips on battling your social media addiction below.


SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION5. Own up to your Twitter addiction. Yes, it’s a cliche that half the battle is admitting the problem but not acknowledging it means you won’t change the addictive behavior. And before you rush to tweet that you have a Twitter addiction, by all means admit it to yourself but remember that there’s no need to tell the world.


4. Introduce your road to recovery.  If you must say something about toning down your Twitter use, lay it on in much more general terms, such as:
“Got a novel to finish. You won’t see much of me here for a bit.”
“Giving birth tomorrow. Since I’m no supermom, you won’t see me around till I know how to parent.”
“Tweeting less ‘coz I’ve discovered marathon running. Off to train!”


3. Plan your Twitter time. If you’re inwardly groaning about how any person could ever “plan” the use of what is essentially a spontaneous medium, you’re right. Twitter works because of its spontaneity. Allow yourself a set amount of time every day, reserved for Twitter.

Suggested: 15 minutes every 3 hours, or one single block of an hour a day when everything else is taken care of.  Set precise tweeting times. This is different from the previous suggestion in that you can set a time every day, say 12:30PM to send one tweet message. Stick the to exact allotted times.  Check when your tweets have the most impact. Using only high-impact times can lessen your daily usage. Choose your time to coincide only with the time of most impact; this will vary depending on where you live and your interests.
2.   Set aside “pure Twitter time”. This means avoiding use of Twitter as something you can do while multitasking, such as watching TV, reading your exam notes, or writing articles about quitting Twitter.




1.  Spend time away from TMI (too-much-information). The constant bombardment of messages can induce a sense of constant hyper-awareness that keeps you on edge, in need of reacting and worrying over things you can’t, on the whole, change. Give yourself information free time, chilling under some trees, or down at the gym, or wherever your favorite quiet spot is. Without your phone.  Maybe even take a social media hiatus by completing a summer bucket list like Ty of – there’s no time like the present to get started.


Now that you have a step-by-step guide to successfully quit your social media addiction, what are you waiting for?  Unplug from the grid and enjoy living addiction free this summer!  But first, make sure to share this post with your family and friends via Facebook or Twitter…(Hey, I’m not an enabler – I’m just trying to help you help others too!)


Top Ten Reasons You May Be A Tweetaholic…

May 29th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

There’s a growing phenomena of social media addictions vastly taking over the planet.  More than likely you know someone who has an overshare addiction and if you don’t know someone, you could actually be THAT person yourself. In the entertaining world of social networking, the need to be online constantly, or to check updates frequently, can creep up on you unawares. An addiction is a term used when a person is “compulsively or physiologically dependent” on something. In the case of an addiction to Twitter, it can mean that you don’t feel able to go a day without writing tweets and following others’ tweets, and you feel deprived, unhappy, and perhaps even out of the loop of what’s happening when you’re away from Twitter.

If you’re not exactly sure if you’re prone to a Twitter addiction, we’ve compiled a list of top ten reasons you may be a tweetaholic.  Because admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery…





10.  Insignificance takes on monumental proportions. The crowd on your tweet-stream deserves to know that you… got up this morning. #GoodMorning #RiseAndGrind

9.  Your real life relationships are deteriorating because of all the time you are spending on Twitter. #FAIL

8.  Your work is piling up. You have a lot of unfinished projects and you still feel compelled to tweet. #Ihatemyjob

7.  Tweeting is more than fun. It’s akin to breathing. Without tweeting, you don’t feel you are… anything.

6.  The Fail Whale looms large. After realizing you can’t post a tweet informing everyone that Twitter is down, you curse, air-punch, and grind your teeth. You refresh the screen again and again and again until the Twitter conversations return. Only to tell everyone how down you were when Twitter was down.

5.  You have been told by your parents, coworkers, or supervisors to stop tweeting, and you find yourself unable to stop.

4.  Twitter is your day. The rest of what could have been your day is arranged around it; the job is slotted in, the kids are given glazed nods, and dinner’s out of the store freezer for the fifteenth month in a row.

3.  People without Twitter accounts are Luddites. Period. They’ve been removed from your address book. You’d remove them from following your Twitter account if only they had one.

2.  You just cannot seem to be able to go a day without tweeting. It makes you uneasy and you feel better once you log back onto Twitter.

1.  Giving Twitter updates as you leap from the crashing plane, give CPR to a nearly-drowned pal, or witness a horror smash is considered perfectly normal. So is reaching for the Twitter account before the epi-pen.

If any of these scenarios fit you, then you have a tweeting problem & could be a Tweetaholic.  Don’t worry, with every addiction, there’s a road to recovery.  You just have to take it one step at a time.  Are you a Tweetaholic?  Do you know someone that could be a Tweetaholic?  Check out for ways to beat your Twitter addiction soon.



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