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WatchON: The Best Samsung App You’re Probably Not Taking Advantage Of

July 15th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

WatchON app


By now, you’ve probably heard of all the great features, benefits & widgets that one of the best smartphone options to date has.  The Samsung Galaxy s4 has superior camera quality and access to almost any app ever created but did you know that you could be missing out on one of the greatest apps that’s living on your S4 right now?

If you hate fumbling with multiple remote controls while watching movies at home, why not consolidate and use the smart device that’s always at your fingertips?

WatchON app

The Samsung WatchON app represents the ultimate entertainment companion. You can watch whatever you want, on the device you want, anywhere in your home or on the go.  You can search, discover, explore, and access what’s on live TV, and on-demand movies and TV shows – across multiple video-on-demand providers.  It is so smart that it actually recommends TV shows and movies just for you. And the more you watch, the smarter it gets. As your personal preferences take shape, Samsung WatchON offers you recommendations inspired by your viewing history.  Clearly I’m watching a lot of Sex and the City during my off time and now, anytime an episode is on or the movie is coming up, I’m constantly in the know via the WatchON app.

WatchON app

With WatchON, you can search, discover, explore, and access entertainment across multiple content providers – all from a single location. Forget the days of bouncing between different video apps and live TV Samsung WatchON brings it all together for you in one place.  Start watching a show on your smartphone and continue watching it on your tablet or tv without a hitch… if you haven’t tapped into the power of your WatchON app now’s the time to give it a try.

Disclosure:  I’ve been provided the Samsung Galaxy S4 by Verizon Wireless for review, all experiences and opinions expressed are my own.  Please note that I often tweet using #VZWBuzz – VZWBuzz tweets include a 24/7 conversation and a Friday mobile lifestyle Twitter chat with an emphasis on providing information and education about devices, apps and tools useful to consumers. While the hash tag is sponsored by Verizon Wireless, the opinions I express tagged #VZWBuzz are my own.  




Got Sprint or T-Mobile? Then You’ve Got Upgrades Coming Your Way

July 13th, 2013 by Christen Rochon


There’s been a shakeup this week in the mobile carrier community caused by Sprint and T-Mobile and you may want to do something about it.


tmobile jump upgrades

T-Mobile, which recently rebranded itself as the “uncarrier” among U.S. wireless companies because of its abolishing of traditional two-year contracts, on Wednesday announced a new program called Jump to give customers on its network more freedom to upgrade their phones.  Starting July 14th, customers will be able to upgrade phones twice a year, with the first upgrade coming in no earlier than six months. Jump costs $10 a month and includes insurance for the phone. Customers will be required to trade in their old phone.


sprint unlimited upgrades

Just a day after T-Mobile debuted its Jump upgrade plan, Sprint has answered with its own new plans that promise unlimited data for life. Starting July 12th, both new and existing Sprint customers can take advantage of the carrier’s offer by signing up for one of its new My Way or My All-in plans.

The new Unlimited, My Way plans features unlimited talk, text and data starting at $80 per month. However, you can opt for 1GB for data for $70 monthly if you’re looking to save money. You can also choose to add 1GB of hotspot data to your phone for $10 per month. 

And how will AT&T and Verizon respond with competing customer deals?  Hopefully we’ll hear something very soon…


Are you a Sprint customer & plan to upgrade to the new unlimited My Way or My All-in plans?  Why? Are you a T-Mobile customer who’s looking to upgrade devices twice a year?  Share your thoughts below…


via Mashable & Laptop Magazine

Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Q10 – Hands On Video #VZWBuzz

June 17th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

Reunited and it feels so good…If you love the confidence of using a QWERTY keyboard on an updated BlackBerry device, meet the new Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Q10.

verizon wireless blackberry q10

 verizon wireless blackberry q10

Last week, I got the chance to check out the new Blackberry Q10 from Verizon Wireless at the Grand Central store in NYC.  If you remember the days of old where typing a text or email didn’t require eye-contact with your smartphone keypad, then you were among the many welcoming the new BlackBerry Q10 with open arms.  BlackBerry has revived the QWERTY keyboard, re-imagined the power of the BlackBerry Hub plus added immediate productivity with instant action features – unlike anything ever seen on a smartphone before.

verizon wireless blackberry q10

Similar to the BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone, the BlackBerry Q10 runs on the BlackBerry® 10 platform and includes a suite of features including smart keyboard software that understands and adapts to a user’s typing style. It creates personalized word suggestions and contextual auto corrections while a user types. Conversations can seamlessly move along without having to waste time fixing typos.  (Don’t believe me?   Then keep reading…)

 verizon wireless blackberry q10


Check out our HANDS ON video below and sneek peek of the BlackBerry Q10 from Verizon Wireless below…


The Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Q10 is now available for purchase online and in stores for $199.99 with a new two year customer agreement.

Disclosure:  Please note that I often tweet using #VZWBuzz – VZWBuzz tweets include a 24/7 conversation and a Friday mobile lifestyle Twitter chat with an emphasis on providing information and education about devices, apps and tools useful to consumers. While the hash tag is sponsored by Verizon Wireless, the opinions I express tagged #VZWBuzz are my own.

The HTC Design Tour Is Taking On The World… One City At A Time…

June 10th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

 HTC Design Tour Crew

What happens when you mix a bevy of international journalists from all walks of life with the most innovative designers in New York City?  The HTC Design Tour 2013.   Already a staple in such cities as Hong Kong and Milan and now HTC has combined the unique experience of Art & Design and paired it with the technology of the HTC One.

HTC, a leader in mobile innovation and design, announced New York as the latest city to join their series of Global Design Tours, a free Android app available on Google Play.  The HTC Global Design application offers recommendations on design hotspots around the world and was developed in collaboration with Wallpaper* magazine. The New York content on the app was created to celebrate the 25th annual International Contemporary Furniture Festival (ICFF), North America’s platform for global design, and explores favorite pop-up exhibitors that were shown at the fair last month.

HTC Design Tour

The HTC One is such a great device, you couldn’t catch me without it in my hands.


The New York locations featured on the app were selected by Wallpaper’s New York editor Pei-Ru Keh, One & Co (HTC) Principal Irinia Kozlovskaya and British-born/New York-based fashion designer Andrew Wren. The locations offer uncommon experiences at the city’s most unusual design locations – from building your own cookie at Peels to seeing “the city that never sleeps” from a new vantage point at Four Freedom Park.


Four Freedoms Park


To create a multi-sensory experience, location information on the app is complemented by specially selected music tracks. Music helps remind you of a time and place, so this is a great way to be reminded of these special destinations every time one of these songs is heard.  Check out more on our experiences throughout NYC at Mociun (Brooklyn), American Design Club, Wanted Design and for more information about the HTC One and HTC One coming to Verizon.

Thanks HTC for inviting me for an exciting time throughout NYC!!


Introducing The Wacom Bamboo Mini Stylus

May 13th, 2013 by Rod

Wacom Bamboo Mini Stylus

wacom bamboo mini stylus

Are there times where you wish you had a stylus for your smartphone or tablet at any given time?  Are you an iPad owner wanting to design more ideas on the go but tired of having dig into your bag or purse for one?  Wacom is here to the rescue with their new line of Bamboo mini stylus.

wacom bamboo mini stylus wacom bamboo mini stylus wacom bamboo mini stylus
wacom bamboo mini stylus

Wacom Bamboo Mini Stylus

The stylus gives you a small pen-like experience.  Wacom crafted this with a brass body wrapped in a soft-touch rubber accompanied by a soft rubber nib, and a built-in lanyard that plugs into your headphone jack to keep it nearby at all times. It feels solid. It looks and feels fresh. The Bamboo Stylus mini is for the most design discerning, who will also value the best feature yet: the Bamboo Stylus mini is extremely portable. It is a digital pen for on the move that can be used with a touch smartphone or tablet, without danger of it being lost. A strap and dummy plug allow it to be plugged into the device’s headphone jack. The soft plug material will not damage the headphone jack – even after frequent use.  It also comes in a variety of six colors to choose from like: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, or White.
No longer do you have to be a Samsung Galaxy Note II owner to use a stylus with your smartphone. The new Wacom Bamboo Stylus mini is ready to be your styli of choice,  priced only at $14.95, when you are going order yours?

When Will Apple Launch The New iPhone? Sooner Than You Think!

April 3rd, 2013 by Christen Rochon

When Will Apple Launch The New iPhone

The Wall Street Journal says Apple is set for a possible summer launch of the next iPhone, rather than a fall launch like the last two models.  Question is, how many models will be revealed?

When Will Apple Launch The New iPhone

Rumors have been buzzing about a cheaper iPhone model that could win Apple some market share in developing countries (or in the words of The Wall Street Journal – for unnamed people “familiar with the device’s production”.)  I would assume that a cheaper model would not only do well in developing countries, but also for younger consumers who A. Don’t have the disposable income for a $600 smartphone or B. Whose parents aren’t thrilled about forking over $600 for a kid’s smartphone.

When Will Apple Launch The New iPhone

Hopefully in addition to a cheaper version, Apple will shock the masses by skipping the minimalist upgrade iPhone 5s by launching a redesigned and feature-packed iPhone 6.  Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is out, it should be easy for Apple to create a killer product – they’ll just have to include an improved version of every feature that the S4 has.

When Will Apple Launch The New iPhone

Look out for an announcement of the latest Apple advancements by June.  If Apple was to launch a new iPhone 6 – what features would you like to see inside?


When Will Apple Launch The New iPhone

When Will Apple Launch The New iPhone

New Jukebox Hero App Transforms Your Devices Into Social Music Players

March 6th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

Looking to livin up your next party without hiring a personal DJ?  Jukebox Hero makes for the perfect interactive “playlist” for parties, school gatherings, the office, home and more.   The app enables members of a circle—friends, officemates, and family members—to take turns playing DJ, enhancing group interaction and fun via your favorite tunes.


Jukebox hero


Jukebox hero


Jukebox Hero™, an innovative new mobile app that transforms the personal music library on a user’s mobile device into an interactive jukebox has just launched today. Perfect for gatherings, private parties and group events, when friends or family use Jukebox Hero on their own devices, they also join the fun by viewing a host’s music library, browsing songs, viewing other participants, and queuing up songs.  Jukebox Hero is available today—for free—via Apple’s App store where it instantly debuted as a Top 10 app in the Music category.  Jukebox Hero for Android is also available now for free on the Google Play store.




Jukebox heroHow It Works

Each time the Jukebox Hero app is opened, a user is presented with the ability to either create their own jukebox or to join someone else’s jukebox as a remote.  Creating a jukebox immediately populates the song list with the personal music library housed on the user’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device.   Joining as a remote allows a user to log into a host’s jukebox, browse the music library associated with that jukebox and immediately queue up songs to add to the virtual playlist.  The app leverages the device’s GPS to provide a list of nearby jukeboxes at any given time.

Jukeboxes in the Jukebox Hero app can be set up to allow anyone to join, or they can be made privately accessible via a unique PIN.  A user that wishes to join a private jukebox must have the correct PIN to be able to log in, browse and begin queuing up songs.  Jukebox Hero utilizes three different queuing options and a virtual credit system that sparks social interaction and queuing activity:

  • Add to Queue (Adds track to end of the queue)
  • Play Next (Adds track to the front of the queue)
  • Play Now (Interrupts whatever is currently playing and starts selected track immediately)

Each user is given a certain number of credits when they log onto a jukebox. The cost to Play Now or Play Next increases as the activity does with Play Now always positioned as the most expensive option.  When users have used all of their credits, they can request more from the owner of the jukebox they have joined.  The jukebox administrator sets the default number of credits and can easily grant users additional credits as needed.

The Jukebox Hero app has unique retro styling with modern touches that transforms the jukebox of yesterday’s drive-ins, malt shops and burger joints into the interactive social music player for today’s current generation of music lovers.  Jukebox Hero has seamless integration with both Facebook and Twitter that allows users to share the party music experience with their friends…or the world.


“Virtually every consumer now carries a personal library of thousands of songs which can be accessed at the swipe of a finger,” said Woo Park, president of App Factory, an SK Planet company. “Just as the Instagram app enhanced smartphone cameras, we think that Jukebox Hero will improve the way that consumers interact with their own—and each other’s—personal music libraries.  We are thrilled to launch Jukebox Hero for both iOS and Android and are extremely happy to see the app being well received out of the gate.”


Now that you’ve got the details on one of the hottest apps to hit devices in a while, tell us where you’d put this app to good use first?  House party, birthday party, Bat Mitzvah?


This Week In Apps: Ten Free Apps Worth Downloading This Week

March 6th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

With new apps being developed by the minute, there are always options to overload your smartphone with new applications.  From morning til night, you can practically find an app for anything, but it’ll cost you.  If you’re looking for a few good apps to add to your device roster, check out this week in apps for ten FREE apps worth downloading this week.



Apps Worth Downloading

Sunrise (Price: Free)

Why go several places if you can achieve your goals with one. Sunrise, a new calendar app built by two ex-Foursquare designers, pulls together your appointments from Google Calendar, Facebook Events and Birthdays and weather outlooks. Check out more details on our new favorite app here. (For iPhone)


Any.Do (Price: Free)

Managing your procrastination is now a little easier. This popular reminder app was just updated to support a new feature called Any.Do Moment, a quick and fun overview of your day and the things you have on your list. What I love most about this app is users are greeted with a simple list broken into four sections. (For iPhone, Android)


Apps Worth Downloading

Find. Eat. Drink. (Price: Free)

As someone always on the prowl for killer foodie mobile apps, F.E.D. has leaped to the top of my current rotation. Recommendations are curated by industry insiders; top-tier chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, baristas, butchers, pitmasters and food purveyors. I also love the printable PDF cheatsheets on the website. (For iPhone)


Eventster (Price: Free)

Eventster bills itself as Pandora for your events.This mobile app helps you discover nightlife, concerts, festivals, sports, theater and more around you. See what’s trending around you, search based on your tastes or find out what your friends are up to. (For iPhone)


Switchcam (Price: Free)

The new web app automatically synchronizes footage of an event from multiple cameras and turns it into one tidy interactive video. It reminds me a bit of other collaborative video apps but with an interesting twist — viewers control the produced feeds. (For iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows)


Cam Me (Price: Free)

Ready to go hands free? With this camera app you never have to worry about fussing with the timer setting again. Just wave and smile — boom, there it is. (For iPhone)


CineMama (Price: Free)

Interested in a digital keepsake of the baby bump? There’s an app for that! Women can create a time-lapse video of their pregnancy, and get health tips along the way, through a new iPhone app called CineMama available from the March of Dimes. (For iPhone)


Vine (Price: Free)

In the month since Twitter introduced Vine, a mobile service that lets users capture and share short looping videos, it’s taken off about as well as the social networking giant could have hoped. Big brands, news outlets and creative Twitter users have flocked to it. The limitation for producing creative content in six seconds is both the beauty and challenge of Vine. (For iPhone)


Kickstarter (Price: Free)

The crowdfunding platform for creative endeavors has been around for a few years. What is new is its sleek, simple iPhone app. Now users can search, pledge and track those indie art projects while on the go. (For iPhone, iPod Touch)


Hotel Tonight (Price: Free)

The app makes it easy to search for and book hotels, and leverages hotels’ desire to fill up their rooms to help you get huge discounts — as much as 70% off. The catch is you can’t book until noon the day of. HT has been around for a few years, but they update the app all the time, often adding new cities. (For iPhone, Android) via


Now that you’ve found some new apps, which ones will you download first?  


Case-Mate Crafted Collection iPhone 5 Case (Review)

February 13th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

As our “Best of CES” pick of 2013 – the Case-Mate Crafted Collection offers a luxurious alternative to everyday iPhone adornment.  If you’ve ever desired an elegant accessory to accompany your ever evolving style – the Case-Mate Crafted Collection, just may be the be thing created for your smartphone.  Recently, I got the chance to check out the Pearls Collection in Black, Silver and Gold as well as the chic Madison Collection case in black.


case mate crafted collection


The Pearls Collection is crafted from genuine mother of pearl.  Individual pieces of this exotic pearl are thoughtfully selected and carefully laid into an artistic design pattern that enhances its pigmentation and luster. The additional finishing touch of slowly polished and brushed aluminum creates a stunning contrast and gives the Pearls Collection its chic, refined beauty.


Case-Mate Crafted Collection



The classic beauty of the Madison Collection embodies the iconic trend of quilted fashion accessories (an absolute must-have for any Chanel bag owner.)  Adding a touch of bling with Swarovski Crystals to compliment the quilted genuine leather makes the Madison case perfect for the fashionable, modern woman of any age.

casemate crafted collection

Case-Mate Crafted Collection Review


Luxury is never cheap, and neither are these Crafted Collection accessories.  Case-Mate is moving into a more luxe market of accessories with the Pearls and Madison Collection, starting at $100 these smartphone cases may be a little bit more than what you’re used to spending on accessories.  But if you think about it, isn’t your smartphone one of the most expensive accessories you own anyway?  Why not invest in an accessory that not only protects your valuable smartphone, but also compliments your personal style?



Timbre: It’s Not Just A Noun, It’s Also A Music App Too

February 13th, 2013 by Tech Staff


Timbre.  – It is the character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity. It is also the name of an app, developed by Intrepid Dev, that gives users a list of concerts based on their location.   Discover how the Timbre app can help you score those hard to find tickets near you. If you’re an iPhone user who loves live music, I’d say give the Timbre app a download today – discover why below…

timbre app

timbre app


How it works: Tap the Timbre icon. With that tap, the app finds your location and compiles a list of events near by. Once you get your list and find an artist of interest, users can click on their name, listen to a snippet of their music and get directed to SeatGeek, where their can purchase to the concert at the selected venue on their selected date. Timbre can search between a 1- and 50-mile radiuses.  You can also use the search bar to browse events in other locations. This is a great feature for Divas who travel.


According to a piece on Fast Company, Intrepid Dev CEO Mark Kasdorf says the app development firm is planning to expand the app to do even more. One of these new features will be a map that will show all of the nearby venues.


timbre app

timbre app


With the hype surrounding Sunday’s  55th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony, Timbre created a list of category nominees. Using the app, I looked up some of them to see if they had concerts any time soon. Here are events on the east and west coast happening over the month featuring Grammy-nominated artists.


timbre app

timbre app

Pink at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 16th, 2013. Buy tickets.


Maroon 5 at Madison Square Garden in New York on February 16th, 2013. Buy tickets.


Alicia Keys and Miguel at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on March 12th, 2013. Buy tickets.


Are there any other mobile apps you can use to buy concert tickets?


Have you tried Timbre? Still looking for Beyonce tickets?  Maybe you should give Timbre a try…





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