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Beyonce’s Stylist Launched A Smartphone Case That Does A Lot More Than Upgrade Your Selfie Game!

March 18th, 2016 by Christen   If you've ever wanted to save space on your smartphone while achieving the ultimate selfie, Beyonce's stylist - Ty Hunter, has got you covered.  Ty Hunter has successfully launched the newest style innovation that offers more than you think, the Ty-Lite.  Produced by his company Passion Projects, the Ty-Lite is the only protective smartphone case that has three lighting settings, ensuring everyone looks “FLAWLESS” in their best selfies.   Ty Hunter   “Being that I’m the selfie king, I came up with the idea because we really wanted to have a case with a light setting because the sun doesn’t always shine in the daylight, so light is very important and that’s kind of how the process of the Ty-Lite started,” - Ty Hunter.   Ty lite     The Ty-Lite is much more than an accessory to upgrade your next selfie.  It's the perfect boost of instant light when you're out and about from day-to-night.  From lighting the abyss of a huge tote bag to entertaining small kids while on babysitting duty, my Ty-Lite has replaced all my designer iPhone cases just like that.  (Beware, it's a bit clunky, but with "tough-as-nails" protection - your entire smartphone will be safe from unexpected nicks, bumps and drops.)  Not only does it supply great light for any purpose, but now that my photos are guaranteed to be well-lit, I can delete unnecessary photo editing apps and free up some space on my smartphone!   ty lite   I'm not the only super fan either, celebs like as Kerry WashingtonNeNe LeakesOprah and more are already fans of the new phone case and now you can become a fan too!  The Ty-Lite is currently available for the iPhone 6/6s and retails for $79.99. Don't fret Droid users, according to the website, the Ty-Lite will be available for Samsung Galaxy devices later this year.   Ty Lite   Are you a fan of the illuminating Ty-Lite case?  What's your favorite smartphone accessory?  Sound off in the comments section below!

Create Your Own DIY Marble Case For iPhone Or Any Smartphone

January 23rd, 2015 by Tech Staff DIY Marble case   If you love unique smartphone cases that protect your coveted devices stylishly, but object to paying upwards to $50 and $100 for mere plastic - I've found the DIY project for you to try out this weekend!  While pursuing, I found DIY blogger Aimee Santos of Swellmayde, and discovered a pretty cool DIY Marble case tutorial that'll cost you just a few dollars and could make a great personalized gift for others too.  I plan on trying out variations of this smartphone case DIY project this weekend ...and so should you! Check out the step by step instructions below:   DIY Marble case  


- marble print contact paper

- craft knife

- metal ruler with cork back

- pen

- clear cell phone case


1. Place your cell phone case on top of the backside of the contact paper. Trace around it.

  DIY Marble case   2. Cut out the cell phone shape using your craft knife. Use the metal ruler for the straight edges. Be sure to find a metal ruler with a cork back to be safe (the ruler should not slide around as you are slicing).    DIY Marble case   3. Peel off the backing of the contact paper. Then, carefully place the sticky side of the cut contact paper onto the cell phone case. Press well to prevent air bubbles.    DIY Marble case     4.  That's it!  You now have a creative and stylish smartphone case that doesn't cost you a ton of cash!   DIY Marble case     Are you inspired by this stylish DIY project?  Would you like to see more on  Share your thoughts below!     Via eBay

Give Your Smartphone A Makeover With @OtterBox Brazilian Pop By Nina Garcia (Giveaway)

July 28th, 2014 by Christen Don't you love it when functional accessories also express your personal style?  That's why I've become a huge fan of the OtterBox brand of smartphone protection.  Gone are the days of drab, monotone cases of old, everything is anew with bold and electrifying prints, colors and more!  The latest installment of brilliant Symmetry designs comes OtterBox Brazilian Pop by fashion icon Nina Garcia.   OtterBox Brazilian Pop   The new OtterBox Symmetry Series is now available in a limited edition design created in collaboration with Project Runway judge Nina Garcia. Garcia brings her style and fashion industry expertise to this fashion-oriented case. Protection no longer comes at the expense of style with 'Brazilian Pop!' - a runway-ready blend of designer fashion and premium protection.   OtterBox Brazillian Pop  

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OtterBox Brazillian Pop

Inspired by Brazilian street art, 'Brazilian Pop!' was created exclusively for Nina's box. Quarterly is a box subscription service whereby influencers and celebrities, including Nina curate items and goods to send their followers and fans each quarter. The 'Brazilian Summer #NGQ03' box taps into this theme and 'Brazilian Pop!' reflects the movement, exploding with color and patterns.


OtterBox Brazillian Pop


The OtterBox Brazilian Pop Symmetry, is a vibrant mixture of tonal colors that is a welcome design into an ever-growing world of smartphone accessories.  The mix of prints, colors and graffiti-like optical illusion stands out among what’s considered fashionable smartphone accessories.  If you're crazy about the tribal-trend like I am, you'll absolutely love this stylish and protective case.  

OtterBox Brazillian Pop


The OtterBox Brazilian Pop Symmetry case includes an inner rubber case, surrounding the power button, volume buttons and charging ports while a hard shell exterior protects the rear of the phone.  The raised beveled edge protects your smartphone screen, making a two-layered combination of intuitive protection.   That’s multiple layers of protection in one all-inclusive design!  

OtterBox Brazillian Pop

The 'Brazilian Pop!' designer iPhone 5s cases and GALAXY S 5 cases are available to subscribers of the Nina Garcia 'Brazilian Summer #NGQ03' box and for a limited time on for $49.95 while quantities last.  How would you like to win your own OtterBox Brazilian Pop case for the iPhone 5s or GALAXY S5?  Follow DivasandDorks on Instagram for your chance to enter this EXCLUSIVE Giveaway today!

otterbox giveaway



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