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Silent Killers: Discover The Deadliest Apps That’s Killing Your Phone Battery

August 9th, 2016 by Tech Staff STOP what you're doing and take a look at your phone battery right now!  If it's looking a little faint right about now, you'll want to pay major attention to the info that will make or break your battery life below.  We now know the 10 apps that have been draining your phone battery quicker than ever before, and chances are you're using one of the worst battery-draining apps right this very moment!   Battery draining apps   A study, published in AVG's Android App Performance and Trend Report, has been carried out to discover the top 10 battery-draining apps on your phone.  For this particular study, battery usage was measured on Android phones only - but a word of warning to Windows and iPhone users as well (especially since Androids are known to have better battery life than both iPhone and Windows devices.). Here's the top apps that will have your phone down to 1% and counting in no time... 9.  The Weather Channel - As one of the most popular apps in both Google Play and iTunes store, this app uses geo-location to give you the most accurate and updated weather information that you can use, but it also drains your battery so much, that it's probably just  best to step outside and figure it out for yourself or do one better, just watch the morning news.   8.  WeChat - Chances are, you're not a teeny-bopper or communication-obsessed pre-teen so you don't use this app, but if you were thinking of downloading, you probably shouldn't.   7.  WhatsApp - Sure it's a great app for mass correspondence with friends and family.  I've used it to rally a group of colleagues/friends together for a meet up in Austin, TX for SXSW - but when it comes to receiving notifications each time someone responds to a group chat, your phone is certain to bow out of power faster than you could imagine.   6. Kik - Is another social communication app that lets you connect with friends, groups and the world around you through chat. Kik will kill your battery life faster than you can say "Where's my portable charger?"   5. Blackberry Messenger - Starting to see a trend here?  If you have a messenger app, you're more than likely to be sacrificing battery life just to stay connected?  Who still has a Blackberry anyways?   4. Instagram - We blame the filters, and Instagram stories.  The constant updates, algorithm changes and more is sure to drain your battery?  Don't believe us?  Check out your battery usage right now, chances are Instagram is one of the top 3 apps using the most battery power on your phone at this very moment!   3. Facebook Messenger - Just send a text.  Can we agree, no more Facebook calls and messages in 2016? PLEASE.   2. Google Maps - It's probably because we've become so dependent on it to get us across town or across the street.  Google Maps is constantly tracking your location, so don't be surprised that your phone battery is dying a slow death because of it!   1.  Facebook - This a a great reason to stop stalking your college boyfriend's ex-wife and maybe do something productive like go for a walk instead. (As long as you're not playing Pokemon Go! LOL)   Now that you're in the know, which of these apps have been silently killing your smartphone battery? Share which apps you've limited use of or have deleted altogether in the comments below!

6 Style & Beauty Apps Created By Black Women To Download Today!

June 19th, 2015 by Tech Staff For us, style and beauty is so much more than keeping up with the trends, it's a way of life!  There are thousands of smartphone apps created every day, it’s always cool to discover a few necessary apps created by women like you and me.  It’s no secret that our smartphones are directly involved in the way we work, learn and play everyday – and with these apps, your smartphone can now inspire new styles and beauty trends for you to enjoy! Discover six style and beauty apps created by black women to download today!   plum perfect Plum Perfect by Asmau Ahmed. Plum Perfect wants make sure you're perfectly styled through patented technology engineered to find the best fashion and beauty brands for your personal look.     iman cosmetics app Iman Cosmetics by Iman. It can be so difficult to find makeup that matches your skin and undertones. This Iman Cosmetics app solves that with Customized product recommendations to match your complexion and style.       cast Cast by Sian Morson. Make sure the weather won't mess up your good hair day and perfect makeup with Cast. It is the first app that uses weather data to provide personalized skin and hair care tips and product recommendations.   myavana Myavana by co-founders Candace Mitchell, Jessica Watson, Chanel Martin, and Joy Boulamwini. Myavana is the first hair care recommendation system for women of color and provides hair analysis, products, and styling techniques catered to specific hair types and textures.     pavo Pavo by co-founder Chanelle Henry. Pavo is set to find the right style inspiration for you. Join specific style communities to discover others with similar looks.     apps iPORT by Lyndsey Scott. iPort is ideal for models and artists looking to create a professional portfolio, with photos and videos, conveniently.   Now that you’ve got a few more style and beauty apps to obsess over and add to your smartphone, which ones are you excited to download first?   via    

Making Mother’s Day Easy For New Moms By Gifting These Great Apps

May 8th, 2013 by Christen

mother's day apps

Mother's Day apps Mother's Day apps Mother's Day apps Mother's Day apps Mother's Day apps Mother's Day apps Being a new mom is great—but, let’s face it, it’s also tough. From juggling diapers and baby bottles, to fighting off sleep deprivation, there’s quite a lot to manage. If only there was an app for that! In honor of Mother’s Day, the folks at Verizon Wireless New York have handpicked 5 of the best smartphone apps – available on Android and iPhone, the most popular platforms today – that help make life easier for new moms.

·         Baby Connect ($4.99): Need help tracking your brand-new bundle of joy’s growth and development? How about having medicine, vaccine and growth tracking timers, reminders and notifications? Baby Connect helps new moms track, log and share daily information about their babies. Great for doctor appointments!

·         Baby Monitoring & Alarm ($3.99): Why spend a ton on a new baby monitor? The Baby Monitoring & Alarm app monitors your newborn’s sounds and will notify you by a phone call to another phone when there is a noise in the baby's room. The app can even pull songs from iTunes to help lull your toddler back to sleep. ·         Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper (FREE): From diapers to baby food, items for a newborn (or kids in general) start to add up fast. That’s what makes the Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper app so useful. It lets you plan a shopping trip based on what's currently on sale at stores like Target, Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid. ·         White Noise ($1.99): Red-eyed moms will love the White Noise app for their babies—and for themselves! Use it to help your little one fall asleep by playing gentle sounds of the environment, or the familiar sounds of your fan or AC. There are also sound timers that fade audio out so your baby doesn’t suddenly awake. ·         Instagram (FREE): We know, we know. Instagram wasn’t necessarily designed to help with your lovable toddler, but, in terms of taking pics of their cute faces and easily sharing them online with friends and family—Instagram is perfect. So, there you have it—for Mother’s Day, the top-5 apps for new moms via Verizon Wireless New York.

via Verizon Wireless New York

The CloudOn App – The Microsoft Office Experience On Your Phone

May 6th, 2013 by Nicole

CloudOn App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Banner

    CloudOn App - Analie Cruz - Microsoft Office - Divas and Dorks (3)Apps have entered our life and have become lifelines .  Our smartphones are "smart" due to apps. They are what enable them to perform a wide range of tasks.  Some apps are fun, entertaining, and social.  We of course don't only use apps for fun and games. Productivity apps make our lives more productive, organized, easy, and efficient.  Just like those social and game apps, productivity apps are heavily used. Everything from banking apps, tasks list apps, to business planning apps; productivity apps help keep small businesses running efficiently.  The CloudOn App is one that will make your work life more mobile, productive, and efficient.


What is the CloudOn App?

Distance no longer matter in the tech times we live in.  Mobile + productivity rules.  On the go and you need to compose a letter, create a budget for a project, or deliver a presentation – you need to get the CloudOn App.  It is easy to stay productive anywhere and anytime with the CloudOn app, since it has full versions of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  You have quick access to your documents.   CloudOn App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Smatphone   CloudOn App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - smartphone And with the full versions of these programs, you can create, edit, and track changes, control over formatting, spell checking, insert formulas in excel, and create a full presentation in PowerPoint.  You can track the changes and edits made as well. So you get to enjoy the full experience of the desktop version of Microsoft Office products on your smartphone and tablet.


CloudOn App Features

CloudOn App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks (2)What's great about this app is the cloud services that it syncs to. All changes and updates are saved in the Cloud.  CloudOn uses cloud storage services Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft Sky Drive. It works with most file types including PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF.  You can easily share these files as links through email directly from the workspace.
CloudOn provides you the files you want and the applications you need in a single workspace – made for the device you love.
    Price: Free Download the CloudOn app for at Apple  iTunes Download the CloudOn app Android Google Play

Need to Record Calls on Your Smartphone? – There’s an App For That

April 3rd, 2013 by Nicole
Need to Record Calls on Your Smartphone?  There Is An App For That!  Discover some of the best apps out now to record calls on your smartphone below...

Record Calls On Your Smartphone - Record Button

There might be a time that you may need to record calls. Think of this as productivity, not sneaky behavior.  Have you ever used your smart phone for a conference call, or an interview?  You are taking written notes (maybe) and can’t capture those important issues, and later you can’t decipher what you have written down and what it means?  Yes, I've been there.  Or maybe someone was giving instructions and as soon as you got off the phone you forgot what they said?  These apps solve your problem.

Record Calls With These Smartphone Apps Call Recording Pro

Record Calls On Your Smartphone - app icon

This recording app is only available for the iPhone, records incoming and outgoing calls for up to 45 minutes.  The recorded phone calls are then emailed to you (and the others if you choose).  Download the app for $2.99 and each call cost $.99 cents. Record Calls On Your Smartphone - handfree app screenshot Download the Call Recording Pro   Clever Mobile’s Call Recorder

Record Calls on Your Smartphone -  clever mobile app icon

This app is indeed free, but success rates are hit or miss and the reception of the recording is so so according to reviews.  It does record incoming and outgoing calls and compatible with Android devices. Download Clever Mobile’s Call Recorder app   Call Recorder IntCall Record Calls on Your Smartphone - int call iconThis recording device has received the best reviews.  Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android smart phones it records your entire outgoing phone calls.  The app saves the recording to your phone, can be sent via email and you can save the recordings on your iTunes account.  This app will download to your smart phone for free and allow for a few test recordings.  This app cost $.10 centers per minute.  The only downside is it does not record incoming calls.     Record Calls on Your Smartphone - int call screenshot Download the Call Recorder app

A Few Good Apps For Fashion Week Fun! {Infographic}

August 29th, 2012 by Christen Using your smartphone for all your New York Fashion Week needs is now easy as pie!  HTC put together some helpful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Fashion Week using an HTC smartphone (below). Advanced camera features and easy access to social networks make it easier than ever to stay in the loop while making your way to shows, events and after parties throughout Fashion Week.

What are some of your favorite apps to use during fashion week!  Share in the comments section below!

The BET Awards Goes Digital With A New Smartphone App!

June 27th, 2012 by Christen After taking home the Android "2011 Best App Ever" award for its 106 & Park app, BET Networks has released its BET Awards '12 app — a fun, interactive way to view and participate in this year's awards ceremony.   The 12th Annual BET Awards ceremony airs July 1, and fans and celebrities are already preparing for the broadcast with the show’s first-ever mobile app. The app for Android and iPhone was released this month and features gaming elements tied to voting for the show’s nominees and predicting the order of performers. One game lets users vote with the slide of a finger, by shooting disks into a moving goal. The more disks a user makes in 15 seconds, the more votes he or she will tally for a specific nominee. The high scorers for each nominee will have their Twitter avatars and handles featured in the game’s top-left corner for all users to see. “Our audience really loves the prospect of being famous, so that’s a theme we think about a lot when we develop new products,” Brandon Lucas, BET’s VP of mobile.     The Line-Up, is a fantasy sports-style game. Users can predict the order of the award show’s performers, compare their lists with friends and celebrities as well as look at it during the broadcast to see if they’ve won any prizes. Both games allow players to share their scores and line-ups to Facebook and Twitter. The app also includes a clickable timeline of every BET Awards, videos of memorable moments (like the infamous Viewer's Choice SNAFU from last year), in-depth artist profiles and curated tweets. “Our main goals in doing this app were to deepen our viewers’ connection to the show and to give them more reasons to tune into the live broadcast,” Lucas says.

Tune into BET Awards ’12 LIVE ON BET on Sunday, July 1 at 7P/6C! (Red carpet and pre-show start at 7P/6C).

If you're a fan of the show, like we are!  Make sure you get interactive during the show that's too big to miss by downloading the app here & tweeting with us LIVE from the #FordHotSpot all weekend long in Los Angeles, CA.



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