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6 Quick Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Shopping From ShopTrotter

December 17th, 2013 by Lifestyle Staff Ready or not, the holi-daze have arrived! But – never fear, we’re here to tell you that this year’s shopping doesn’t have to be SO stressful. That’s right! The handy navigational shopping website and app, ShopTrotter, will make your gift-hunting a WHOLE lot easier by finding you the stores you’re most interested in, and these quick tips for stress free holiday shopping below.

tips for stress free holiday shopping

And to further keep you on track this season, founder and CEO, Bogumila Sobiczewska, shares  essential tips for stress-free holiday shopping. Check them out below: 1. Check out holiday markets. Holiday markets in December are the perfect place to spot something beautiful and unexpected. Usually it's something handmade. I found tiered serving plates decorated with decoupage in New York's Grand Central Holiday Fair a couple of years ago. It made a cute gift for my friends! 2. Search pre-holiday sales. When shopping for myself – i.e. holiday and party outfits – I look for sales and promotions that start before Christmas. I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to sale shopping. 😉 To save time, I go to department stores because of their wide selection of products and brands. It's easier to match shoes with dresses under one roof! 3. Chat with salespeople. I try to be open and talk to sales associates – not only because the right person can make me choose the right things, but also to score better prices. A nice chat sometimes gives me an additional discount, or inside information about when I should come back. 4. Create a shopping route. Since I started, I ALWAYS make my own shopping route. Now it's even easier because of the mobile app – I can look for the stores in my area anytime. Sometimes instead of running to a remote boutique in search of a particular piece, I open the information card on the ShopTrotter App, and make a call asking if they still carry it. It saves me a lot of time and frustration! 5. Do a closet check. When it comes to shopping for myself, I try to remember to check out my own closet. It's a good idea to review it once or twice a year, just to make sure if there’s anything missing, and – of course (!) – what is forgotten. Sometimes, it turns out that I just need something small to complete an outfit, rather than spending a fortune on a new one. And, of course: 6. Remember the essentials. Last, but not least: I wear comfy shoes, pack some water and snacks and make sure my cell is charged in case I need to take some pictures and send them to a friend for quick advice!   About ShopTrotter:  ShopTrotter ( is a navigational shopping website and app that makes shopping trips stress-free by finding users the stores they’re most interested in (based on product type, price and brand), and then providing them with a customized route to their destinations. ShopTrotter currently features route-planning capabilities for over 80 cities worldwide.  Download the app on both Android and iPhone.   These are just a few tips for stress free holiday shopping - but there are plenty of tips and tricks to make the most out of your holiday shopping this season (stress free).  Do you have your favorite tips for stress free holiday shopping?  If so, share your favorite tips below.



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