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Selfies For Sale, How You Can Make Quick Cash With Your Smartphone

May 29th, 2014 by Christen A lot of people take selfies for fun, but now some smartphone owners are using them to earn money.  You can sell practically anything nowadays, and there is now a way for consumers to cash in on their self portraits.


  Meet Scoopshot, it’s one of several sites where brands like soft drink companies or airlines can go to ask consumers to take selfies with their product. If the company likes what they see, they can offer to buy them. “We do all the clearing, so the photographer gets his or her money and the media gets the right to use the photo,” Scoopshot founder, Petri Rahja, explained.  Finnair asked Scoopshot users to send in travel selfies and wound up purchasing about 50 of the 800 selfies that were submitted for about $15 each. A cosmetic company gave $1000 to a selfie contest winner, McDonald’s paid just over $20 for food focused selfies, and a hotel in Puerto Rico held a selfie sweepstakes and gave the winner a free weekend stay. It's an easy, fun thing for people to do, and a good way to get attention from potential new customers. There's only one drawback...once you sell your selfie for use as a stock photograph it can be used to advertise anything, whether you like it or not. (available in iOS / Android)   via CBS New York

Meet SelfieBot – The Flying Robot That Shoots You in High-Definition #SelfieBot

April 1st, 2014 by Christen
Have you ever found yourself trying to get the perfect selfie, but couldn't quite reach your arms far enough? Or had so many friends that you couldn't get everyone in the shot? Or just wanted great photos to help increase your Instagram following? Well, consider your problems solved. Today we're excited to introduce #SelfieBot - the autonomous flying robot that shoots photos of you in high-definition.
  Now if you're trying to figure out when you can get your hands on the "robot of the future" - I've got bad news for you.  APRIL FOOLS!!  This clever prank offering has been making the rounds all morning long and lucky for us, we've got a good giggle or two out of it. The real funny joke is that this creepy drone isn't that far off from production.  As a matter of fact there's already a produced version of the #SelfieBot called Pikmoments that eerily captures your every move on camera.  I don't know about you, but I'm kinda happy this Selfiebot was a joke, I'm one of the few people that still believes the less "big brother" sees, the better.  LOL.   Would you buy the Selfiebot in real life?  Share your thoughts on the selfie robot below.

Get Hands Free Selfies With The Award Winning CamMe App

February 26th, 2014 by Christen   Want to create the perfect selfie without having the wing span of a professional basketball player, then the CamMe app was created especially for you.   CamMe The iOS app uses gesture controls to help users take selfies from up to 16 feet away — without having to touch their device. Unlike Snapchat or other photo-taking apps, CamMe relies on gestures to control an iOS device's shutter. To take a selfie, users simply raise their hand and make a fist, which triggers a three-second shutter timer. The app is a product of Israel-based PointGrab, a company specializing in gesture-recognition software for PCs, televisions and mobile devices. “It’s our goal to make gesture control available across all platforms, laptops, TVs and mobile," PointGrab CEO Assaf Gad said in a statement. "CamMe is just an example of the easy and practical way gesture technology is becoming a part of every consumer-electronics user’s life.” CamMe Users can also take a photo booth-style selfie, which includes three successive photos that are arranged on a film strip, or a "FunShot," which inserts selfies into colorful cutouts of well-known characters and locations. Selfie app CamMe won the "most innovative app" award at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Tuesday.  The award was one of several given out by MWC organizer GSMA, as part of its 2014 Global Mobile Awards. CamMe is available in the iOS App Store. via



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