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Five Must Follow Bloggers From BlogHer 2011

August 10th, 2011 by Christen This past weekend, I descended upon San Diego for BlogHer 2011 with a mission on my mind and blogging in my heart! (Check out my preview of BlogHer 2011 HERE.) I've heard an abundance of stories, read tons of blog posts & have asked more questions that should be allowed in preparation for BlogHer 11. In addition to thought-provoking panels, the large expo hall and private brand events (and parties) - I couldn't imagine that my biggest takeaway from BlogHer wouldn't be the knowledge obtained, nor the swagg I hoarded -- but the friendships I made absolutely made my time at BlogHer BEYOND AMAZING... You have to check out my list of MUST FOLLOW BLOGGERS from BlogHer 11 online and hopefully you'll have the pleasure of meeting these awesome gals in person - coming to a blogger conference near you soon! 20110809-095822.jpg   1. @TheChattyMomma aka Tonia is a proud mom of two from Washington DC by day, and the chattiest, funniest, most dancing-est blogger by night! Tearing up the expo hall and party scene during BlogHer - she was the party queen with the energy to outlast the last dancer standing on the dancefloor. She dishes out the 411 on motherhood, pregnancy, marriage and everything else online at      


This is what happens when you bumrush the BlogHer Expo as soon as the door open...Tonia & I got the first pics with the Smurfs! (YESSSSSS!)



2. @LeMusingsofMoi aka Summer was the second person I met at BlogHer & exuded the warmest spirit ever! This tattooed, PB&J loving mother of two was a joy to be around during the conference. If you were lucky enough to meet her, you'd know that Summer's sarcasm paired with a bright smile and sincerity should be requirement for all future BlogHer attendees. You can catch this self proclaimed writer, blogger, health & fitness nut who's fashion/home decor obsessed online at  


As we're awaiting the opening of the BlogHer Expo --- Tonia, Summer & I decided to 'STRIKE A POSE'


20110810-093440.jpg     3. @ThatTechChick aka Jessica aka My Blogging Sister In Crime hails from Beaumont, Texas but don't let the Texas accent fool you. Anything tech, girly or 'Bad Girls Club' related, she's all over it & don't even get her started talking about it cause she'll outlast the chattiest of the bunch exuding that southern hospitality & charm. She's a fierce tech chick blogging about the best in consumer electronics and tech as and was my BlogHer roommate! You can find her online at    


During one of the best parties ever...SparkleCorn Jessica & I were rocking our glowstick necklaces hard!  Sparklecorn was our time to "rave-out"!


20110810-093713.jpg     4. @TX_Fashionista aka Veronica takes the idea of fashion beyond the wardrobe of clothes. As my BlogHer roomie, the moment we met - I knew she was super cool, super fun and would be a blast to hang out with during the weekend. She's a fashionista that not only gives you details on the hottest looks but also the latest gadgets, auto news, home appliances and more at    


 Being the geniuses that we are - Jessica, Veronica and I decided to do a 7am bootcamp the next morning...OUCH!



  5. @WellConnectdMom aka Lori has the personality of the perfect TV mom with a huge affinity towards technology. Everytime I ran into Lori - I couldn't help but smile (since she's by far the coolest Tech Mom I know!) Lori shares her love of tech, gadgets & toys with moms to help them harness technology to make their lives easier at      


At the Dodge - Kick Off Your Heels party, Jessica, Lori and I let our tech alter-egos take the main stage...I think we're like tech pimps in the photos & and tech ___ in the other...LOL!


These ladies made my BlogHer experience an absolute joy!  I know that I wouldn't have had a wonderful time without them and can't wait to do it again soon!  See you at BlogHer 2012.


How To FOCUS in time for BlogHer ’11

August 3rd, 2011 by Christen I'm in an LA-State of Mind in route to San Diego for BlogHer '11 with a clear mind and sheer Focus to boot!  Not that kind of focus, but a 2012 Ford Focus! There's nothing like a good drive along the coast to clear your mind and anticipation-based anxiety when looking forward to meeting 3000+ new friends and experiencing an unforgettable time in San Diego !

The good folks at Ford thought it would be a good idea to give this gal the all new 2012 Ford Focus to put it to the test and show you how 'Divas Drive In Heels' to BlogHer '11.

Upon my arrival to LAX - the moment I grabbed the keys - I experienced a rush of benefits that only a Focus(ed) driver could describe...

Nimble handling; refined ride; stylish and well-made interior; lively engine; smart automatic transmission; abundant list of upscale and high-tech options. (The magnitude of high-tech goodies that this ride provides deserves a separate post of its own...coming soon.)


Bags are packed inside and now, my mini-roadtrip checklist begins...

Entertainment Soundtrack:  CHECK!

Kelly Rowland - "Here I am"

Big Sean "Finally Famous"

Heel Attire: CHECK!

Planned Route:  CHECK!

(Sidenote:  Do you need a passport to visit Tijuana?, Um. Nevermind...)  

As a girl from the Motor City, there's no question that I LOVE TO DRIVE... As a girl that loves New York City, there's no question that I LOVE MY STILETTOS!  This euphoric moment (also knows as 'Divas Drive In Heels') has come to the crowning point of this moment...Driving up the coast with the wind in my hair, song in my heart, tech in the dash and heels on my feet! Since I promised Ford that I wouldn't 'Tweet & Drive' I'll be uploading pics later today (since having 40mpg pretty much eliminates frequent gas station pit stops...) Stay Tuned... *UPDATED*  Wanna see how my driving experience went?  Check out the DIVAS DRIVE IN HEELS conclusion here...



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