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Five Fool-Proof Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Safe

April 28th, 2014 by Tech Staff

Keep Your Smartphone Safe


With security breaches and frequent phone hacking scandals occurring in this digital age, it’s essential to know how to protect yourself from these types of fraudulent schemes. FreedomPop’s CEO Stephen Stokols provides five fool-proof tips to keep your smartphone safe below.


1. Use VPN (virtual private network) app to encrypt data. 

Utilizing this defends all communication including text messages and voice calls from third- parties such as hackers, spies and eavesdroppers.


2. Use an online security app (e.g. Norton) to protect against hackers, spyware and viruses. 

Just like computers, phones are vulnerable to viruses and malware.  It’s critical to use these types of apps to help ward of harmful security hazards.


3. Use a dedicated privacy phone for confidential calls.

Consider an encrypted phone for confidential calls, such as FreedomPop’s Privacy Phone ($189) that runs on a specially engineered Samsung Galaxy SII, featuring 128-bit encryption used by banks and government agencies.  Nicknamed the “Snowden phone,” this smartphone blocks phone contacts, call history and voice and text communication from hackers and has a feature to block unsolicited incoming calls and text messages.


4. If you want to ensure location is not tracked, make sure GPS and location settings are off. By enabling this feature, people can reduce the trace of their digital footprint and use the Internet anonymously wherever they are.


5. Be careful what permission you agree to when accepting Terms & Conditions for an app. Many sites want access to contacts, location and other sensitive info that can lead to potentially damaging setbacks. Malicious and fake websites aim to steal confidential information including passwords and other significant data that can do more harm than good.


Now that you’ve got these fool-proof tips to keep your smartphone safe, you’ll never worry about hackers or stolen data from your smartphone again.

Social Girls Night Out – Gaming & Social Media Event Debuts in Atlanta!

September 26th, 2012 by Tiffany hosted our first ever ‘Social Girls Night Out’ – Gaming and Social Media Etiquette event Monday in Atlanta, GA. Microsoft of Atlanta sponsored the ‘Social Girls Night Out’ kick off as a part of their ongoing community outreach initiatives.


For this event we partnered with Microsoft and Windows specifically to reach an audience that has a growing thirst and necessity for technology at an earlier age than any other generation. Girls from ages 10 to 18 showed up to test new phones & gadgets, play girl powered games, and learn about internet safety and social media responsibility & etiquette. It was a fun filled night of education and entertainment just for girls!


Microsoft techs demonstrated the versatility of Xbox Kinect while giving important tips on how to be safe and protect your privacy on the newest gadgets, games and social media sites.  The ‘Bing It On’ challenge tested the accuracy and differences of a Google search versus a Bing search.  Cloud 9 Cupcakes came to share mini red velvet cupcakes with gamers & guests.  DJ Zen kept the store filled with a great mix of music perfect for gaming & having fun (Special thank you to her for contributing to such an awesome environment for young women!)  And of course, an assortment of prizes were awarded to lucky drawing winners.  Congrats to Jessica & Candace our Radar 4G and Titan II prize pack winners!


If you missed out on our Atlanta event – don’t worry! Social Girls is coming to a city near you. Next stop is Charlotte, North Carolina, followed by D.C., Detroit, New York and more city announcements to come. Knowledge is contagious and we are excited to spread it & create an environment where girls are able to be themselves, discuss social media / cyberbullying and just hang out and have fun! Keep checking for upcoming Social Girls events and locations. Thank you again to our sponsors Microsoft and Windows for their support and dedication!

If you missed Social Girls ATL – here’s a peek at what you missed:


Divas Drive In Heels (NAIAS 2012 Edition): Technology Drives Safer Driving

January 10th, 2012 by Christen

Over the years, cars have traveled a long way becoming more luxurious, sexier and completely safer to drive.  Technology has been a huge influence in how concept cars are designed and engineered for safer function & and overall enjoyable driver experience.  Check out how over the years vehicles have developed safer features and how those features influence technology improvements in vehicles seen this week during the North American International Auto Show.

Which safety feature matters most to you when driving your car?  How important are safety ratings vs functionality to you when selecting a new vehicle?  Let us know!

Are Cyber Goblins Out To Get You? *Infographic*

October 28th, 2011 by Christen

This Halloween – all tricks and no treats, cybercriminals are out to get you!  Your online security could be at risk at this very moment if you’re not prepared with the ammunition to keep your personal information safe all year long.  

Did You Know:  Someone could be selling your stolen information (like your credit report) RIGHT NOW!

“It’s important that online users be mindful of the risks and threats that exist on the Internet, and think twice before clicking suspicious links, or opening potentially harmful attachments – around 3 in 4 spam attachments are malicious, ” said Natalie Severino, Trend Micro’s director of consumer product marketing. “Cybercriminals are also increasingly using current events as a tactic on social networking sites, so consumers should think twice before clicking to see that scary Halloween video a friend appears to have shared on their Facebook wall, or the photo of a costume party from an email address they don’t recognize.”


“In addition, consumers should ensure that their online security software is up to date,” Severino said. “For example, Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Maximum Security 2012 protects users as they surf online and on their social networks, whether on their computers, mobile phones, tablets or other connected devices.”

Interested in protecting your online security?
You could win your own copy of Micro Trend Titanium Maximum Security system for use for your laptop, tablets & smartphone.



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