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New Facebook Feature Helps Ease The Sting Of Updates from Your Ex

November 19th, 2015 by Tech Staff Looking for a way to distance yourself from social media updates from your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?  Facebook wants to help!   Facebook is rolling out a new set of features on the mobile app that'll help you "weed out" the amount of updates you see from your exes and vice versa.  Instead of blocking or unfriending them, you can now be a sneaky and slowly ween yourself apart online.  Discover more the new Facebook breakups features coming to mobile devices soon, below!   Facebook breakups   With one fail swoop and change of your relationship status Facebook will give you the option to magically reduce the number of updates, photos and videos visible.  Additionally, this Facebook breakups feature will give you the option of automatically untagging or limiting the visibility of posts and photos with an ex. You can either go through each post one by one to decide whether to untag yourself or get rid of all tags in one clean sweep.   Facebook breakups   The feature will also allow you to limit the updates your ex may see about you. You can choose to hide your posts from that person, so they will only be able to see those posts that you share publicly, with mutual friends or those that you have tagged them in.  
After years of requests from users in the community, Facebook has decided to offer options other than "unfriending" and "blocking exes" to make the transition a whole lot easier. Ending a relationship in the age of Facebook breakups will always be complicated, but this new feature may be just the option you never knew you needed to make it a friendlier experience online.
Are you friends with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife on Facebook?  Have you ever "unfriended" or "blocked" an ex after a breakup?  Share your thoughts below!

How Facebook Can Predict Your Break-Up Before You Do…

October 30th, 2013 by Christen 142018854 Facebook can predict when you're going to break up.  Apparently the fate of your relationship is not written in the stars but in your social circle. Cornell University researcher Jon Kleinberg and Facebook senior engineer Lars Backstrom proved as much when they presented their co-written research paper at a social computing conference in February. The researchers took the datasets of 1.3 million Facebook users listed as being in a relationship, and found that the more well connected their mutual friends were, the more likely they were to break up.  This theory is described as dispersion.  Couples with high dispersion have mutual friends who are not well connected.  Couples with low dispersion have mutual friends who are well connected.   How Facebook Can Predict Your Next Breakup The Facebook theory suggests if you and your partner share the same social circle on Facebook (low dispersion), you're less likely to have your own lives and therefore the relationship is more likely to implode. A healthy relationship, according to Facebook, is one where both partners have connections to a lot of different groups of people, even if those friendships aren't particularly strong. "Instead of embededness, we propose that the link between and an individual u and v his or her partner should display a 'dispersed' structure: the mutual neighbours of u and v are not well connected to one another and hence u and v act jointly as the only intermediaries between these different parts of the network," the researchers wrote in the study. Of course, this algorithm might not take into account the fact that some couples don't take their social circles on Facebook particularly seriously and therefore might look like they don't have as wide group of friends when they actually do.  Probably because they are out living their lives. Next, Facebook will be able to predict when you'll get fired from your job or the name and sex of your unborn child... Who says social media isn't grand? via Fox News

Rev Run and Tyrese Give Advice on Relationships in Manology Book

February 25th, 2013 by Lifestyle Staff This may come as a surprise to many considering not only the age difference but also the fact that Tyrese Gibson is an R&B singer/actor while Rev Run is a hip hop legend. Besides these difference of lifestyles, the two have collaborated in writing a new book titled Manology, giving everyone two diverse perspectives of  a man's psyche! Manology was published this month and produced by Touchstone. Written for both men and women about an understanding of the male’s psyche and the vast varieties of their thought processes. If you are like most women looking to find and keep love, this is one relationship book for you! revbook Describing the games men play and finding happiness in your relationship; Tyrese and Rev Run present their insight in a bold, uncensored, and realistic way. Even more interesting and realistic, this book is actually the product from a twitter dispute between the two co-authors! They both have extremely different views on relationships, dating, and what is established in a man’s mind in which they discussed and decided to dish out for others to read. What started as a "mantorship" has blossomed into a great friendship between the two who are touring together in lieu of the book. - Tyrese and REV RUN In a recent  appearances Tyrese and Rev Run share no shame in how much they don’t agree, but have found a common ground to express things people should know when it comes to the male’s mind. When this question was raised “when should a woman have sex with a man when dating?” Tyrese answered, “when she feels ready” while Rev Run says, “A woman should wait and leave a mystery for a man to stay interested, love shouldn’t stand for Legs Open Very Easy”. Manology is available everywhere books are sold, on iTunes and as low as $14 on Amazon here   

What do you expect from the collaborating of Rev Run and Tyrese? Do you think Manology will surpass the fame of Steve Harvey's Think Like a Man?

Discover 5 Ways Social Media Can Actually Improve Your Relationships

February 1st, 2013 by Lifestyle Staff Technology and social media have been said to ruin relationships, and as of late this theory has skyrocketed. We're bold enough to say, however, that if technology is able to tear your relationship down to its foundation, it may not have been strong in the first place. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype are not necessarily the enemy of monogamous relationships (they're just the ones who bare the blunt of the blame.) Contrary to popular belief, they can actually help relationships - Don't believe us?  Check out a few ways technology and social media can be used to keep a healthy relationship below.


Now we're no relationship experts, however we have found some tips from our own experiences and seeing what works in other successful relationships. These tips are also taken from lessons learned from observing couples that allowed social media to affect their relationships negatively. It should also be noted that these tips are for those with the goal of monogamy!  

Have fun.

ecard   If this is the person you may spend the rest of your life with, you should be able to have fun with them. Tell jokes and laugh a lot. Send them all the funny e-cards and quotes that remind you of your partner, even if it's about their smelly feet! Use your smart phones as tools to have fun together. Challenge your boo in a game of Words with Friends, even if you are sitting right across the room from each other or miles apart. - -

Don't just have date nights, enjoy every night.

Last week I read a blog from a writer who does not believe in date nights with her husband of 9 years. Going into the read I was thrown off by the title "I Don't Believe in Date Night" but as I continued to read, it all made sense. Couples should enjoy all of their time together, even if they were just arguing with one another. Having a set date night could set the pattern that this will be the only time you both enjoy each other's company. Use different 'best of' apps like Yelp, Happy Hours, and Places to find new and spontaneous outings for regular nights when you both have down time.

Keep your individuality, but limit social media usage.images

You can still be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. even when you're in a relationship. Use it to send funny and sweet e-cards like mentioned above. Send them flirty messages as if you were just getting to know each other- you know, role play! However, you can't be obsessed with social media as when you were single. Keep in mind that you now have to manage how much time you spend on social media. Also, don't leave your friends behind. It's actually healthy if your partner knows your friends and you all hang out together, they'll feel more included. Furthermore, it'll be no suspicions when friends post on your wall.


Communication is key, and with so much technology there is really no excuse! When you're happy, sad, mad, excited let your partner know. Use your iPhone emojis or e-cards when you don't have the words. A lot of times the other person doesn't even know you're feeling some kind of way, and they certainly should NOT find out through a post or status message. On the contrary, use your status posts to say how much you love them or how happy your boo makes you! facebookecard Imagine how special they'll feel when they stumble upon this. A conversation can fix everything! If you're both near a computer have a quick Skype chat to work it all out, rather than texting- which can cause confusion of emotions. Most importantly, talk about what you're both comfortable sharing on social media sites in regards to your relationship and exes, that way you're in complete agreement and there will be no surprises.


Encourage your partner to be great.

This world can be tough. Having someone to encourage you throughout the day is an amazing feeling. Use Twitter or Facebook to give share some encouraging quotes with your lover. Support all the things they share as well. Don't just be a "yes man" but actually give feedback. Help them be a better them.   So to be clear, social media itself isn't to blame for the demise of what was supposed to be happily ever after. Instead, it's an avenue by which threats can develop if you fail to communicate about them, and one that can heighten problems that already exist. Time to stop blaming social media and use it to your relationship's advantage! It is possible!  

What other ways do you use social media to help your relationship? Tell us below...

Five Major Red Flags To Avoid When Searching For Love Online

December 21st, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

"What do the lonely do... at Christmas..."  Well,  a lot of them jump in the sea of love online.  Online dating is now a popular way for individuals to meet, connect, and develop personal and romantic relationships via the internet. There are tons of online dating services to expedite these ventures and now with a plethora of social networking sites finding love online may just find you with one click. onlinelove In 2012 the popular documentary, Catfish, unfolded by following the story of a young man developing a romantic relationship with a young woman via Facebook. After the year-long adventure the young man discovers that everything the young woman portrayed was false. After the release of the documentary the young man was contacted by other people with similar experiences who wanted to know the truth and get connected -in person- with their online matches.


Now a television show on MTV, Catfish reveals an entire community of people who find themselves romantically involved with another person online without having met face to face, and are skeptical of the truth. Yet once the truth is revealed it is often times altered, false and devastating. Obviously there is nothing wrong with searching for love online, but there are some precautions you must take to avoid these “catfish experiences”.


Here are five things to look out for when searching for love online:

False Image

With an increase of social network sites, easy is an understatement when it comes to false image use on profiles. One thing we learned from the TV show Catfish was to drag the profile image into a search engine and see where that image is located elsewhere. The image may be under 'Teresa’s Facebook profile' but also listed as 'Kimberly’s LinkedIN profile'.

False IdentityPublic-Record1

Age, sex, and alias are the most important things to know FIRST. It may be awkward to ask, “hey why don’t you send me a sexy picture of your valid driver’s license?” especially since it seems NO ONE takes a good photo these days, but that is why we have the old school white pages and even online services like If you are really feeling weird you can even check someone’s criminal background on the public conviction database.

False Employement

“What model agency did you say you worked for again?” With today’s technology finding out someone’s employment is as simple as giving the office a call. Even if you have to pretend you are interested in hiring that person, its a great tactic in knowing what’s real and even finding out the reputation of the person’s business.

False Residence

“So you were born in North Carolina, grew up in Atlanta, lived in New Mexico, California, Madrid and Syracuse by age 22?” Sometimes things may not add up and with a little more research flaws in the person’s stories about their past can be revealed. The saying, “it's a small world” is no joke and mutual friends on social networks are great connections to knowing the truth -even if you don’t have mutual friends, after a simple add now you do. FacebookScreen-610x250

False Reasons to Not Video Chat

Eventually trust is established and reasons to avoid video chats shouldn't be accepted. With video applications like Google chat, Skype, iChat, Oovoo, and Tango just to name a few, there are really no reasons not to eventually video chat. Especially with establishments like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, plus your neighbor’s open Wi-Fi, or a friend's apartment; Wi-Fi for video chat is easily accessible with phones, tablets and computers. No excuses.

    Have you experienced a 'catfish' experience while looking for love online? Share, comment, or get to researching if you're currently questioning your online love!     

How To Prioritize Healthy Relationships In Time For The New Year

December 18th, 2012 by Christen marymary   We're in full throttle of the holiday season, and with Christmas next week and 2013 a mere two weeks away - it's safe to say that everyone's re-evaluating all types of relationships this season.  If you're not, then might I suggest taking this time to evaluate each interpersonal relationship that you currently have in your life.   Relationships between you and your family, friends, business relationships and even romantic relationships can be tricky all year round... and when unaddressed unhealthy relationships begin to affect other relationships in our lives?  Watch out! Check out this sneak peek clip of this week's Mary Mary episode below...   Recently, I got the chance to check out a full sneak peek of  this week's episode of Mary Mary on WeTV and I realized that no matter what phase of life you're in, the holidays are always a great time to prioritize healthy relationships in all areas of your life, just in time for the new year.   157727192   Need help figuring out what you can do today?  Check out a few tips on creating & prioritizing healthy relationships in your life below...  

TIP 1:  Take responsibility for your own happiness. Save yourself unnecessary hours of arguing by remembering this one rule: it's not up to anyone else to make you happy. Sure, you can choose to be in a relationship with this person and derive joy and happiness from it, but it's not anyone's responsibility to dig you out of a pitty-party pit every day. Remember that everyday, and you're well on your way to enjoying happy & healthier relationships into the new year.


TIP 2:  Devote time to each other. Make spending time with your partner or important people in your life a priority, even if it's a little inconvenient at first. Relationships need shared experiences to grow, and you're demonstrating that nurturing yours is important to you.  Trying to develop stronger working relationships, use networking opportunities and invest time in nurturing the relationship.  (The same goes for interpersonal relationships as well.)


TIP 3:  Develop better communication. Most people aren't born great communicators — it's something nearly everyone has to work at.  Relay your expectations. If you expect your partner to do something, say it. Don't expect that he or she should read your mind, and don't rely on hints. Being clear about what you want gives your partner a fair shot at succeeding.  Say "please" and "thank you." You should be able to let loose around your partner, so there's no need to worry about having impeccable manners all the time.

  Balancing healthy family and business relationships doesn't take holidays or vacations.  Curating a variety of great relationships in your life takes time and plenty of designated efforts - but during this season of reflection, remembering to take just a few extra steps could lead you into the new year and beyond with host of healthy relationships.     This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of WE tv. The opinions and text are all mine. It's situations like these that the three-time Grammy® award-winning gospel duo Erica and Tina Campbell face in Season 2 of WE tv’s hit series Mary Mary as they balance being recording artists, mothers, and wives. MARY MARY premieres Thursday, December 6 at 10|9c and moves to its regular timeslot on Thursdays at 9|8c, beginning December 13. Watch a sneak peek here! This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of WE tv. The opinions and text are all mine.

From Smizing To Sexting…There A New App For That!

November 17th, 2012 by Christen On average, there are about 300 new apps, created and released every day!  There are apps to help you plan your day, meals and even step up your dating & relationship skills.  If supermodel/mogul Tyra Banks is known for one thing, it's inventing "the smize," or the act of smiling with your eyes. Now a pop culture staple, smizing is no longer an elite skill limited to America's top models -- Tyra has decided to share her smizing powers with us all with the “Smize Yourself!” app.   The “Smize Yourself!” app allows users to apply facial morphing technology to enhance the smizes in their own photos. Users receive training via Banks’ voice-over narration. After taking a photo within the app’s face outline, one swipe will adjust the emotion in the picture’s eyes from subtle to exaggerated.  Earlier this week, Tyra stopped by the Wendy Williams show to talk Top Model, Love and "smizing" and based on some of the photos we've seen, a good smize could go a long way.     From smizing to sexting, the Vibease has taken sexting to a truly technical level with the Vibease app.  Remember that time you really wanted to "get it on," but your partner was thousands of miles away?  A startup called Vibease recently started taking pre-orders for a new long-distance vibrator operated by bluetooth technology. The full bundle includes the free Vibease app as well as what the company calls a "massager," for about $70.   By connecting the vibrator through bluetooth, women's partners are able to control the type of massage received through a series of functions on their smartphone.  The app also allows couples to chat, send pics or sext through a secure messaging service that requires a security pin for access.   Talk about apps meant for long distance relationships and just in case your mate is on a long business trip, the "smize" app and Vibease app can take you from first base to home plate with literally the press of a button.  What will they think of next?    

Will Social Media Be The Death Of Your Relationship?

June 15th, 2012 by Christen

  We all know that sometimes social media can create &  enhance relationships --- but did you know that it's also becoming a leading cause for breakups and increased divorce rates?   A survey by the social site Badoo, meanwhile, found that 39% of Americans spend more time socializing online than in person. 20% actually prefer communicating online or via text message to face to face conversation, while a third said they’re more likely to approach someone new online than off.  Explore if your social media addiction is too much and if your relationship is at risk of demise via social networking below...  

Do you believe that social media can cause the demise of relationships?  Do you had a horrible social media love story to tell?  Share below...

How Well Does Women + Technology Really Mix?

May 22nd, 2012 by Christen

As a woman who spends her time in the geek space as well as the entertainment space - it's always interesting to hear opinionated views on women in the technology field.  From the workplace to the social media space, women have been an influential force behind the evolution of technology and although, it's still a male-dominated field - you'd be amazed at the strides that women are making on a daily basis!

Why Your Relationship & Social Media Won’t Mix…

April 26th, 2012 by Tech Staff Relationships are hard enough. But the rise of social media — where sharing private moments is encouraged, and provocative and confessional postings can help build a following — has created a new source of friction for couples: what is fair game for sharing with the world? If one half of a couple is not interested in broadcasting the details of a botched dinner or romantic weekend, Facebook postings or tweets can create irritation, embarrassment, miscommunication and bruised egos. After a few relationship-testing episodes, some spouses have started insisting that their partners ask for approval before posting comments and photographs that include them. Couples also are talking through rules as early as the first date (a kind of social media prenup) about what is O.K. to share. Even tweeting about something as seemingly innocent as a house repair can become a lesson in boundary-setting. “There is a standard negotiation that takes place in lots of relationships, but now there are multiple audiences watching,” said Lee Rainie, the director of the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, which explores technology and human behavior. “There will be awkward moments, even more so if that negotiation is played out in public.” Interviews with more than a dozen couples suggest that disagreements over how much to share are common. Check out real life stories of couples and their relationship / social media ups and downs here...



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