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It’s Never To Late To Get A Jump On New Year’s Resolutions With Apps

February 5th, 2016 by Christen

Is it me or does it seem like January went by way too fast?  I mean, it feels like Thanksgiving was just yesterday and we’re already one month deep into the 2016 new year.  I think its safe to call January a practice month, and if you haven’t yet tackled your new year’s resolution, you can safely begin today.



New Year resolutions apps



From budgeting apps to save you money to fitness apps that’ll keep your healthy goals on point.  I’ve teamed up with Progressive Life Lanes to share a few of my favorite New Year’s Resolution apps that’ll kick your year off right.  It’s never too late to get a jump on your new year’s resolutions with apps and here’s the downloads to prove it!


Spending less and saving more is a goal many of us tend to strive for every year.  Budgeting is an important part of developing positive financial habits and building wealth, but, unfortunately, many fail to keep on track after the first 90 days of the new year.  There are several banking apps like SIMPLE, and automatic saving apps like DIGIT (I’ve saved close to $500 bucks!) that help make budgeting easier than ever before. There are even mobile money apps that take the pain out of budgeting by automatically tracking your spending and updating spendable cash each day. It presents a clear, real-time picture of whether you are within your budget, and helps you create a connection between everyday decisions and larger financial goals.


Losing weight is always one of the top New Year’s resolutions. There are apps that can help practically anyone stay on top of their fitness goals for the new year. These apps can help measure your level of fitness as well as challenge users to meet and exceed their fitness goals. Although losing weight is a gradual process, smartphone apps are a great way to hold yourself accountable, as well as keep motivation high as you hit your milestones. From solo fitness apps like Lose It to group fitness apps like Nike Training Club, My Fitness Pal and Fitocracy once you sign up and find the right one for you, you’ll be on your way to a happier and healthier lifestyle in no time.


Looking for more apps to keep you on the right track?  Check out all the suggestions at Progressive Life Lanes today!



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