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Be Like Barack: Get Focused, Dig in and Reinvest in Your Career!

December 19th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff version.indd

Even the President had to reapply for his job this year, indicating the perfect timing for us all to take stock of our desires for a better career moving forward. (Congratulations to President Barack Obama TIME Magazine's 2012 Person Of The Year) Most working Americans spend roughly the same amount of time working each day as they do sleeping—even more than that if you're an individual that holds down two jobs or pursues your passion on the side. With such a significant portion of our time spent on the daily grind, it is important to find satisfaction in the work we do. Listed below are a few things to consider that will help you move forward in your career and enjoy the satisfaction you deserve.


1. Make a list of the personal, financial, social and educational benefits your job offers you.

contemporary-home-office This list may be long or short; it could be practical (i.e.: pays my bills) or futuristic (i.e.: teaching me how to run my own business). Either way, there are daily benefits of earning a living—articulate those aspects and start being appreciative. Karma works on a positive tip too! It is always beneficial to remind yourself your work benefits other than just the monetary ones.


2. Reorganize and spruce up your work space.

Given the amount of time we spend at work, it makes sense that our environment contributes to our attitude. Here are Five Spring Cleaning Tips to Invigorate Your Workspace. Find small ways to brighten your work space and make it a place that you enjoy. Find more ideas on how to organize your home office from cupcakes to cashmere. Make it feel a little less like work, and more like you.


3. Not working at your passion? No problem. There’s still time left.

Just ask Dara Torres—at 45 she’s the oldest swimmer to have competed at the Olympics five times over (that’s a span of 24 years). Or think Iyanla Vanzant—inspirational speaker, author, and life coach. After taking a break from television for almost a decade, she’s made a strong comeback on OWN with the show, Iyanla: Fix My Life. Never give up on your passion. You may have to revise the steps you take to accomplish your dreams, but they can come true!


4. Find a mentor that can help you realize your full potential.

Mentorships can be formal or organic in the way they are developed. To avoid conflicts of interest, seek mentors that work within your field, but not at the same company. There are several specific programs that can aid you in finding one. Make sure to then ask your mentor if they have the time and commitment to serve in that specific capacity. Mentors can help with career development, networking, professional grooming and building of specialized skill sets. Remember to give back and mentor someone else once you have moved up!


5. Create a vision board to help plan for your next career move.

brighter future vision board

A vision board can focus your aspirations and uses the laws of attraction to help you get there. Do you want to change careers? Is there a specific company you want to work for? Do you imagine working in a particular environment? Is there a target income you’d like to make? Creating a vision board is simple, fun and easy to do. Some have even started to use Pinterest as their virtual vision board. Whichever kind you use, make sure to place it where you will see it everyday so that it will be embedded in your mind and ready to come to life!

 So remember: Prioritize, reorganize, and put one foot in front of the other. While you have the time and opportunity, take advantage of the people and technologies available to you that will not only advance your career, but also leave you feeling more satisfied.


Inspire someone else while being inspired. Tell us how you have reinvested in your career in the past or plan to do so in 2013, or share the links to your online vision boards below...

Social Media’s G.O.A.T? The Photo That Continues To Shatter Social Media Records…

November 8th, 2012 by Christen   According to Forbes and
In late September, Media Bistro’s All Twitter blog tabulated the most popular tweets of all time – as gauged by retweets. The winner was Justin Bieber, who as of this writing had 223,376 retweets for this tweet.  President Obama shattered that record with this tweet upon the media calling Ohio for him.  After winning his second term as U.S. President, Barack Obama shared the same photo on his Facebook page that quickly became the most Liked photo ever on the social network. The picture shows the president embracing his wife Michelle with the caption: Four more years. The image had become the most Liked photo in Facebook history: With more than 4 million likes, this Barack Obama photo is the most-liked Facebook photo of all time.
  That’s yet another victory for Obama’s social-media savvy campaign team, who dominated Romney in most social media metrics.  This tweet has only skyrocketed in popularity since this victory. As of today, Obama’s tweet now has 789,780 retweets.

Presidential Debates, Social Media Spikes and The Possibility Of A Media-Lead Election…

October 22nd, 2012 by Christen Well folks, we're down to the final debate of this presidential election season!  The score is tied 1-1 (depending on who you ask) and the swing states are listening in to what both President Obama and Governor Romney has to say.   The last debate caused quite a stir on the social (media) scale.  From Romney's "Binders full of women" to Obama's Mortal Kombat ending (finish him) blow reminding Americans of Romney's "47% of American's feel entitled to a government handout" statement.    Check out the infographics below detailing presidential searches and more details below...        

The third and final Presidential Debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will take place Monday night from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. The topic will be foreign policy and the discussion will be moderated by Bob Schieffer, host of Face The Nation on CBS. As with earlier debates, this will be 90 minutes long and we will carry the live stream on this page. Live Stream: Available around 8pm et / 5pm pt Air Time: Monday, October 22, 2012 @ 9pm et / 8pm ct / 7pm mt / 6pm pt Channels: ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and more including CNN Espanol and others Moderator: Bob Schieffer (Host of Face the Nation on CBS) The debate will focus on foreign policy and be divided into six time segments of approximately 15 minutes each on topics to be selected by the moderator. Subject to possible changes because of news developments, here are the topics for the October 22 debate, not necessarily to be brought up in this order: -America’s role in the world -Our longest war – Afghanistan and Pakistan -Red Lines – Israel and Iran -The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – I -The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – II -The Rise of China and Tomorrow’s World     What are you looking forward to seeing / tweeting tonight?  Do you expect anymore "zingers" from either opponent?  Can you predict the next parody account to develop out of this final debate?  

Runway To Win: American Designers In Support Of President Obama

September 20th, 2012 by Fashion Staff Have you seen the latest designers in support of President Obama recently?  Celebrity designers like Tracy ReeseRachel Zoe, Vera Wang, Tory Burch, even Supermodel Chanel Iman, Mogul Russell Simmons and Beyonce & Tina Knowles created designs exclusively in support of Obama 2012.  The exclusive designs are all apart of Obama's Runway To Win project in support of the Obama Victory fund.  Currently available online, items such as polo shirts, canvas bags, tees, backpacks, scarves and more can be found with the ominous "O" symbol.  Check out a few of the items below and guess which designer looks you can identify...



What do you think about the collection.... Could you identify which designer created each piece?  Check out the entire collection online at

FLOTUS Michelle Obama WOWS & INSPIRES At #DNC2012

September 5th, 2012 by Christen ;

Reporting LIVE from the Democratic National Convention FLOTUS Michelle Obama showed her support for an All-American designer during her Tuesday night speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. FLOTUS, 48, looked fabulous in a pink floral Tracy Reese dress and coordinating J. Crew heels -- proving once again, you don't need to shell out big designer bucks to look chic. The Detroit-born Reese's designs have been a favorite of the First Lady's during her four-plus years in the spotlight alongside her husband, President Barack Obama. (In May, Obama wore a sophisticated blue Tracy Reese dress for her Ebony magazine cover).

As "mom-in-chief" watching her exclaim how much she still loves & believes in President Barack Obama like never before, is a true testament to what a partnership is really about. At times, on the cusp of tears while discussing her father's diligence in working and providing for her education, she also compared President Obama's upbringing & stance about financial aid " Barack, these issues aren't political - they're personal..." Read more of FLOTUS speech HERE. ; What was your favorite fashionable moments from FLOTUS? Did she do a great job of convincing Americans that President Obama is the right man for presidency in 2012? via ;
Michelle Obama Credit: Win McNamee/Getty



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