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Beat The Holiday Pudge With These Five Fat-busting Apps Today

November 27th, 2012 by Tech Staff


Family time, awesome gifts and warm gloves aren’t the only thing that the holidays bring on! We’re eating for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years and everything else in between but how do we combat the winter weight gain that comes along with it?  Sure we all want to go to the gym EVERYDAY, but will that really happen in reality? Doubt it!  That’s why we’ve found the next best thing!  Harness the power of your fingertips with fat-busting apps that’ll get you on the right path & a head start towards healthier living well before January.  We’ve wrangled up five of the best apps to help you battle the holiday bulge starting today!





 Workout Trainer:

One of my personal favs, the Workout Trainer app lets you select from thousands of free workout programs and save your favorites for easy access. Customize your own workouts, and each exercise comes with photo/video tutorial (just in case you don’t know what Burpees, Spider Pushups or Seal Jacks are). You can even schedule your workouts and get reminders sent to your phone.






–  P90X:

Yes there’s an app for that! One of the most intense workout dvd’s is now gracing iphones everywhere. You can try the Ab Ripper X program for free and receive a discount on ordering the dvd set via the app. Anyone that’s ever tried P90X knows how intense their exercises are, so if this can’t keep you from gaining this holiday season nothing will!





–  Sworkit:

This one is a little less customizable than Workout Trainer but perfect for those who just want to get started! Target workouts to your lower body, upper body, core and yoga programs, or select Anything Goes to do a little of everything.  Download on your ipad and listen along to workouts




How are you fighting the ‘holiday 15’ this season!?




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