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Games, Gadgets, and Apps You Can Enjoy with Your Guy

December 4th, 2012 by Tech Staff

Games, Gadgets, and Apps You Can Enjoy with Your Guy

It’s not uncommon these days to see a couple spending time together but instead of looking into each other’s eyes, they are looking at something on their phones. With new apps, games, and gadgets being released what seems like everyday it gets harder to find quality time without distractions.

To those who are attached to their smart phones, and the girls who haven’t spent a quality minute with their other half since the latest RPG video game came out, this list is for you.

Here are some “two player” options.

Lazer Tag

The Lazer Tag attachment turns your iPhone into a laser gun that shoots up to 250 feet away. Once you buy the attachment for $39.99 at, download the free Lazer Tag app and start playing.




UFC Personal Trainer for Xbox 360

Xbox Kinect released a game called UFC Personal Trainer.
It doesn’t turn you into a UFC fighter but it will show you how to workout like one. While your guy is living out his cage match fantasies you can tone up all of your trouble areas. Buy the UFC Personal Trainer game for $29.99 everywhere.

Pocket Projector

Pocket Projector for iPhone is an attachment that projects videos up to from your phone onto any wall nearby. Watch that funny YouTube video you have been sharing with your friends on Facebook all day or snuggle up anywhere and watch a movie on Netflix. The Pocket Projector is available for 199.99 at

8Tracks Radio App

The 8Tracks Radio App streams play lists from every genre and for every mood. What makes it different from other streaming radio apps is you create the play list. You can name it, tag and then share it via email, text or on Facebook and Twitter. There are tons of play lists. Some existing users have even created motivational play lists with speeches and comedic clips. What’s the benefit for couples? Attach a custom play list for your other half to that “Good morning” text, send them a motivational clip when they are having a bad day. Make a play list for a special occasion or when you finally have some time to relax together. This app is free on the iPhone and Android markets.



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