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How To Successfully Quit Your Social Media Addiction

May 31st, 2013 by Christen

Are you addicted to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?  Do you have a social media addiction that has completely taken over your life?  Earlier this week, I shared how to identify your Tweetaholism (Noun.  An addiction to the consumption of social media via Twitter or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from Twitter dependency.) via Top Ten Reasons You May Be A Tweetaholic…  If you find yourself having one or more of the common warning signs of being addicted to Twitter, it’s okay.  There’s hope for a speedy recovering – but only if you follow these tips on battling your social media addiction below.


SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION5. Own up to your Twitter addiction. Yes, it’s a cliche that half the battle is admitting the problem but not acknowledging it means you won’t change the addictive behavior. And before you rush to tweet that you have a Twitter addiction, by all means admit it to yourself but remember that there’s no need to tell the world.


4. Introduce your road to recovery.  If you must say something about toning down your Twitter use, lay it on in much more general terms, such as:
“Got a novel to finish. You won’t see much of me here for a bit.”
“Giving birth tomorrow. Since I’m no supermom, you won’t see me around till I know how to parent.”
“Tweeting less ‘coz I’ve discovered marathon running. Off to train!”


3. Plan your Twitter time. If you’re inwardly groaning about how any person could ever “plan” the use of what is essentially a spontaneous medium, you’re right. Twitter works because of its spontaneity. Allow yourself a set amount of time every day, reserved for Twitter.

Suggested: 15 minutes every 3 hours, or one single block of an hour a day when everything else is taken care of.  Set precise tweeting times. This is different from the previous suggestion in that you can set a time every day, say 12:30PM to send one tweet message. Stick the to exact allotted times.  Check when your tweets have the most impact. Using only high-impact times can lessen your daily usage. Choose your time to coincide only with the time of most impact; this will vary depending on where you live and your interests.
2.   Set aside “pure Twitter time”. This means avoiding use of Twitter as something you can do while multitasking, such as watching TV, reading your exam notes, or writing articles about quitting Twitter.




1.  Spend time away from TMI (too-much-information). The constant bombardment of messages can induce a sense of constant hyper-awareness that keeps you on edge, in need of reacting and worrying over things you can’t, on the whole, change. Give yourself information free time, chilling under some trees, or down at the gym, or wherever your favorite quiet spot is. Without your phone.  Maybe even take a social media hiatus by completing a summer bucket list like Ty of – there’s no time like the present to get started.


Now that you have a step-by-step guide to successfully quit your social media addiction, what are you waiting for?  Unplug from the grid and enjoy living addiction free this summer!  But first, make sure to share this post with your family and friends via Facebook or Twitter…(Hey, I’m not an enabler – I’m just trying to help you help others too!)


What Social Media Trends Are Taking Off in 2013?

December 20th, 2012 by Tech Staff


(Source: TwinEngineSocial media image via Shutterstock.)

Here is what some experts predict:


Social Search – “Search based on social signals.  Facebook will change the search game –

They know what people want because they have been collecting data around comments, likes and engagement.” (Stephen Murphy of Get Busy Media)

Contextualizing of Experiences – “Facebook´s latest updates to the open graph will create a ripple effect, allowing companies to create social apps that tap into users’ social real-time actions and engage them in new behaviors.  Expect to see real-time contextualizing of experiences, offers and content that go beyond the simple ‘like’ button. For B2B brands, LinkedIn will enable new and more meaningful ways of social engagement.”  (Jonas Klit Nielsen)

“The rise of the Online Recommendation Culture – Moms’ rapid embrace of social media translates into blogs, Facebook, and Twitter becoming the new ‘picket fence,’ where Moms connect with one another to make friends, hear trusted recommendations, and gain first-person perspective.”  (Stacy DeBroff of Mom Central Consulting)

Mobile is the way of the future to how we communicate across multiple channels to multiple people.  To keep us interested there must be cutting edge, sophisticated social/mobile experiences and engagement that will keep us stimulated as well as incentives to keep increasing our usage of social media.

‘Ready, Set, Engage!’ Social Media Basics (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram)

August 31st, 2012 by Christen

Today, I’ll be sharing a few social media basics with the friends and families attending the 10th Annual Tom Joyner Family Reunion in Orlando, FL.  Since many parents and grandparents aren’t as social media savvy as the teens & kids in their lives, these quick & easy tips are great starting points for using some of the most popular social media sites today.  With over 900 Million users most of them 21-24years olds sharing blog posts, videos, photos, questions & answers.  It’s a great platform for interacting with friends & family on a personal level online.

A few tips to maximize your use of Facebook while with family on vacation are: 

1.  Take plenty of photos & make sure to tag your friends, family in the photos and use the to keep track of all this weekend’s fun!  (Make sure you tag only the people in the photo  (tagging people in a photo that aren’t actually in the photo can be considered spam & just isn’t good social media practice.) Tagging friends is easy, simply take a photo & click on the tag button & begin typing in your Facebook friend’s name. When someone is tagged in a photo that picture is automatically added to that persons profile and is a great way to share pictures with all friends.

2.  Using Facebook on your smartphone? Keep your e-mail and your cell phone clean by updating or eliminate Facebook notifications – Facebook notifications can be added and removed by clicking Account link in the top right corner, then Account Settings, and then clicking the Notifications tab. This will eliminate FB pings, rings & emails daily which can be annoying (and also reak havoc on your smartphone battery life).

3.  Catch up with old friends easily. If you’ve added your High School or previous Work locations to your profile, quickly see all classmates and co-workers on Facebook by clicking the link in your Info tab under your profile.


4.  Keep up with new TJFR friends or plan next year’s family reunion using a personalized Facebook group!  Facebook groups are great ways to keep an open, closed or secret communication thread online to share photos, ideas, plans or discussions – and only people you add in the group can see it.  Simply click the create group tab on the FB side panel, create a group name & begin adding Facebook friends to the group.

UPDATED 9/1/12

Twitter – Is a great communication platform used for short (140 characters or less), to the point updates, sharing links to content & one on one interaction with followers. With just under 600 million users, mostly women and users ages 31-49 this quick update platform is far simpler than Facebook and a lot easier to manage on your mobile device.


A few tips to maximize your use of Twitter while with family on vacation are:

  1. Use the hashtag!  Hashtags are great ways to find people who follow a related topic or interest on twitter.  Usually identified by the pound # sign and followed by the hashtag name.  This weekend’s Tom Joyner Family Reunion hashtag is #AllstateTJFR (Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion)
  2. Follow some of this weekend’s heavy tweeters like @TJMS, @AllState @GaylordPalms or @VisitKissimee or @DivasandDorks -à Shameless plug
  3. Just like Facebook, you can create Twitter lists to keep up with specific Tweeters all in one place without filtering through your Twitter timeline. To create a list, click the Lists link and then Create a list. After creating a list visit the persons profile page you wish to add and click the list icon, as shown in the picture to the right.
  4. If you want to triumph at tweeting, ENGAGEMENT is the name of the game.  Don’t just tweet random thoughts.  Retweet & participate in conversations frequently, Don’t whine & complain all the time (it’s Twitter, not your personal shrink) and learn the lingo.  @Reply, DM = Direct Messages, Follower, Hashtag, trending topics, etc.

If you’re looking for quick interaction online, Twitter is the perfect tool for you!


Looking for Pinterest & Instagram tips?  I’ll be updating this post throughout the day after the seminar… In the meantime, check out this infographic on social media use below…





Which Social Sites Are Worth Your Efforts & Which Are Wasting Your Time?

May 21st, 2012 by Christen
Everyone knows that social media platforms are growing by leaps and bounds everyday.  But did you know, that it’s not necessarily mandatory for you to waste time keeping up with every social media site under the sun?  Check out a few of these stats about social media use and figure out which site, application or platform is worth your time & which ones are just wasting your time below…
by gogulf.

Are you trying to keep up with social media?  Which sites are most important to you & why?

Sephora Makes Over the Future of Shopping By Adding Apple Devices In Stores, Pinterest & More!

April 9th, 2012 by Christen

Sephora is reinventing retail with its new approach to online and in-store shopping. Its social and mobile makeover, unveiled today, includes: an entirely new personalized web experience, new mobile website, iPhone app and iOS devices in over 100 stores. Sephora is also one of the first retail brands to fully integrate with Pinterest, adding “Pin It” buttons to every product and brand page.

“Digital is a must for the future of retailing,” said Julie Bornstein, senior vice president, Sephora Direct. “With the social, digital, mobile and website updates, we’re giving our clients the most customizable experience in the beauty industry, and connecting clients with our experts in the ways that are most relevant to them. We’re excited to makeover the future of shopping.” gets a whole new look
Live today, Sephora unveiled its faster, smarter website that offers the most targeted product search in the beauty category today. Each product on has been tagged and indexed with 25 different characteristics – from relevant data like target age group, to specific ingredients, formulations, fragrance, price and more – so a client can easily find the right product. It took a team of 50 people and 5,000 hours to index and tag every single product, and the result is an incredibly targeted, personal experience.

The makeover also includes 80,000 additional images, product quick-views, more color views and time-saving checkout; clients can place an order in half the clicks, and in half the time.

From clients can also check in-store availability for any of Sephora’s over 300 stores, create favorite product lists, learn the latest trends, get personalized advice, watch tutorials from Sephora’s editors, and interact with experts instantly. All of these new features will also be available on the site.


Sephora’s new social tools:  Pinterest and Instagram
Also announced today, Sephora is one of the first major retail brands to fully integrate with Pinterest, the social bookmarking tool for images and video. The Pinterest “Pin It” button is on every product page, letting users pin any of the 14,000 products from Fans can also check out Sephora inspiration boards, highlighting current looks and new products.

Sephora’s new feed on Instagram will give followers a behind-the-scenes look at the company and its staff, and what trends and products are driving buzz in the beauty world.


Sephora’s new mobile look:  iOS devices in every store
As part of Sephora’s mobile focus, it is testing iPads in stores. Twenty stores in the U.S. have been outfitted with iPads to give the client another way to navigate Sephora’s thousands of products and interact with a menu of services offered at the Beauty Studio. Sephora is also distributing an iPod Touch to allow sales associates to help clients find and research products through the Sephora app, and allow for faster, mobile checkout.

“Some retailers are afraid to allow devices in their stores, but we embrace it,” said Bridget Dolan, vice president, Interactive Media, Sephora. “We’re bridging the online and offline world, and making it as easy as possible to find the products you want, in a way that’s cool, familiar, and helpful.”

All of the social and digital updates are available beginning today, April 9. To visit the new site go to, and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Have You Seen Your New Pinterest Timeline-esque Page Yet?

March 16th, 2012 by Christen

Pinterest has made good on CEO Ben Silbermann’s promise earlier this week to redesign profiles on the site.

New Pinterest profile pages rolled out Friday morning. The new pages boast a cleaner, more streamlined design that gives you a Facebook-esque Timeline.


The tab on the left detailing who is following you and who has recently repinned your photos and videos is gone. Instead, a horizontal bar on the top of the page details that information. You’ll also note that there’s more blank space on the side and top, giving the page a less cluttered look. In another change, the default for the profile page shows recent pins, rather than Pinboards.

The vertically oriented photos and the space for a large rectangular photo on top also resemble Facebook’s new Timeline profiles.

I really like the way it looks now, however like most users I’m typically pinning from my smartphone (but I digress…). The new look and feel of Pinterest finally gives me the feeling of “online organization” the way that the social media site was truly intended to be.


Are you on Pinterest? If so, share your usernames below – we love checking out new pins! Make sure you follow DivasandDorks on Pinterest!



Every 60 seconds in social media…{INFOGRAPHIC}

March 13th, 2012 by Christen

If you’re a lover of connecting via social media, then you’re not alone.  Did you know: There are over 175,000 tweets sent every 60 seconds?  If you think that’s a lot – you’ll never guess which social media site sees the most action every minute of the day!  Check out the infographic below and let us know which site sees the most action from you daily…


Do you visit any of these sites more than the others?  Which social media site is your favorite?

PINTERESTing News About Pinterest Users {INFOGRAPHIC}

March 1st, 2012 by Christen

We’re on Pinterest (but you knew that already…) Check out the latest statistics about other Pinterest users – You’d be surprised who’s on there too!


In case you aren’t following our pins already…FOLLOW us on Pinterest today 😉

Is Your Mind Being Ruined By Social Media Use? (Infographic)

December 28th, 2011 by Christen

We spend countless hours on social media, from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more…that’s a lot!  Check out this infographic that shows us exactly how our obsessive social media use is actually taking a toll on the brain.



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