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How to Make Your Holiday Photography Fabulous This Season!

November 29th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

Do you love photography or just enjoy taking pictures, but feel like pricey cameras are keeping professional-looking photos out of reach? Here are 3 key tips sure to make your holiday photos look top-notch without investing in expensive equipment.


1.       Forget the Flash

Ever wonder why throwaway camera pictures have off-kilter coloring? Flash is your culprit!

Unless you’re shooting in the dark, forget it even exists.  Keep your camera steady and try to shoot in early morning or early evening light to get the best natural shadows and highlights from your environment.  Additionally, if your camera allows it, adjust shutter speed (a.k.a. ISO) to control the amount of light you’re letting in (higher ISO = more light = best for darker environments).


2.       Learn The Rule of Thirds

NEVER put your subject in the center of the frame.  Instead, picture your camera view as being divided into three sections, and keep your subject in either the left-hand or right-hand third. Also, remember the “halo” rule: make sure to leave space above and around the subject’s head so that they don’t look crammed into the shot.


3.       Know Your Angles

America’s Next Top Model contestants aren’t the only ones who need to understand angles.  An otherwise-boring shot can be instantly spruced up by changing your perspective.








Want to make your subject look more important and/or taller? Shoot from below. On the flipside, shooting from above can also make a subject look smaller, but slimmer, so a higher perspective might be the answer to soothing subjects with any worries, while also being fabulously spontaneous.





Do you have a unique photo tip to share? Let us know what you do to spruce up your special holiday photos. 




Take Photos? Like Instagram? Check Out These Five Photo Sharing Tricks!

October 19th, 2011 by Christen

Everyone loves the photo-sharing app Instagram, but did you know that you can enhance your experience with these photo sharing tricks?

“What kind of edible plant is this?  Wait, Is it even edible?”


1. Edit your photos and create cool effects with other iPhone camera apps. My favorites include: Outcolor, ArtCamera, Photogene, Diptic, Pinhole Cam and ColorSplash. If you didn’t realize it, there’s a lot of editing you can do from your iPhone.

“My piggy bank is smarter than Bank of America”


2. Caption this. Offer an opportunity for people in your network to write the caption for your photo or photos. Just include a mention in your own caption to encourage the feedback.

“Yes I follow Starbucks.  In spirit and in truth.”


3. Follow your favorite brands and organizations. Many times you’ll get cool “behind the scenes” photos and connect with brand managers in a fun environment. You’ll need to search the app for user names to find them. (NOTE: I follow most of the brands on Twitter and was able to locate them from Instragram’s “find friends” feature.)

Posing with great bloggers celebrating ‘More Birthdays’ with the American Cancer Society.


4. Hashtag it. You might know the hashtag from Twitter and it’s making its way in to other networks. Instragram is no exception. You can add hashtags to your captions and share them on other social networks, like Twitter and Facebook. You can also search for others using the same hashtag. I use this as a way to find other people to follow, especially if the hashtag indicates a shared interest or commonality.

5. Got A Lot of Followers?  Give em THANKS! How? Use the Instragram application, Statigram. To log in, enter your Instragram user name and password. It will take a few minutes to pull up your data, but it’s worth the wait. Once your information appears, scroll down to find your top follower information. Select “Snapshot this” and enter your email address.

I love sharing and checking out creative photos on Instagram — Want to see more Instagram flicks from DivasandDorks? Find us in your Instagram app & we look forward to sharing photos with you soon!



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