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Ditch The Selfie Stick, This Is The Accessory For Selfie Lovers Everywhere

May 26th, 2015 by Christen If you were like most travelers over the holiday weekend, you may have found yourself fumbling with selfie sticks while trying to capture your memorable moments.  While selfie sticks have been the latest in trending tech accessories for smartphones lately, there's a newer and more compact alternative in town and it'll upgrade your photo capturing experience without leaving you looking like pole-toting dweeb in the process.   IMG_0572   Say hello to the Satechi Bluetooth Shutter Button! This miniature remote, activates user’s camera shutter on smartphones or tablets from up to 40 feet away.  By simply pairing your device via bluetooth, you can easily snap photos from anywhere! Attach the button to your keychain or dashboard to safely and conveniently access your smartphone when it's out of reach. Access your tablet or smartphone even while it's in your pocket, purse, from the couch, and more! The Satechi shutter button makes taking photos even easier with a single press of a button. Take the perfect blur-free selfie, include yourself in group photos and start/stop video recording up to 40 feet away.  
Satechi Bluetooth Shutter Button
    Remote Shutter The Satechi BT Shutter Button activates the camera shutter on your smartphone or tablet from up to 40 feet away. Prop up your smartphone and use the BT Shutter Button to take blur-free selfies, or include yourself in group photos without having to ask a stranger to take the photo for you.   Bluetooth Connection Simply pair the BT Shutter Button to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. There is no software to install or any apps to download. The included CR2016 battery has an amazingly long battery life of up to 2 years and the wireless Bluetooth range is up to 40 feet.   Keychain Attachment Attach the BT Shutter Button to your key ring using the included keychain attachment to quickly take blur-free photos. Take photos without even touching your phone!   During a recent trip to Dallas, Texas - I put the Satechi shutter button to the ultimate selfie test! I propped my iPhone 6 on top of a poolside shelf (supported by a few books and knick-knacks to angle my smartphone to the desired height.) After stepping poolside, I simply placed the Satechi remote in my pocket and began snapping away.  Since the phone was about 15 feet away, it was difficult to see if the photos were in fact being captured, but after taking a look - I found this!     I definitely could not have captured this photo with a selfie stick!  Could you imagine the swimming pool carnage if my phone slipped through its' grips and fell in?  That's just one of the many reasons why the Satechi shutter button is my new selfie snapping companion this summer! It's compact, reliable and snaps the perfect blur-free photos everytime!   Satechi Bluetooth Shutter Button  


Bluetooth Shutter Button Button mount Keychain attachment 3M sticker CR2016 battery

Satechi Bluetooth Shutter Button ($24.99) vailable at

The Mosaic App Will Capture Your Favorite End Of Summer Moments To Share Forever

August 29th, 2014 by Christen Are you looking forward to capturing amazing moments this holiday weekend?  Why not capture moments to share forever with your personalized Mosaic photo album? mosaic app   How does the Mosaic app work? It lets you gather up pictures from a vacation, party, barbecue, or other life event, and easily make a coffee table book of photos at a reasonable price. Once ordered, the finished product arrives in four days.

The app is incredibly easy to use. You simply touch a button that says Create a New Mosaic, then choose your Camera Roll, Photo Stream, or any other shared folder of photos. From there you need to select 20 photos -- preferably from an event so all the photos fit a theme. As you select photos, a window opens up on the bottom that shows you your selections. If you would like to reorder the images, just touch and hold them as you would apps on the home screen, then touch and slide each photo into the order you want.

mosaic app

When you're finished, the app presents you with a preview of your photo book, with a cut-out front cover that shows your photos in a mosaic on the first page. There's a shuffle button at the top that will change the position of your selected photos on the mosaic. Using swipe gestures, you can flip through the book to look at each image the way it will show up in your hard copy. You have just one customization option here: you can select a black or white background for your photos.

When you're satisfied with the photo order and background, you can touch a Place Order button and enter your information, address where you would like the book sent, and payment information. The service costs $20 plus tax and shipping and will arrive in four days. You'll also receive push notifications for order status changes, such as when it is shipped and out for delivery.

mosaic app

  I was able to order one and I like the end result. The book itself is made of a hard cardboard cover that feels substantial and the end result makes for an excellent gift or addition to your coffee table. Mosaic is a neat idea and I think the service is well worth the $20 for a simple way to make a quick and elegant photo book.  Available for iPhone or Android devices today.  For more information visit

Score Movie Freebies This Weekend… With A Cheesy Selfie

July 25th, 2014 by Christen cheesy selfie  
sel·fie (noun)  informal 1.  a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.
  Everyone loves selfies and now brands are figuring out ways to reward us for our selfie addictions.  Let’s face it—we all love cheese and we all take selfies, so why not get some cheddar for it?  From now until August 11th Regal Cinemas and Tostitos are searching for the cheesiest selfie to crown THE ROYAL CHEESIE and fly them out to Hollywood for a VIP weekend.  This is fun contest to show off your favorite cheesy selfie and score some movie freebies just in time for the weekend.  Because we all know that movie concessions don't come cheap and a cheesy selfie comes a dime a dozen, why not post your favorite selfie for a chance to win big?     

How it works?  

  STEP 1:  Submit your cheesiest selfie via Twitter or Instagram using #RegalCheesieEntry or by clicking the Submit a Cheesie button HERE. STEP 2:  Score a FREE Regal Nachos for completing your submission, (while supplies last). STEP 3:  Share your selfie with your friends and get them to vote for you. STEP 4:  The cheesiest selfie will be crowned The Royal Cheesie and win a Hollywood prize pack.   regal cinemas royal cheesie   Going to the movies this weekend?  Why not score some free bites compliments of Regal Cinemas?    Just don't forget to "Say Cheese!"

Meet The Mirror Taking Your ‘Selfies’ And Posting On Twitter

April 10th, 2014 by Christen


It's clear that selfies are only as great as the length of your arm.... (see Ellen DeGeneres' celeb-filled Oscar photo, a very limiting factor when taking a selfie is the length of your hand.) That problem is resolved with S.E.L.F.I.E. or "The Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine,” a two-way mirror that automatically takes photos of you and posts them on Twitter.  A project by digital agency iStrategyLabs, S.E.L.F.I.E. actually consists of a Mac mini hidden behind the 2-way-mirror, a web cam and LED lights embedded behind the mirror.  Selfies are no longer limiting with the S.E.L.F.I.E. - check out how it works below.  
  The facial recognition software installed on the Mac recognizes you and initiates the photo-taking process; the LED lights indicate when the photo will be taken.  After the "selfie" is taken, the software sticks your logo onto it and shares it to Twitter. Though the S.E.L.F.I.E. is just an experiment, you can contact iStrategyLabs if you want one for yourself.  Would you snap a selfie using the S.E.L.F.I.E?   via

Upgrade You: Apple Camera App Has Instagram Like Filters and More in iOS 7

July 11th, 2013 by Nicole

Upgrade You Apple Camera App Has Instagram Like Filters and More in iOS 7 - iOS-7

Instagram is hot and everyone knows it. Everyone loves selfies, filters, and great shots. We have begun amateur photographers. Well… maybe not. But, tech companies know the pull and popularity of Instagram and Apple if following its lead. Apple’s camera app gets a huge upgrade with its new frame, capture, share, and filter that have Instagram like features.

 Apple's Camera Will Have:

1. Filter Your Shots:  Add filters similar to Instagram by tapping on the filter circles in the apps bottom-right corner (as shown below). Choose gradient shades from full color to grey tones.  

 Apple Camera App Has Instagram Like Filters and More in iOS 7 - iPhone filter

2. Capture Your Shots In Different Modes: Apple's camera app will have three modes for still pictures – standard, square frame, and panorama frame. Switching between photo modes is just a quick tap on the screen. 3. Frame Your Shots: A top and bottom black screen interface helps you frame your shots for better photographs.

Upgrade You Apple Camera App Has Instagram Like Filters and More in iOS 7 - iPhone_Capture_Shot

  4. Share Your Shots: The shared stream is Apple’s iCloud’s photo stream that includes sharing between devices via iCloud, creating collections, year groupings, and albums.

Upgrade You Apple Camera App Has Instagram Like Filters and More in iOS 7 -  iCloud photo sharing

Here are a few screen shots of Apple's camera app. Notice the similarities to Instagram and the omission of the Instagram share icon.

Upgrade You Apple Camera App Has Instagram Like Filters and More in iOS 7 -  iOS7.Camera app

I’m looking forward to the new camera app. How about you? Do you think the new app will make your photo experience better?    

Last Minute Holiday Street-Style Snapshot: NYC

December 24th, 2012 by Fashion Staff

Not to be outdone in the midst of the holiday rush, New York City’s chicest individuals paraded the streets this Christmas Eve in search of last-minute gifts and everyday errands, alike.  Check out the haute holiday rush of last minute shopping in NYC below...

The Oversized Sweater (Lucy, NY)

Lucy Big sweaters with bright colors and crazy patterns aren’t just for satirical parties anymore.  Follow Lucy’s example, shown here on the Lower East Side, and pair a busy sweater with an understated, neutral bottom and accessories in the same color to make a bold, but sartorial, statement this holiday season.    

Contrast to Complement (Mizuki & Babu, Brooklyn)

MizukiandBabu   Mizuki and Babu, a couple from Japan now living in Brooklyn, are a fashion statement of their own.  By contrasting Babu’s patterns with Mizuki’s minimalist color scheme but bold textures and linking them with the simplest of accessories— a baseball cap— these two form their own bohemian rhapsody.  Achieve a similar effect with your significant other by dressing in clashing palettes and choosing one common accessory to make the overall look cohesive.    

The Statement Scarf (Kenda, Gainesville, Florida & Claudia, Italy)

  KendaandClaudia   The recent deep-freeze may force you to prioritize warmth over glamour, but a statement scarf, as worn here by Kerry (left) and Claudia (right) can add a punch of color to an otherwise-neutral ensemble and allow your personality to warm up the cold weather.  Our favorites feature unexpected prints and rich colors.    

Feminine Without Freezing (Kerry, Malibu)

Kerry   Follow Kerry’s lead and layer soft, textured pieces over cold-weather staples like jeans in order to achieve a smart take on classic, feminine pieces.  Vary up the color palette, mix up lengths and textures, and accessories intelligently to achieve a measured, yet eclectic aesthetic shown here.    

If All Else Fails, Stay True (Leah & Stefan, Australia)

  LeahandStefan   Leah and Stefan made the most of classic style to stand out this winter.  If you aren’t one for style experimentation, but still want to have fun, stick to tailored pieces in classic cuts and styles but in unexpected colors (i.e. Leah’s bright yellow tights)  to simultaneously pay homage to fashion tradition and take the world by surprise.    

The People Have Spoken! Instagram Back Pedals From “New Terms” To Original Agreement

December 21st, 2012 by Christen phones After the public outcry of "FAIL" against Instagram's New Terms agreement, the photo sharing giant has announced that maybe they've made a few premature changes afterall.  As previously reported earlier this week, Instagram had planned on instating new terms of use which would require users photos to involuntarily become property of Instagram for use in ads, promos and more.  The terms of that user agreement said, “You agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your user name, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata) and/or actions you take, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.”  Since the announcement, journalists, celebrities and users gallore have taken to Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to share their distane for the new terms and even threatened to delete their Instagram accounts altogether. In the aftermath of the uproar over changes to Instagram’s privacy policy and terms of service earlier this week, the company back-pedalled late Thursday.  In a blog post on the company’s site, Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s co-founder, said that where advertising was concerned, the company would revert to its previous terms of service, which have been in effect since October 2010.  “Rather than obtain permission from you to introduce possible advertising products we have not yet developed,” he wrote, “we are going to take the time to complete our plans, and then come back to our users and explain how we would like for our advertising business to work.” Users had been particularly concerned by a clause in Instagram’s policy introduced on Monday that suggested Instagram would share users’ data — like their favorite places, bands, restaurants and hobbies — with Facebook and its advertisers to better target ads.   Following a reaction that included customers defecting to other services, Mr. Systrom told Instagram users on Tuesday that the new policy had been misinterpreted. “It is our mistake that this language is confusing,” he wrote, and he promised an updated agreement.  That statement apparently was not enough. With more people leaving the service, the company, which Facebook bought for $735 million this year, reacted again by returning to the old rules.  Acknowledging those concerns late Thursday, Mr. Systrom wrote: “I want to be really clear: Instagram has no intention of selling your photos, and we never did. We don’t own your photos — you do.”  Mr. Systrom said the company would still be tweaking its privacy policy to quell users’ fears that their photos might pop-up on third-party sites without their consent.

photo apps

  The day before Instagram announced changes to its terms of service, Flickr’s mobile app was ranked at around 175 in Apple’s overall iTunes app charts. Since that day, the application skyrocketed to #7, only three spots behind Instagram #4.     Were you worried about Instagram's new terms of agreement?  Have you already downloaded the new Flickr app?   via

@Twitter -VS- @Instagram… And How To Succeed With Photo Social Sharing No Matter What

December 12th, 2012 by Christen   Now that the latest move in the social media gauntlet has been revealed - Instagram has disabled Twitter’s ability to properly display your images in Twitter’s feed, WHAT'S NEXT NOW? It's very clear that the battle between social media giants, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook isn't going anywhere soon and you can more than likely expect more "integration errors" in the coming months.  This could easily become a social media nightmare for those who rely on using these outlets on a daily (sometimes even hourly) basis.  But, you don't have to let the social media squabbling affect your ability to be great!  Discover these tips, that'll keep your Twitter-gram game tight no matter what!  


Q:  With all these new sharing changes, how in the world do I keep up with easy social sharing?

A:  Master the use of each social media platform (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) SEPARATELY! 

The New Twitter:  Twitter has unveiled their very own photo filters that users can access after updating the app on their mobiles. Thanks to their photo filter partner Aviary, there are 8 available filters along with cropping tools and auto-enhancing features for Twitter users.  Learn how quickly you can enhance your photos without leaving your Twitter app below...  
    The Face of Facebook:  Use Facebook to share your fantastically-filtered photos. To do this, you can manually upload Instagrams to your Timeline or automatically sync up your Instagram account to your Facebook so all your Instagram activity will show up on your Timeline and News Feed.

Become A Facebook Fan!

  Instagram is IN:  As one of the newest and fastest growing photo-sharing platforms to date, the buzz and excitement is still growing strong with Instagram.  Use it to your advantage by promoting your online Instagram page and growing your photo followers manually.  If pictures are worth a thousand words, there's no way that Facebook and Twitter can compete with what you have to photogenically say!

Check us out on

It's clear that these social media giants, won't be playing nice in the sandbox anytime soon.  For now, it's best that you learn to utilize their best features separately and that way, no matter what improvements or changes happen next - YOU STILL WIN!   Have you tried out the new photo filters on Twitter?  Are you still a die-hard Facebook fan?  What would make you leave any of these social platforms for good.  Share below...    

How to Make Your Holiday Photography Fabulous This Season!

November 29th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff Do you love photography or just enjoy taking pictures, but feel like pricey cameras are keeping professional-looking photos out of reach? Here are 3 key tips sure to make your holiday photos look top-notch without investing in expensive equipment.   1.       Forget the Flash Ever wonder why throwaway camera pictures have off-kilter coloring? Flash is your culprit! Unless you’re shooting in the dark, forget it even exists.  Keep your camera steady and try to shoot in early morning or early evening light to get the best natural shadows and highlights from your environment.  Additionally, if your camera allows it, adjust shutter speed (a.k.a. ISO) to control the amount of light you’re letting in (higher ISO = more light = best for darker environments).

  2.       Learn The Rule of Thirds NEVER put your subject in the center of the frame.  Instead, picture your camera view as being divided into three sections, and keep your subject in either the left-hand or right-hand third. Also, remember the “halo” rule: make sure to leave space above and around the subject’s head so that they don’t look crammed into the shot.   3.       Know Your Angles America’s Next Top Model contestants aren’t the only ones who need to understand angles.  An otherwise-boring shot can be instantly spruced up by changing your perspective.               Want to make your subject look more important and/or taller? Shoot from below. On the flipside, shooting from above can also make a subject look smaller, but slimmer, so a higher perspective might be the answer to soothing subjects with any worries, while also being fabulously spontaneous.         Do you have a unique photo tip to share? Let us know what you do to spruce up your special holiday photos.       

The Top 10 Apps To Enhance Your Instagram Photos! (Do You Have Them?)

June 26th, 2012 by Tech Staff From a startup to instant billionaires, the good folks at Instagram know a thing or two about photo sharing and with Instagram’s Android downloads already topping 5 million, it’s clear the photo-sharing app is hot (and not going anywhere, anytime soon)!

Create a Grid of Photos:


Lens Boost:

Do you have any extra apps that you'd like to add to this list?  Share them below!




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